Are Schools GOOD in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Pubblicato il 24 lug 2019
Do you think Schools are a good place for the Zombie Apocalypse?
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Question of the Day » Where would you survive the zombie apocalypse?
Surviving in a School during a zombie apocalypse has been a big question that many zombie fans have been asking over the years. On paper it makes sense, so today we look into the pro's and con's you'll run into while in a School during a zombie apocalypse. This way we can determine if it truly is a good idea or something you should avoid.
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Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse might just save your life-in the event of a hurricane, terrorist attack or other disasters. Zombies have become a popular theme in emergency planning. The Centers for Disease Control launched a “Zombie Preparedness Campaign” in 2011, and last fall, more than 65,000 people signed up for a massive open online course through University of California at Irvine for an academic crossover with AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” tackling subjects including the spread of infectious disease and managing stress in disaster situations.
Becoming prepared for the zombie apocalypse is a fun way to discuss survival situations and start getting into prepping. Everything you'd learn about how to survive a zombie apocalypse goes hand in hand with an apocalyptic situation. Today, we discuss if Prison survival is a good Idea or not!
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Public schools and public school staff are the hub of a community, and in hurricane-prone parts of the country, they can be relied upon to open and staff shelters and transport evacuees during the storm.
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  • is that a soldier zombie narruto running? 0:59

  • My school has supplies of 5 years so uh that's good cus theres 760 kids in the school

  • Thanks to game I can aim, not a problem until hunger and food comes.

  • And you can find gu- I mean Cricket bats there for defence

  • It may sound like a bad idea but here me out... libraries! In an apocalypse everyone is gonna seek out a place with food/resources. Think of a place an average survivor would go and AVOID IT. Libraries are perfect because who’s gonna go there when there’s food at the local grocery store? Now all you have to is fortify it.

  • A few flaws, emergency drills if issued during zombie attack walks the kids right in to it because of near conditioned response. No way to seal off areas except class rooms for shelter in place, and clear areas if Zek gets in. Teachers have God complexes and will start setting up groups that supports their beliefs, in other words cults of Mr./Mrs. Dear leader. If military does arrive without evac plan for 1000 plus people then your in plan F as you'll be left while soldiers evac as they have no way to evac over 500 people if that. Then because the Zeks linger in areas the open space is to SOL for you to approach.

  • You forgot that there are also fire axes or fire extinguishers that u can use to beat the zombies and the con about the shelter is also bad because someone could be bit and infect the entire school.

  • If you get bitten by a zombie the school nurse will give you an ice packet

  • You for got the supply of knives and parts to biuld makeshift weapons

  • When your school is an outdoor school 😳

  • What a lot of people don't realize is the fact that if there were walking corpses an apocalypse wouldn't last long before I'm a few days these zombies reach rigor mortis, or "motion death" they may still be zombies or the living dead, but they wouldn't be able to move after those days. So survivors could eliminate the majority of them after that

  • Highschool horror

  • one other thing related to the Alt. Care Site is that there could potentially be infected from the early stages of the Zombie Apocalypse that later became zombies and turned others in the site

  • If there's a zombie apocalypse, I would lock down my school and make myself the president, I got a lot of classrooms for bedrooms, offices, meeting rooms, computers, power, food..

  • What about raiders, if the apocalypse happened most raiders will focus large populations aka the township surrounding the school.

  • Rather be in underground shelter with iron walls to have it above ground for natural sunlight.

  • You do that we gamers have been waiting this moment for our whole lives😎😎

  • Anything is better then school

  • Go somewhere no one will find you that has a wood burning stove. Then get food. Everyone else is going to be going to those big buildings in crowded zombie infested cities. Trust me, I’ve gone through at least two zombie apocalypses.

  • This is how many people are prepared for a zombie apocalypse! 👇

  • Alot of high schools have an rotc program. Witch could mean live ammo and military grade weapons and gear

  • Bruh our school has a big ass gate if u wanna get in, no flimsy walking dead prison fence,by gate i mean a real BIG ASS GATE And yes its kinda built like a prison and theres alot of entrance points but boi if u think those are glass/wooden doors, bruh those r metal gates with locks on dem so incase a zombie apocalypse happens u know where to find me XD

  • Well, could a school survive a martian invasion of Earth?

