Are James Harden & Russell Westbrook a top duo in the NBA? | First Take

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
Ryan Hollins and Will Cain debate whether James Harden and Russell Westbrook are a top duo in the NBA, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers), Kawhi Leonard and Paul George (LA Clippers), Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors), and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets).
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  • Russ and Harden are the two most versatile players in the NBA and they are both underrated on defense. Plus out of every new super duo they’ve actually played together for 3 years and Houston didn’t have to give anything up but two first round picks and two draft swaps for Russ.

  • If Ryan holins didn't say stupid stuff on the daily I would be actually be shocked he said Middleton can cook jamal murray

  • Ryan Hollins making sense for once

  • Ryan hollins is like that type of guy who says anything for attention even though he’s not relevant

  • Of course Harden & Russ are automatically a top nba duo, two former and recent MVP teaming up how on earth are they not going to be a top duo in the nba?

  • Westbrook and Harden are too selfish ball Hogs and this will be a disaster !

  • Wondering what ever happened to Stephen A

  • 5:20 russell west"brick" lol

  • Ryan Hollins is Chris Chris is Ryan hollins

  • Both of them ate fucking trash how do either one have a job

  • Who the hack is Ryan hollins

  • This wasn’t Ryan Hollins worst take tbh

  • Ryan killed will cain ..omg.!!

  • unorganized discussion, shitty ass video

  • Ben simmons and embiid better than jokic and Murray

  • Will Cain kept changing the subject😂😂

  • you lot are boring man. bring back Stephen and Max disagreeing about the sky being blue.... "and here's why"

  • Huston will beat golden state if they match up in the playoffs Huston is much deeper

  • People forget that Harden and Westbrook are the only MVP Duos in the league.

  • Russ and harden are better then Steph and klay even with health not in it

  • The one time Ryan hollins is actually right lmfaooo Wil Cain gotta hold this L


  • The only Duo mentioned that both have won MVP’s.

  • Will Cain is worst. Always argues like a snobby little boy

  • So sick of hollins man

  • Ryan Hollins is showing why he's out the league. No basketball IQ. All the talent in the world obviously but he's an idiot

  • So... Dame and CJ? I think Doncic and Porzingis will also be a good duo

  • I have to agree jokic and murray are definitely not in that group

  • Yeah ok they won 1after the other mvp n basketball & shaq’n da fool they public enemy don’t believe the hype

  • So will Cain says we don't know how Russell Westbrook and James Harden will play together, but he has LeBron James and Anthony Davis as #1 and we haven't seen them play together. Will Cain make that make sense please clarify yourself. Will Cain is so bias he doesn't even use his own philosophy in his own argument.

  • why they got young molly at the end

  • How does Kwahi and Paul George work🤦🏾‍♂️🤔

  • Talking about chemistry? How about those two??? This video is flat and boooring

  • Stopped the video soon as I saw the Tall Trash Can

  • Will argument is idiotic. He's condemning Harden and his new running mate because they didn't play together last year. Neither did the LA team duos he's placing ahead of them.

  • I see ryan hollins, i dislike

  • Jokic an Murray over Giannis an Kris???? Hell the fuck nawh that henndawg too much for you

  • Oh and I could of sworn this the same guy that said lebron's James is better than jordan

  • Hollins should not talk basketball anymore

  • Jokic and Murray are definitely in the top 5 duo coming into next season, Ryan just shut up

  • Is that Charlie from WWE ?

  • Steph and clay over Harden Westbrook? Verifies my theory that white people see sports from a different perspective than blacks. What do steph and clay do other than shoot open 3's? And look at all the turn overs steph makes per game. Neither are defensive threats. Plus how the heels do you not include Green in the conversation over clay?

  • why the guy keep yelling all the time?

  • How many points did Ryan average in his career?

  • Harden just let Westbrook bring the damn ball up court pleaseeee and they’ll figure it out from there

  • As an okc native and big thunder fan, yes. Too deadly.

  • Will Cain is retarted

  • I’ve never agreed with Will Cain like I have before... 🙃 but Ryan is retarded

    • “They had to play like that” Why and they have a decent core around them 😑 BOTH those teams had a better than decent chance but they over extended themselves in EVERY game when they really didn’t have to. Every time Russel took the light from PG, they lost. That’s the reason why PG was an MVP candidate this year, he carried Westbrook like KD had to carry Westbrook. No one wants to keep carrying a mf that’s bent on doing it himself.

