Avengers: Endgame | VFX Breakdown | DNEG

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
Ever wonder how Rocket Raccoon came to life on the screen? Or how Cap fought himself in the past? Watch our #VFX team's stunning work in our new #AvengersEndgame #VFX #breakdown to see the magic happen. From the futuristic all-glass Stark Tower, to meticulously detailed spacecrafts, #DNEG's talented crew brings you behind the scenes of your favorite #Marvel franchise.
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  • Who thinks marvel movies uses too much cgi

  • After watching this, my respect for Jackie Chan increased 10 folds

  • I want to work here !

  • 太他妈假了,都是骗人的

  • I wonder how long does it take to render a whole movie

  • how could captain marvel talk in space

  • Oh ouch, Captain Feminist was bald.

  • Even her hair!?

  • I didn't know Brie Larson is CGI

  • My life has been a lie the entire time

  • 0:42 el negro no se nota hasta que lo retocan xD!

  • That is America's ass

  • Wait...Rocket is not real ?????

  • It's sad we 90s kid never get that avengers excitement again 🙁

  • The America's ass wasn't CG.

  • 1:54 The HQ could have been a miniature. Like the ones George Lucas built (not himself, of course) for the prequels. Also, not related to this video, but Thor's hammer should have been real objects. They could replace it with a CGI replica for the scenes in which it flies around and does crazy stuff, and cover it with CGI when Thor does magical shit; but the fact that the actors grab an imaginary object is really cheap and lazy.

  • I let out of a sigh of relief when I realized America's Ass is all-natural.

  • Some of those always are like: "Draw a circle" "Draw the details" *Done*

  • Blackwidow Returns! it-tvs.com/tv/video-Ze5hqXarEls.html

  • Let's VFX To Create Humans


  • How can they send back Steve rogers known that it could mess up the future.

  • american ASS

  • This took a LOT of money.

  • That feel when you think you watch a live action movie but you actually watch a 3d cartoon.

  • I haven't seen any comments on Captain Marvels Ass being CG cause it was.

  • did they actually animate rocket's bones

  • Even VFX can't turn Larson into a good actress...

  • *So, how much CGI do you want?* Marvel: Y E S

  • Very well done

  • i can't believe that Captain Marvel's hair is CG WTF??!!

  • why the fuck is there so much cg xD, nice work by this studio

  • VFX Captain Marvel would have acted better than Brie Larsson.

  • Even her hair was CGI? Cmon

  • Wait...Rocket Raccoon was CGI? My mind is blown!

  • America's ass was a lie...it didn't belong to Captain America, it belonged to a stun man. SMH

  • Captain marvel had no ass and now they had to replace her horrible hair with CG! Why was she hired again? Oh right to get SJWs excited for the movie even though they make up 2% of the overall population.

  • Thank Grodd that America's Ass wasn't enhaced with VFX.

  • =O!!!!!!!!!!

  • Out of all the VFX BTS studio videos, not one have I seen that covered Thanos. Which VFX studio was mostly in charge of Josh Brolin's CGI as Thanos? I must know!

  • Why doesn't Captain Marvel's hair float in space?

    • Douglas Chuong yes

    • @Teeve 900 good explanation, A+

    • Douglas Chuong she’s flying and some space shit idk look it up

    • @Teeve 900 what do forcefields have to do with gravity's effect on her?

    • Forcefields

  • 3:08 I'm impressed, chris evans ass is not cgi

  • 1:09 the hair is fake?😂😂😂

  • *ROCKET* 😂😂😂🙃🙃🙃🤣🤣🤣

  • Amazing!!!

  • 1:08 😲😨, 1:14 😍👊🏻

  • I'm sorry but she is horribly composited.

  • WTfudge!!! My whole life is a lie :O We DO live in a simulation lol. Bet these 5 dimensional beings are just CGI-ing this whole thing we call "Real Life" lol

  • Amazing work. My daughter is currently at University studying VFX and its her dream to get a job with you at DNEG one day. I cannot wait for the day I see her name in the credits.

  • Ah fuck that movie. Its a cartoon 200% not a movie even close.

  • brutal

  • So Cap's ass wasn't CGI?

  • that is america's ass

  • CG wig tho

  • y yo que pensé que todo era real :(

  • that is why i don't believe in Superheroes...:D :D...i prefer more Christopher Nolan On Not Using CGI : "It's really boring to shoot". and Mission Impossible guy Tom cruise do stunts without CGI...the real cinema

  • It’s nearly animation

  • that's an American Ass

  • wow so everything is fake

  • My god, I want you guys to do the cgi for my movie