Avril Lavigne - What The Hell (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 21 gen 2011
Music video by Avril Lavigne performing What The Hell. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment #VEVOCertified on January 25, 2012. www.vevo.com/certified it-tvs.com/username-vevocertified
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  • There's good looking women out there and then there's her.... damn. She looks better at 30 than she did at 16. Simply gorgeous.

  • Real self-care is stealing a taxi to run from either your boyfriend or his friend.

  • I remember watching this video in Boomerang's TV show called "Boombox All Access" when I was like 10 yrs old and I already knew Avril Lavigne but damn this song reminded me really good old times .

  • Remember when this was new.

  • Boy: “ hi can I get your number “ Girl: “ what the hell “😂

  • IT-tvs stop making me feel old.

  • 1:30 bukkake jointed the chat

  • Who’s here 2020?

  • 2020??

  • Awh! Her mom is so cute... In that little video🌺😍

  • You had fun with them. N me well we ant supposed 2 play the parts lol hard not 2 confusing ant it

  • You know when a person on god think they can out smart someone intelligence as a real sneaky bum cat. Peachez and K. Katman. 87

  • It is like what the mind of a cheater is like

  • Bro me and my cousin would legit dance on the 8ball table to this song and be yelling at the top of our lungs 🤣 I miss that

  • quem nasceu pra ser billie eilish nunca será Avril lavigne

  • isso é oq chamo de retrospectiva

  • So... um... was Avril Lavigne a pop star, rather than a "rock chick"? Cuz she has the visual aesthetic, but her music... her music is something else.

  • This is my most favorite Avril Lavigne song. I sometimes listen to this when I get sad or depressed. Sometimes you just need to say fuck everything, let loose, and have fun.

  • 0:59 I thought it was FakeTaxi🤦‍♂️

  • Avril with those glasses is such a look

  • I Definitely want to Be THE Next AVRIL LAVIGNE

  • Avril: *Steals a taxi but buckles her seat belt* Avril: Saftey first!

  • What happened to music like this? Does 10 years really make that big of a difference...

  • Melhor Clip de todos

  • 0:38

  • Aq şarkısı yaşanmışlıkları çıkardın ortaya

  • This is Melissa

  • Vintage clothing then vs now...

  • So much product placement in this video it's cringe 😂

  • 9 aninhos♥️✨🎉

  • lmao so he was chasing her just for a kiss? Lmaooo

  • gonna tell my grandkids,she was the original copy of billie eilish.

  • Alguien la escucha en 2020 ? :v

  • 2020 gang

  • 💚Tienes una musica q me gusta muncho💚

  • 😝

  • any one in 2020

  • it's 13 jan 2020 almost 9 years...damn it was yesterday

  • 2020? Just me?

  • 0:38

  • This song is my childhood.

  • 11 year old me felt like such a rebel for saying what the hell

  • Who is listening and watching that in 2020?

  • This isn't Avril Lavigne! She's dead!

  • Because Avril is naturally beautiful and Kylie Jenner looks like a prostitute. There's a huge difference between a rose and shit

  • When I first heard this song I was in the back of a police car, crying and chained to 4 other kids. I kept wondering why the cop was listening to girly ass pop

  • best song

  • My childhood

  • Why Sony product in this video ?

  • she's so fucking pretty

  • love this song best song ever

  • Are you ok

  • damn i remember the 9 year old me wanted to be this badass

  • Anyone 2020?

  • 2020🖤

  • What the hell with resolution of this vid

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  • Quem vendo em 2020?

  • Helloooooooooo from Hong Kong 🇭🇰

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