Are video games linked to real world violence?

Pubblicato il 9 mar 2018
Ben Shapiro gives insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after President Trump holds a meeting on violence and video games at the White House.
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  • What gamers see: terraria What the media sees: terrorism

  • You know. I find it funny. I was playing Resident Evil 0 yesterday. Enjoying the story of survival and the challenge of the game. When I was done. I saved my game and went to bed and never had any thoughts about violence. Games are fiction. Fiction is a bit reality but it draws on themes from reality. The important thing is being able to differentiate the two. If anything, I think playing video games helped me develop my problem solving skills which I use in my job day to day. I will say though. I do prefer to avoid games such as Grand Theft Auto and Man Hunt. I really isn’t my cup of tea. Take what you will out of that.

  • Do people even think it through when they upload this because they obviously don’t know that the gaming community is going to retaliate

  • This is full of BOOMER CRAP!

  • News cast intelligence level negative 10000,0000,000,00,0

  • Media: videogames cause violence Me: So Nerf guns,paintball guns, and airsoft cause mass shootings.

  • Pokemon caused Micheal Vick in the eyes of the Karen in the middle

  • Guy on left is an absolute bonehead moron. Cherry picked data and citing data that isn't even true at all. If he only studied this subject more.

  • Adam ruins everything: do you are have stupid

  • Mario is so violent

  • One person of the millions who play video games commits a crime Media: WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Bullish¡t this is bullish¡t. These games are actually stress relievers so this helps people

  • Video games don’t cause violence, but rather reduce it because it is considered a stress reliever.

  • Maybe it’s about creating a viable target to go against to detract from attacks on the 2A

  • Ban guns: nope Blame video game:Hell yeah

  • No offense, Pres, but you're too old to understand

  • I support Trump 100% but this is stupid

  • am gamer

  • Trump Lost to 1v1 Pvp on Minecraft thats why Hes calling video games are violence!

  • *me planting seeds on my minecraft farm peacefully* media : *VIDEO GAMES ARE VIOLENCE*

  • Ben Shapiro, how dare you bring logic to this stupid argument?

  • 10IQ

  • You know that games have ratings right

  • I wasn't even listening to them, I got distracted by the gameplay.

  • Video games are the best!!!!

  • Blaming video games on violence is like car crashes on bumper cars

  • You see what he's watching and don't like it, change it, your a parent, not a ghost. Idiot, and we voted him to be our president. Also you idiots, games have FREAKIN' RATINGS, GTA 5 HAS AN M RATING! Parents have gotten so bad now

  • Trump:Video games cause violence Also Trump:Kills Iran general

  • Nobody can train off video games because they’re unrealistic, he’s military grade, he should know this

  • Ok boomer

  • School: sleeping for 8 or 9 hours is healthy Also school: *WAKE UP AT 3 AM EAT FOR AN HOUR AND PREPARE FOR AN HOUR AND GO HOME 8 HOURS*

  • Donald Trump is a turbo boomer confirmed

  • 2:13 what the hell my sister plays video games. i couldn't watch past 3:18, they literally don't know what they're talking about

  • this is literally the most stupid thing i've ever heard

  • "children should not play these games" Yeah that's why there's a rating system you idiot boomers!

  • Me playing Nintendogs I will blow up a nuke

  • The part that she mentioned that girls don't don't play video games actually offended me. And I'm not even a girl.

  • Uhh, the ESRB was created for a reason

  • It's not amazing to me that this is a topic, it just amazes me how little people know about them, that talk about them. It's similar to the democrats who want to take away guns, but don't know anything about them.

    • @F A That none of these people in this video or most who talk about video games in a negative light, have ever played "The Last Of Us" or "God Of War" or anything really. And the say with democrats about guns. The ones who complain the loudest don't know a single thing about a gun, and act so high and mighty about it.

    • What are you trying to say, exactly?

  • No

  • Boomers are funny creatures

    • Indeed.

  • Much as I've grown to hate games this is flippin' stupid.

  • Media: video games cause violence Also media: "shows pg stuff and other more violent stuff than video games"

  • I hope noone subscribes to you Mr fox news

  • ‘Video games cause violent, ban them!’ Sport in every form causes violence. Tons more, even. Ban that too.

  • I am not a ben shapiro fan, but yea look at youth criminal violence crimes since the nineties its gone down... also look at the games they portray.

  • Have another question why is a retired cornel on this

  • ViDeo gAmeS cAuse viOlenCe Me taming my fifth dog in minecraft: 😶


  • yes

  • That is why gta has the M FOR MATURE how about instead of blaming video games, blame the parents for not reading the rating


  • Loool old people are oblivious

  • Is this boomer seriously comparing military simulators to video games? I just played five rounds of TDM on COD Modern Warfare. So that must mean I'm a trained military officer...

  • *ViDeO gAmEs cAusE viOleNce* Also Call of Duty: inspired from World War 30 years later: Call of Duty WW3 Also trump:viDeO gAmeS r viOleNcE

  • Ok boomer

  • No, there answered your question.

  • Why are pro video gamers not brought on the news for these things?! You only have one side of the story!

  • no

  • Stupidity must be contagious and deadly for them to think using a game controller can be used as a simulation of a real gun