Are the Seahawks the Patriots of the NFC? | First Take

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Max Kellerman, Kewshawn Johnson and Domonique Foxworth look at the Seattle Seahawks consistency and debate whether there is a comparison between them and the New England Patriots. #FirstTake
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  • Max is dumbest person on this show

  • Patriots need Brady

  • you actually cannot deny this at all

  • So I am here after Wilson threw for 378 and 5 TDs...Keyshawn needs to stay off the chips and watch more football.

  • Max: Let me make my argument that the Seahawks can be compared to the Patriots by saying that the Seahawks can't be compared to the Patriots.... I will admit, I am biased as a lifelong New England fan. But that you can't compare any franchise right now to the Patriots. You can make all the 'close game' arguments or 'Spy-Gate' arguments that you want, the fact is that the Patriots have sustained an incredible and unprecedented level of success in the NFL, which is the league that seems most devoted to trying to maintain parity. The Seahawks are a good team, don't get me wrong. But you can't compare them to a team that has won six rings.

  • Patriots schedule is a joke.

  • I'm not a fan of my goodness these idiots are taking his point too literal....don't worry max...I understand as a Hawks fan what you are trying to never said Hawks are there or gonna be...but are the closest thing to the patriots in the NFC during the moment patriots were in back in the day....

  • Seahawks have drafted under dog players and made them household names. Brady was brought into a already established team. Seahawks started from the bottom to build there team

  • If seahawks win super bowl ,XLIX they probly go on to win another 2,3 bowls, putting the cleats to bradys egoconfidence an the Pats dynasty run ! Tommy was ready to start bawling at end of that game only it wasnt he doing bawling it was me an rest of 12s .And sky would be purple ,Hillary Clinton pres.ect... if seahawks win SB XLIX !

  • Keyshawn is a russel hater and a punk

  • My Hawks always been a problem for the Pats and Brady since 2012. When we face them again wherever, whenever, we will whoop that ass again.

  • Turnover in the front office? Same GM the whole time. Coaches? Same until last year. They are the closest because they are consistently always contenders. Name who is closer. Saints won a title and went silent from contending until the last couple years. Packers won and haven't been great since. Nobody else really isn't close. Yes, it's the Seahawks.

  • Patriots also play in the same division as the Bills, Dolphins and the Jets. They automatically in the playoffs every year before the season even starts. And the NFC a much stronger division than the AFC.

    • Thank you!! Nobody bringing up that point!

  • Seahawks > Patriots Max stop talking non sense.

  • Quick answer. No!!!!!

  • Max Kellerman is STUNNINGLY full of shit.

  • Nyg are better lol 2 superbowls against New England New England 0 giants 2

    • Equals eli manning the true goat

  • Is this even a question? Heeeeellll noooooo Seahawks ain’t even the best NFC team lol 😂😂😂😂

    • Yea ok because you clearly know nothing about football

  • Seahawks have been relevant for 7 years straight. Saints haven't, Packers havent, Rams haven't. I know no team in the NFC is like the Patriots, but if you HAD to pick a team closest to the Patriots in the NFC it would be the Seahawks

  • nah.

  • the 3rd guy talking obviously cant understand what the question is. Nobody is saying anyone is the Pats but the Pats, this guy is really an idiot if we cant figure out what the question entails.

  • The Seahawks probably won’t win their division for a few years lol. The Rams are just better.

  • Seahawks= packers

  • If the hawks can win 12 games every year, if you can take other teams cut players and turn them into what they are suppose to be, then if you qb can deliver and win games you taught was already lost than yes, but they are not that!

  • Seahawks are looking up at the Rams, Patriots look up to NOBODY in the Afc east. Also no player in Patriots history has ever flipped the bird at bellicheck the way Thomas did Carroll.

    • @Jeff Wilson Until the Seahawks knock the Rams off, they're still top in the Nfc west.

