Are the Nets Kevin Durant's or Kyrie Irving’s team? | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
Malika Andrews and David Jacoby react to Magic Johnson’s comments about Kevin Durant on First Take.
#jalenandjacoby #nba
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  • The Brooklyn nets and Kyrie are coming to town. Lol this is KDs team

  • It's neither. It's Malika's 😍😍😍

  • No disrespect to a queen she is sickingly beautiful

  • I'm sure that mouth skilled af

  • Malika Andrews is a dime and a half

  • Where tf jalen

  • False, when he broke his leg, his team played without him.

  • wow, just wow

  • I love Malika's voice.. and she's super pretty... Plus she can talk sports... I'm all in on her

  • Media back with its bullshit before the season even starts and a year before they both play on the same team

  • 51/50 spilt Durant

  • Girl can work my crank any day

  • It’s the owners team. Smh. The media destroys teams.

  • That thumbnail 😍

  • The media knows KD is sensitive. They’re doing this to egg him on

  • Both, y’all already bringing conflict between them

  • Wow here we go now ya gon make him leave the nets smh

  • 1A/1B; both not either/or

  • Seee this what that man KD talkin about . You do not treat Steph and Clay like this . Y’all praise them as one . So why can’t you’ll see KD and Kyrie as the same . Talk about basketball ball !

  • Why does it gotta be so divisive? Jeez.

  • From a die hard warriors honest view (bias). First things first, I don't watch cable sports talk shows (beyond taped IT-tvs) so I'm really not familiar with Jalen, not only is she beautiful, she is articulate, intelligent and very perceptive in her reading of Durant, IMO. As a Warriors fan I was ecstatic when Durant chose to play for the Warriors and sad he's decided to go elsewhere but not surprised. He just never seemed to be joyful here, no matter what accolades he was awarded, sure he showed a happy face but you could tell something was not right with him no matter how solicitous Curry and Klay were towards him and always willing to take a back seat. Even knowing he is the best of not one of the basketball players in the world, I'd choose Curry, Klay and Green over Durant if I had to chose for one to leave. Home grown talent is like family and I always felt Durant was a highly paid assassin (kinda like the Gray Man series). You could tell he was not comfortable being a Warrior and as a fan I could sense it and never felt comfortable with him. Him leaving does not feel like end of the Warriors reign, it feels like a new beginning and new adventure and I'm sure Durant feels the same (or maybe not).

  • Does it matter??

  • I thought this was a TEAM game not tennis. They're the 2 best players on the team and should share the responsibility of winning or losing. U can't put it all on 1 man. No egos, PERIOD.

  • Yo this narrative is getting old and tired just like the constant GOAT conversation. ITS A TEAM SPORT

  • Malika looks like the older daughter from Blackish grown up. Also why are people trying to detect what's going on in the brains of people who create (and get caught) making fake social media accounts and flat earthers?

  • If KD hates Westbrook, he’s going to be miserable with Kyrie

  • Who is this chick her voice is so annoying...she jus thrown up what everybody else says.

  • Stop KD can go to any team and have the torch

  • Have this conversation in 2 years after kd comes back from his injury.

  • It works perfectly, KD wants his own team and recognition. Kyrie wants to get buckets.

  • Kevin Durant wants the respect and adulation that Lebron James gets year in and year out. James can pair up with anyone and it will always be Leron's team. Kevin as great as he is, is not on James' level in terms of star power. Durant is like Vegeta, great but no Goku.

  • A championship probably would have felt different to him if he didn’t join the warriors. He knew no one thought it was right and would never look at his rings the same. This guy is a fool

  • She's beautiful but ESPN only hires black women that hate black men..i guarantee she has a white parent..

  • Durant will not find happiness if his not happy about the fans,staff ,teammates on the team Durant is the weirdest guys in the nba curry give his spotlight for Kevin Durant cmon gsw curry team All gsw is all players team there how can you won championship with Brooklyn if you don't win okc with Westbrook cmon Durant you give iso you give all the plays in gsw and you didn't find happiness in gsw after you win 2champions 2mvp, quit complaining about everything you've achieve there all gsw players sacrifice everything for you without them you will never be a champion..

  • Yeah she fine

  • Caris Levert's team.

  • Her voice is very unpleasant.

  • Fucking neither, we saw what happen when kyrie is the guy and KD is always the best player but never the leader it was Steph or Russ

  • She bad af 😍 😍

  • Who cares ... y’all media always like to start ish up ...

  • KD is looking to be nurtured by his mother. Does he have the skill sets to nurture a team for himself? He needs to be a leader in order to have his own team.

  • Its malika team

  • I thought they were the owner’s team.

  • BK is Irving's team. He will be playing in 2020 not KD. Plus, Irving runs the team at pg and great at it. KD is a great player but calm the heck down with who's team it is. Just play ball lol

  • Golden State is not curry team never was never will be

  • This title? 🤦🏾‍♂️ why does it have to be one of their team? See that’s the problem

  • That’s a stupid question. There’s no I in team. That’s the problem with a lot of players nowadays

  • And here it begins. The media creating their own narrative

  • If u have dwade Chris Bosh Kevin love is it really LBJ team it takes a super star and at least 1 all-star to win a chip

  • The only way Kevin Durant will ever fill that void is to become a father.

    • that's crazy you say that..b/c im like where is his father..thats the void he missing..he still trying to find himself smh

  • I feel like kd should’ve stayed with okc he should’ve asked them to trade Westbrook for some pieces around him kd is still the best player in the world

  • It’s Joe Tsai’s Team now. KD finna bout to leave in two years claiming he wasn’t happy

  • Every time she said "fill that hole" my tool jumped 💓

  • Kyrie is always gonna be the boss and you will have to do things kyries way!!!

  • Does is matter whose team it is?

  • People still sleeping on the Nets smh

  • I feel like KD is never gonna find his happiness in basketball.

  • Why is this a conversation I hate when people do this

  • Kevin just wants to have fun!!! Green was the problem at gsw

  • It’s Kyrie’s team. If I’m not mistaken KD followed Kyrie to the Nets.