    • All of his points are stupid.. KD carried Westbrook and Harden to that finals. Khris Middleton is in the Leastern Conference while Jamal Murray is the young guard in the West. Khris Middleton isn’t ever making an all star team in the West, Jamal has a chance. Russel and Harden go together like cheese and mildew. “Russel hasn’t ever had the consistent shooters to stretch the floor” BOY HE WAS THE INCONSISTENT SHOOTER. Him and Roberson were damn near the same, Andre was just not aggressive on offense. Neither can shoot. You think he’s miraculously about to shoot better than 35% from the line, HOW?! Both James and Russel are due to frequent lapses on defense trying to conserve energy for a bucket (or a rebound in Westbrick’s case) Why is Ryan Hollins even on this show, the boy didn’t even matter when he was in the league 😐

  • 2.8k dislikes 😂😂😂 all for Ryan Hollins. Espn can't take hints.....

  • Ryan hollins trying to sound like Stephen A.

  • Why do they put these ugly fucks

  • Will Cain you are in crazyland!!!

  • NO!

  • Shut up Will Cain.

  • I am telling you I tried give Ryan hollins a chance. But when he begins to yell like SAS I immediately went to the comments section. I can't do this yal. Good bye first take. I swear I was at :37 into the video.

  • Please fire these two idiot's

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Being an allstar has NOTHING to do with who's GOD it's a publicity stunt. Murray's an OBJECTIVELY better player than Middleton in every possible way. Middleton is a mediocre player at BEST

  • Lol Golden state will never see the Western conference finals again yet alone a NBA final.

  • How he put Jokic and Murray in front of harden and Westbrook??? What a fuxking joke. Harden and Westbrook already have chemistry, they’ve known each other since kids. If anything their chemistry might be the best next season. Russ is gonna thrive in the system with harden playing off ball more.

  • This is the worst duo on tv Ryan Hollins is so trash what did he ever do in the league? Like I don’t even know what team he played for and his commentary is trash and Will try’s so hard but he can’t cut it

  • I wouldn't say I have serious doubts, but I would like and see the way they play together before I say they are a top Duo.💯

  • Buddy said jokic and murray

  • Will Cain is a joke

  • This was the worst debate ever

  • "Russell Westbrick... Westbrook" 5:21.... Talk about a Freudian slip.

  • Get these clowns off first take thanks espn

  • Harden was 1st in usage rate Westbrook was not number 2 he was 15th last season . Westbrook shared with PG Usage rate reg season Russ 30.1 PG 28.5 Playoffs Russ 31.2 PG 29.7 Westbrook shared the ball thats why PG had career highs all round . Problem was westbrook had no preseason after surgery and played most of last season hurt thats why he just had 2 surgeries in the off-season

  • AD and Lebron easy money you can have as much deffense as you want only two players in a league wich you cant guard people will see it when season start

  • Middleton was an all star IN THE EAST It would’ve been harder for him out west

  • Murray would be an all star in the east LOLLLLLLLLL

  • Y’all suck.. where Stephen A?

  • there's gonna be two balls?

  • This episode makes everyone realize they take Stephen A. Smith & Max Kellerman for granted, and they really are not that bad. Ryan Hollins really just tries to mimic Stephen A. and Will Cain is just an idiot.

  • yukkuri syabette

  • That guy on the left man oh man..... stfu

  • I never thought id see the day i agree with Ryan Hollins but i cant lie im with the guy on this one , Putting Jokic and Murray in the conversation AHEAD of Westbrook and Harden would only make sense coming from a die hard Nuggets fan .. otherwise that guy must be high or somethin

  • Where are sas and max

  • Will Cain and Ryan Hollins might be my two least favorite ESPN personalities.

  • damn cowboys fans 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lillard & McCollum. Conley & Mitchell. Kemba & Tatum. D-Rose & Blake Griffin. Oladipo & Brogdon. Luka & Porzingis. All duos that will have more overall success than Russ & Harden. Not as much star power in most cases but it aint about that.