Astronaut by Emezie Okorafor (updated version)

Pubblicato il 1 giu 2007
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She needs to LIVE again. She needs to remember how to dream. Like an astronaut, she needs to get her head back in the clouds...and out of her rear end. Join Ayane in her quest for independence and self-respect. Keep reachin' for those stars...
everybody knew her name
not too pretty, not too plain
subtle beauty was her game
this girl who never dared complain
the way she stared out into space
the look she had upon her face
as if she had a dream to chase
as if she had no time to waste
a delicate thing
dressed up in pink and blue
a feeling so strong
I wonder what's wrong with you?
I asked her what she dreamed the most
to be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, coach?
an astronaut or game show host?
first female pres to rock the vote?
she said, "none of those are what I need
the things I seek aren’t within me
something’s coming, can’t you see?
I wait for love, ‘cause I believe"
A feeling so strong
Couldn’t be wrong she said
A look of such longing
A wish of belonging somewhere
"I'm waiting for my prince
Someone to hug and kiss
An angel from above
he'll shower me with of love
My knight in shining arms
He'll never do me harm
He'll love me everyday
And carry me away"
she'd seen Titanic twenty times
and every chick flick makes her cry
love songs made her wonder why
she was all alone tonight
so the first man she met she had no choice
her heart preprogrammed to rejoice
for status, fear, and desperate joy
she told told herself she loved the boy
A feeling so strong
couldn’t be wrong...she said
her savior appeared
her lover was here...for her
"I've finally found my prince
One smile and I'm convinced
An angel heaven sent
And, no one can prevent
My heart's elated sighs
from piercing fragrant skies
and his devoted gaze
will seal my tears away"
but, such a love could never last...
the girl, she fell in love too fast
she fell in love with love and not the man in front of her
such a dream just couldn’t last
these things should never go this fast
you have to love yourself before you dare to love another
she used to think love was a game
now she doesn’t feel the same
for heartache trumps the greatest pain
will she ever love again?
she made a mistake
now she must make a change
'cause, this is her life
and, though she’s nobody’s wife, she's nobody's fool
"I'm looking for my prince
Two days and three months since
He took flight like a dove
Has someone seen my love?
I guess it's just too late
There's no escaping fate
And, though it's broken now
My heart will live somehow"
Camry, empty parking lot
She looked up at the stars and thought
"Lawyer, teacher, astronaut
I’ll settle only for the top…"