Are video games linked to real world violence?

Pubblicato il 9 mar 2018
Ben Shapiro gives insight on 'The Ingraham Angle' after President Trump holds a meeting on violence and video games at the White House.
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  • no

  • If the average person is influenced by a TV commercial maybe a disturbed person could be influenced by a violent video game.

  • Shapiro: i hope parents take responsibility fot the "crap" they put in there system Bugha's parents: dont stop your stream to early you gonna win another 3 million this year... To the people who dont know bugha hes the 16 year old who has made more in 4 hours at fortnite cup than mpst pf us will in pur whole life

  • Boooo you suck

  • 0:50 Colonel wait did she just say colonel what the actual hell is he gonna do?

  • I think its ironic that in america the public are allowed guns but kinder eggs are illegal.

  • I never thought that Fox News would've be so miserable to the point of making this video... Sorry if my english is bad, im portuguese

  • So exactly why the hell do people blame violence on video games it’s funny it like that story on fidget spinners after playing with one you make a dirty bomb

  • Focus on more important problems you simpletons and not on the ones that you create cant believe a psychologist is supporting that idea

  • Imagine playing Smash with a wiimote

  • Dude on the left looks like the little boy from IT if he were 50 years older.

  • Thank god I’m not in America. I don’t wanna be harassed for being female and liking GTA. O-o

  • Hey fox is your news causing suicide

  • When I saw the thumbnail, I thought I wouldn't like Ben Shapiro anymore, but thank god he spits facts.

  • Guys I hit a sheep in minecraft, I guess I am a animal abuser

  • They aren’t your just stupid to think so

  • It parent fault for buying mobile or tablet for their young kid, and kid should play toys not mobile and tablet SMH That is why Toy r us economy collapse and the parent start blaming at the videogames

  • Me after play bomber friend 1 hour later Me start throwing bombs at my parent house

  • Quick answer: no

  • It depend on the user

  • Um... did you call gta a simulator. I do agree with the gore being bad, especially when the Banana and the Samurai get beamed up by a little flying thing after falling off of a wooden tower they made in 15 seconds.

  • if yall wanna ban video games because they're to violent then you gotta ban violent movies too. oh whats that kids dont watch voilent movies because they are rated R WELL THE SAME THING GOES FOR GAMES! THEY"RE RATED M FOR A REASON

  • as a counter to the "desentization", i always played violent video games, day in and day out, but the first time I saw a non-fictional gory image i freaked out

  • usually I think these kinds of people are joking and i say haha, but this time, i see it coming from an official news outlet...

  • Ok boomer

  • Why cant people in reality leave us virtual people tf aloneee smh can they talk about something else that doesn't involve the topic that goes back to 2nd grade? Humans of reality this is a special message for you.... STAY IN YOUR PLACE

  • So I can blame minecraft for making me a survival expert

  • Was that super smash bros brawl?

  • Ben sharpio looks like a simpson!

  • Me: cuddlying a baby direwolf in ARK

  • This is stupid not all people who did violent things its not true you just want to blame it this is stupid

  • More dislikes and likes😂

  • “I wouldn’t trust my sons with video games” The daughters: So can we play Call of Duty?

  • That one news lady at 2:13 says that only boys would play video games that cause violence This is why I hate the media

  • Marder simulates 😂

  • Likes: 1.3K Dislikes: 21K This... does put a smile on my face.

  • 3:36 Sooooo, they use Xbox's to train the military because, twiddling your thumbs around will help with Excuse me but wth.

  • so violence was never thing until video games became popular.

  • Have a problem with video games I don’t. Wise I am listen to me you will

  • 1990: movie couses violence 2018: video games couses violence 2060: MeMeS CoUsEs ViOlAnCe

    • 1920: films aren't art! 1950: comics are evil 1980: Music is satanic!

    • 100k without any video Memers don’t leave their houses and work, so that might be a good thing

  • Ive played violent games since i was 13, now im 17. As a teen, I can say violent games made me intrested in world history. And iv'e learned and retained alot from my research. I learned more about history then school ever taught me.

  • Its good thing that you are a gamer you are always in your house.

  • I think they forgot that grand theft is R18 in my country NZ its up to the parents man if they can play it ?!

  • maybe it's crippling debt leading to incredibly high stress levels and an anger for a society that keeps perpetuating modern slavery

  • You have a disorder if you think Video Games cause violence...idiots man, I swear...

  • I'm nukeing a gamestop

  • Because of Half Life, the earth is now inhabited by aliens, and a crowbar wielding theoretical physicist is taking them down.

  • why is there even a discussion about this? we are clearly talking about PEGI 16 or higher rated games here! dafuq is wromg with those nutjobs? if the parents make games like these available to underaged players then yes this can have severe consequences but hell they shouldn't be playing those games in the first place. as an adult gamer (been playing videogames for close to two decades now and have younger siblings) i can only say that games haven't made me agressive... on the contrary, they are a good outlet for stress and agressive feelings. if parents allow their 12 year olds to play COD, BF, Assassins Creed or stuff like that well then it is no wonder we get ppl who are numbed to violence thats what age restrictions are for

  • Does a my grandma knows waths a akm

  • ESRB and PEGI dont exist apparently. And also bad parenting doesnt exist.

  • Why is video games is being blamed for violence that is so stupid and unture i played violent video games since Halo 1 and I never wanted did that

  • Which is better? Millennials and newer - like Boomers - comment

  • they just couldnt beat the first level Super Mario Bros

  • Well you know, tea party simulator 2015 does have a teddy bear who continuously insults you whilst you try to cut a cake and make a cup of tea. tHeR iS a cLeAr uNeQuEvIcAl lInK bEtWeEn vIoLeNt vIdEo gAmEs aNd vIoLeNcE iN rEaL lIfE

  • 21 k dislikes and 1k likes Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • Parents watch the media and that is why they are getting incorrect information

  • The media sucks these days

  • I swear whenever I get aggressive it’s because of school

  • Lol this is so dumb

  • Meet Karen She is a anit-vaccing. And she is a vegan and she divorce with Kyle and took the kids and give fox News the idea that video games are bad 1 like = to make Karens life spam smaller for each like