    • Seahawks are way better than the rams the rams have had one good season in 20 years and got dominated in the Super Bowl the Seahawks did way better in the Super Bowl against the pats and also the patriots are a joke of an organization they have been caught cheating 3 different seasons lol and everyone wants to act like it just never happened,, if anyone is using steroids in sports we call them a cheat and legacies over but the pats have been caught 3 times and for some reason everyone wants to turn the other cheek what a joke

  • I'm a Seahawks fan and I wanna throw up at that comparison. The Seahawks have been to the SB twice. And not since 2015. That's a drought compared to New England. Secondly, the Seahawks tried hella hard to keep our core but we couldnt because of the salary cap and we had to let dudes go and we're still building on the pieces we have left. The Patriots do not give a God damn about releasing good players. And lastly, we've never won more than one playoff game since our SB loss. Aren't the Pats in the AFC Championship like every year? The NFC doesn't have a dominant team like New England. It's always been way more competitive. We are not the Patriots. That is laughable.

  • I'll take that! We'll need 5 more trophies, then.

  • As soon as the Hawks have won six titles they are. They are just not as lucky to be the only good team in an otherwise shitty division.

  • Uh the Seahawks are trash😂 there not even close to the patriots😆

  • Alright Max, chill out.

  • Bradys asshole was so puckered tight when that last play went down he was ready to cry tommy boy got fucking lucky pats dynasty stops there if seattle wins

  • The Patriots won every year because their division typically sucks! They haven’t had to play against the stout competition the Seahawks have. Is the AFC getting better? Yes! I think the power could be shifting to the AFC now, but for Wilson’s first 7 years the NFC has been an absolute war zone. If not for the Patriots, Ravens and Broncos, they would have no Super Bowls. In fact, the Seahawks and Eagles are the only NFC teams to win Super Bowls in the last 7 seasons, even though the NFC has been the toughest conference. Maybe the stiff competition is the reason. The Patriots face an easier road TO the Super Bowl and have fresher legs when they get there. SB 47 Ravens over 49ers SB 48 Seahawks over Broncos SB 49 Patriots GIFT from Seahawks SB 50 Broncos over Panthers SB 51 Patriots over Falcons SB 52 Eagles over Patriots SB 53 Patriots over Rams Patriots have won 3 of the last 5 titles and played for 4 of the last 5. No questioning their dominance. My question is, how does a team that has essentially lost every time it has faced the Seahawks during the Wilson-Carroll era (and convincingly so), keep getting to Super Bowls. 🤔 It’s the schedules. I don’t know if Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are having an affair, but something doesn’t smell right. The Patriots ate good, but not THAT good, and they’ve been caught cheating multiple times. Sh*t is rigged. I’m not saying teams can’t just be dominant. I’m saying that a truly dominant team doesn’t resort to cheating - like Brady and Belichick - and that they have SOMEHOW benefitted from a consistently soft schedule, even in the playoffs. What’s done in the dark will come to the light.

    • Glad you got this off your chest. Now say it without crying

  • Keyshawn doesn’t understand what Max is saying. The fact that he brought up the Saints tells you that. The Seahawks are the second-winningest team in the league since 2012-13. Max is saying that if you compare apples to apples they are similar lamf! Seattle should have won two Super Bowls, and if they win two over the past 7 years they would be well ahead of anything Sean Payton and Drew Brees managed in their first 7 seasons.

  • Brady is “greater” than Russell because he has played longer and is more accomplished - no thanks to former Seahawks O.C. Darrell Bevell - but Russell Wilson is a BETTER QB than Beady. He’s more skilled, he’s more versatile, and he even plays better under pressure.

    • Wilson a better overall QB than Brady? I want what you’re smoking

  • Kellerman is officially on drugs

  • I fucking hate this Sid from Ice-Age, overbiting, spit talking, ugly ass nigga

  • Dumb Shits! SEAHAWKS have been to 3 Super Bowls. Do they just automatically forget about 2006??? Super Bowl XL, Seattle vs Pittsburgh???

  • Keyshawn would never have gone with that “defense wins championships” narrative when he was playing. Wtf is he talking about?!

    • You need all three teams to play well to win Super Bowls.

  • Nah the Seahawks don't cheat.

  • Saints are clearly the closer of the 2 teams. NFC south has been good for years. Should have been in the Superbowl last year. Before that Atlanta and the Panthers...