Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's Championship Deciding Crash | 1989 Japanese Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
The moment Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's rivalry was cemented into F1 history. Senna had to win to beat his team mate Prost to the 1989 title, but despite crossing the line first after a collision between the two - the story didn't end there...
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  • Today marks the 30th anniversary of this infamous race - are you team Senna or Prost?

  • maior roubo da história do automobilismo!

  • rush 2?

  • Biggest robbery Prost is forever a scumbag

  • Prost made the mistake of getting out of his car. It wouldn't have been half the shitstorm if he just continued.

  • Rare footage from another point of view(very rare frontal angle) of the accident between Senna and Prost at the 1989 Japanese GP. Pay attention to the first 5 seconds of the video. it-tvs.com/tv/video-ZiS2tyDE1Mg.html

  • I love hove Senna and Schumacher had a same character but Senna was tragically taken away from us on the track and Schumacher not so one is a martyr and saint and the other a villain. They were both the same and both exciting. Unfortunately they both met similar demise. It was that lust for win and greatness that got both of them in the end.


  • Jackie Stewart to Senna: "Are you aware that you've had more contacts with other drivers than all champions of the past altogether?" No further comment needed.

  • RIP senna legend

  • Senna the greatest, for balestre and prost only shame....

  • Niki Lauda vs James Hunt = RUSH Alain Prost vs Ayrton Senna = CRASH

  • im going to say this one more time. WE NEED A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE ABOUT SENNA VS PROST

  • Sorry that was the most unfair unsportsmen move i ever seen from prost. Schuhmacher also made this kind of move who cost hill the Championship. And tried it again on Villeneuve and lost. Senna also get his revenge one year later, but here also prost close the door, its clear that with that kind of driving you only danger your life but the other life to. Thats my meaning of it

  • Senna was robbed in Monaco when he was at tolleman and had the Grand Prix stopped to benefit Allain, and in this race he was clearly chased again by Ballestre, even with all that, was the best of all

  • Things like that were the reason why I never liked Prost.

  • So, here´s how Prost was as dirty as Senna.....

  • Senna was just doing a vibe check

  • Prost definitely turns in early, as can be seen from the overhead camera, but as Prost was in front he can choose whichever line he wants, & of course he knew if Senna didn't finish, he would be world champion. The chicane was the only place Senna could overtake, so I don't blame him either.

  • Prost is a coward Ayrton will always be a HERO

  • Balestre'...Fucking wanker! Almost as bad as Mosley...Almost.

  • What's the name of this piece of music?


  • 0:32 i was always thinking "When Senna wanted to start on the Outside, why he was 1,7sec faster than Prost?" Maybe Prost was a Clever Guy, and was on Purpose 1,7sec slower ; )

  • What’s the music please?

  • O maior roubo do esporte foi essa corrida e o maior piloto da história surgiu nessa batalha

  • The best senna my ídolo👏🖒

  • Senna' fault. No doubt! If Prost didn't hit him, he'd be lucky not to be on the grass. Not any decent racing line at all!

  • To be honest the "chicane cutting" was bs, he used the safe route around the tire walls like it's supposed to be done, which some drivers today fail to use safe/rejoin routes they could have just disqualified him for "causing a collision"

  • The voice offre murray is fantastic

  • FIA = F...ing Incredible Assholes!

  • Peak of corruption

  • I can only imagine the colossal shitstorm that would occur if the FIA was a bad as it was then, today. Fuck Balestre and his “the best decision is MY decision.” Bullshit.

  • Senna would've overshot the chicane anyway even if Prost didnt hit him, that was way too late to brake. People today will call it a divebomb.

  • Disqualyfied for cutting the chicane when he lost 1 or 2 minutes there. What a joke!

  • Make a movie pls

  • Balestre was such a dumbass

  • Balestre's face always looked like it was begging for a punch.

  • *Ohh my goodness!! This is Fantastic!! OMG!*

  • "Oh my godness"

  • He was DQ'd for not stopping at the end of the run off before rejoining, not for skipping the chicane itself. Still bad, but not sure all of this is factually correct.

  • La rivalidad mas grande de la F1. Una lucha entre maestro y discipulo. Grande Senna


    • Ο ΝΟΥΜΠΑΣ Indeed! Senna always! 😎👌🏻🇧🇷

  • F1 was better when they were driving cigarette packs. The Marlboro sticker made the early 00's Ferrari and 80's and 90's McLaren faster.

  • It's good FIA that you have enough self-criticism to put a video of evidence that you had corruption inside your organization :))

  • Team mates ? Team orders ? None of the aforementioned here...

  • Senna was disqualified for a push-start not for missing the chicane and re-entering the track. What big misinformation!

  • Senna the GOAT

  • Honestly what are we doing here???

  • For me Senna will always be four-time world champion

  • senna is a flawed genius

  • Senna was the worst cheat.


  • Balestre is a bitch

  • The FIA was corrupt then. Only a turd will agree to Balestre and his revolting "decisions"

  • Que buena calidad de imagen

  • Love how this video doesn't show Prost's JUMP START. Should have been penalized on the spot it was so obvious.

  • What a beautiful video!! That was the greatest rivalry in F1 history. I think we will not see something so thrilling in this actual era, with these rules and cars

  • When F-1 was fantastic ! :(

  • srs "Dangerous driver" the most BS ever i heard