  • Schools also have bullet proof glass and doors so if anyone wants to try to take you down through a window its gonna be a challenge.

  • What about Alcatraz island ghosts vs zombies 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Hi guys

  • What about using a ballpark like in Diamond City in Fallout 4

  • My high school in Texas had a bomb shelter under the ground. The entrance was in the library they hid it pretty well too no one has gone down there since they closed it. (John foster dulles high school)

  • Glad you use the Romero type zombies. If they run and do things like in a lot of modern zombie movies, they aren't zombies. One thing you forgot to mention is that a school is likely to be crawling with hundreds or thousands of zombies. You would have to clear it to even loot it. That would require a large amount of people with lots of powerful weapons, explosives, and lots of gear and tons of rounds. Personally, since I now live in a very isolated, rural, mountain area ( no cops or neighbors for miles, thickly wooded mountainous terrain, and hard to even find the house), Id be more likely to fortify the place and bunker in, getting a small group of useful people, and looting businesses and stockpiles of all kinds, military/National Guard/police roadblocks that have been overrun, and shooting people that are looting places I want to loot and that have lots of stuff I want ( sniping as much as possible before a flanking and envelopment assault. Sounds fucked up, but it's you or them.). In any case, I would consider other survivors to be a greater threat than slow, stupid, shambling zombies ( we can always bug out if a giant horde comes our way).

  • My middle school math teacher has metal rulers because we can’t brake them. I told her we could brake each other with these

  • Schools aren’t even good for learning since white people think it’s a shooting range and you think it would be good during a zombie apocalypse?

  • Average high school has 400 students? Mine has 1,780 students...

  • The best place is Walgreens bc it has All medical Supplies but then like if more raiders or ppl come or break in your screwed

  • if it's an american school you also have a few guns c:

  • School shooters would help people out.

  • "and is rooted in our subconscious as a place we feel safe" For me personally I discount that one. Also it might be a good place if you want a large group to either start your micro post apocalypse empire or failing that join someone elses empire there forming from the school.

  • A few year ago when I was in high school our school had already completed installing I metal mesh in front of 1/3 of all the buildings windows to prevent damage, brake in and to prevent people from looking in while still allowing light through so that’s a big benefit as even if the perimeter is breached you could simply hide in the buildings and so long as you stayed relatively quite zombies wouldn’t be able to detect you and would stop people as well unless they had tools. The generator would run out yes but the supplies to refuel it were kept on site in the grounds keepers utility shed. Schools also usually have a water tank and last point our schools usually have vehicle barricades that can be raised and lowered as needed and so could then prevent ramming of the perimeter well allowing your own group to use vehicles for scavenging purposes or emergency escape

  • Most highschool's have barbed windows as in if broken there bill still be heavy duty wires protecting intruders from breaking an entering

  • My school was built by a prison architect and was built by felons. It is a prison

  • Student: *running to the nurses office* "i got bitten!!" Nurse: "Oh, that's unpleasant. Here's an ice pack. Student: *passes out and dies* Nurse : "oh well i tried"

  • Zombie apocalypse: **happens** Fallout players: hold my cola

  • my school is fucked

  • Zombies break in* Me:Takes out m4* "Just like the simulations"

  • Well if someone should know about this topic,it should be you cause yOU wErE iN pRISoN

  • My school has an iron bar fence that can survive getting hit 10+ times by a car yes a car did hit it once and yes most schools in Australia have reinforced iron bars

  • Duh the best survival spot is obvious. A house on a remote island

  • My school has 4 fields

  • Me: 360 no SCOPE a zombie to save mom Mom: OH OH MY GOD U A GOD REEE

  • schools are in the middle of the town to much dead for a safe place

  • I would head back to the okanagan with the Rattle Snake 🐍 island lol

  • Cabalas & bas pro shop

  • student front in the class room uuhhh its zombie apoulbeics i suck at spelling tho n

  • RIP Timmy lmao

  • School needs a key card to get in

  • I wish there was a peppa pig apocalypse lol

  • Lol I suddenly thought about high school of the dead

  • Would universities be good places to survive?

  • Treu (get it?)

  • Yeah, school maths halls would be safe . zombie students would go no were near there!