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What are some of your favorite baby names? Let me know in the comments below!
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  • Amara

  • Arlie

  • Lemuel Rummage Adalind Aquila Archer Archimedes Archibald(Archie) Dinah Darby Dallas Dooley Elfman Digby Unity Umber Utah True Trinidad 🇹🇹 Theresa January Price Tucker Joel Monaghan Zera Zebulon Rainey Regis Bismuth Reginald(Reggie) Reed Reeve Josephine Julia Baxter Kenneth Keith Factor Poet Sallee Connelly Calloway Gianna Gloria Gregory Gryphon Calculus

  • What about Nolan? It’s similar to Noah

  • As a person with a super popular name for my generation, stay away from super popular names, I have always hated my name due to the popularity of it at the time. If I was named Penelope, I would not want to be called "P" I would prefer Penny.

    • jenn jeffs the title of this video is literally names I won't be using and I stated almost all of them are because they're too popular. Also, I know quite a few Penelope's that ask people to call them P. It's all personal preference!

  • Boys: Everett Griffin Soren Bridger Heath Elliott Macaulay Seamus Girls: (girl names are hard for me :( lol) Arden Sage Ellison nickname Ellie

    • camille Heath and Sage have always been two of my favorites! And Ellie and Griffin are super cute too :)

  • i’m filming this video soon! we have some same names! the names we have picked out are super unique and honestly i’ve never heard anyone with them before! ♥️

  • Ace Koda Seth Zeph Zion Aaron Isaac Atilla Tommy Flynn Elliot Amias Zeke

  • Daisy Rosa Sonny Cosmo River

  • Love watching these type videos! We made a video like this make sure to check it out:) We are expecting our first baby (boy) late October and are super excited!💙

  • For Penelope you could also called Nellie

  • Omg this was so cute! Check out my baby vids if you want! 🥰❤️

  • Good videos. Thank you

  • Boy name: Pharaoh.

  • Girl name: Journey.

  • I'm pregnant

  • If you like Poppy, it can be a nick name for Penelope just in case you do want to use it for another kid! I love Penelope because of all the nick name options, personally I don’t love Penny either but there’s so many other good ones:)

    • suzy williams true! You just never know what friends, teachers, grandparents, etc. might decide to call them so I think better safe than sorry haha ;)

  • If i were to have more kids, my girl name would be Dinah Blair and my boy name would be Shay Quincy. But i already have two boys: Conner and Brady. But it's still fun to keep ideas just incase! I love all your name ideas!

  • I would be jack if I was a boy!

  • I had a cat named olive :)

  • One of my girlfriends sons are named Jude and Noah! Noah has come up a bunch for me but it’s just too common for me, even though it’s really cute!

  • I love Jude! It's always been my favorite boy name.