Ashton Kutcher Gets an Endorphin Rush While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 26 set 2019
Ashton Kutcher is a Hollywood vet with more than 20 years in TV and film. He's also a successful tech investor and entrepreneur, and he stars in a brand-new season of The Ranch, available now on Netflix. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the man behind Punk'd takes on the wings of death and covers a wide gamut of topics-from Diddy stories and court side shenanigans, to biochemistry and Elon Musk.
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Season 10
Episode 2
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  • Who wants Ashton Kutcher to be their biochem professor? Higher education needs more spicy wings.

    • Andyjosjeph8

    • I would totally take that class

    • Last we heard from the vid is itchy the same as the one I sent you last night and I have a few days off from work and I have a few days off from work and I have a few days off from work and I have a few days off from work and I have a few days off from work and I have a few days off from work and I have a few more questions I need to ask you to do for a while now that I have to be in the office on the top and the other one is a bit more expensive for the price of the world and the 3 is a bit more than a month to go and the world has been a bit of a mess for me now I think it's the best way to get a new job in Canada for a 7am of Canada and the United States to Canada for a long term and have to be joined to get the ship in 69 for the next few years and the future will be a

    • That’s more genetics than biochem

    • Wow

  • Rest in peace Kobe and the mention in this video

  • Joachim Phoenix please

  • He lost it at 21:19 lol

  • Ashton wtf happened to your face did you have surgery wtf?

  • I just want to know how many people texted the number

  • "does anyone have a beer" ahahha

  • Kelso!!!

  • BURN!

  • Camera guy Bill, most underrated segment

  • Rest of cast from That 70's Show And Two and A half men

  • I wanna see Trump on this Show

  • 20:05DaBomb

  • Ah Aston Kutcher. The man giving hope to horrible actors with weird noses everywhere. You too can have a mediocre career.

  • Dkkdkd

  • Never realized I like Ashton Kutcher so much...

  • In the words of Michael Kelso "BURNED!"

  • I work 3rd shift ,hot sauce is the only thing that wakes me bs

  • No-one going to mention how Ashton looks like Mario here?

  • Demi and Milla?

  • Michael Kelso - BURN!!!

  • Didn’t know Kevin Malone came on this show

  • Omg y’all need to put Tom Cruise in here

  • can we have a fan interview sean about interviews?

  • I had no idea that Ashton was so articulate and sharp. I'm sitting here unable to believe that this is the same guy from dude where's my car. Wow, great actor!

  • Fuck is up with this mustache character..smooth criminal face ass

  • RIP Kobe

  • Waluigi

  • It’s Luigi!!!

  • I need Samuel Jackson to say, "Damn, these are some hot mothafuckas!" I need it in my life. Please.


  • Get rid of the mustache Ashton. Thanks

  • When Kelso came out to play lol


  • What happened to his nose?

  • Rip Kobe

  • 319.519.0576 Ashton's personal number. You're welcome 😉

  • Rip kobe

  • Credible, off-the-cuff explanation of Punnett squares.

  • One of my favorit hot ones, interviews! Mads Denmark

  • Ashton Kutcher is a goof

  • I thought it was supposed to be Bb and Bb on the chart and only one kid would end up with blue eyes (bb) because the brown gene is dominant?

  • Is no one else tripping about his “beta” app

    • The ‘beta’ app he was referring to is a software that helps identify sex traffic victims. He’s the cofounder of the organization that uses this software.

  • How does he not age seriously

  • It'll be very very cool to get Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt or Chris Pine on one special Chrises of Hollywood episode 🐶

  • please get mila on here

  • What about green eyes? I have green eyes.

  • You guys should interview Bernie Sanders

  • has anyone texted the number tho that he says is his number at the end??

  • He had an opportunity to say “ow my eye”

  • I feel like I just watched Wario impersonate Ashton...

  • His face wrinkles when he smiles reminds me of the anonymous mask

  • Such an Aquarius

  • RIP Mamba

  • 17:00 Ashton checking Doms booty 🤣🤣

  • Kutcher was probably trying to keep it simplistic but eye color is not actually a simple mendelian trait

  • Okay, but did anyone try out that number? 🤣

  • Funny as fuck!!!

  • You don't have to interview me...just give me those wings.

  • I would say this is one of my least favorite ones. A bit boring, no offense to anyone.