Apryl Jones Gives FULL CUSTODY To Omarion, Fizz Moves Out Of Home!

Pubblicato il 13 dic 2019
#AprylJones #LilFizz #Omarion
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  • We all know she ain't give a damn about them kids 😂 all about that BAG ...no surprise

    • @chasin chicken That's a sign of not loving yourself or your seed.

    • m exactly she’s their MOTHER!

    • to bad Omorion was only giving her what he was court ordered for her to care for the kids, she thought she was gonna get extra for herself but nope ...lol

    • @Monique Brabham She is Radiology Tech not a nurse and she is not trying to work to use the certificate she is trying come up in the entertainment industry also remember Cs get degrees

    • @Jonquette Washington becouse she see that she only getting enough money to support the kids when there in her care. And it's not fitting her needs. A nanny why there your kids. You share custody so if they in school then rest of day u should be with them. No she want shit easy amd handed. She see that she not getting more outta him so give them up and focus all on her moves and get that paper up. Itswrong. People do it as single parents no child support so she sad

  • Poor kids.. like what mom just gives up custody.. if she focused on her kids like she does on her body .. 🤷‍♀️

  • Apryl on a stage pole or some other woman man pole.😳" You will reap what you sow ."

  • Shes a horrible parent if this is true but look at her mom. God bless those kids

  • I got to give it to her tho... she real af. If she was a dude, no one would even talk about this. Fizz is just as wrong if not more wrong. Her and O was broken up, she didn't owe him shit, but he and Fizz were still friends at the end of the day.


  • Leave it alone everyone got problems.

  • That “body photoshop” video has Brittany Renner ridiculousness written all over it- y’all too fine to be this dumb

  • M.I.A. is the best Omarion song for this situation 🤣

  • Apryl is TRASH, work on her what? music? Apryl aint shit and aint ever gonna be shit, clearly not even a decent mother. Why does Fizz like bad moms so much?

  • I hate weak women!!

  • Hi Lionel B what ever go’s around come around 😮😮

  • I'm glad Omarion got his kids because his children's mother needs to be assessed because her mind frame is not right at all!! If the kids stay with her, they'll be all over the place so it's better that they stay with a stable parent. I won't be surprised if she has kids by another celebrity just to get a check and a little clout. Now that's wicked!!

  • Oh wow a mix chick struggling like a Black woman with some Blacks kids. So... nvr mind..

  • I'll see my kids here and there??? WTF???

  • It's all so sad, but I'm glad the children at least have their dad, it seems she'd rather be free to chase her dreams. What a nightmare. SMH😒

  • You are so tru

  • wowwwwww... wowwwwww... wowwwww!!! apryl jones is a stinky booty judy aka a homie hopping, clout chasing, groupie. The fact that she put herself in front of her kids says alot about her. Omarion is being a father first before himself and that is the way it should be. The kids are always first. this so called woman is nothing but a stinky booty judy. smdh

  • Man them Rich hos 😃😃😃😃

  • I doubt that she sleeps around like she’s being accused of. Their life is their business, karma is karma. I knew that relationship wasn’t going to work out, whenever another woman is okay with the other one being trashed the foundation is already cracked!

  • I think she LOST her kids to him, and is playing it off.

  • Pride cometh before fall...so all of what apryl and fizz was boasting about there relationship ain't nothing but pride. Now the fall sets in.

  • If someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time! Its that simple.. :)

  • O Mama told her she wasn't ready for motherhood!!!

  • When ppl praise men for taking care their kids. Really.. that's what they're supposed to do... But tear a woman down... OH WELL SORRY THATS WHAT U SUPPOSED TO DO O

  • Your ACTIONS define you

  • What if Omarion and Fizz planned this whole thing, so Omarion could get full custody of his kids. With the intention of never marrying April.... what if.....

  • So how she just give up her kids though? Moniece has never done that with Cam. She want a nanny so she can be a full time hoe. A working girl. She is so thirsty. What Gucci say? “P**** Print.” Lol. Smh. Side note: Only Tupac & Omarion can wear a nose ring & be sexy.

  • Omarion should'a chose better.

  • Dont have babies for a man. I dont care. Now she gone look like a bad mom. She might not wanted kids in the first place. NOW THEY dont follow each other.... bless these folks...

  • Apryl is a Mammie

  • She's too deep at the moment. She's drowning and the only way to come up for air is for her to stop trying to convince the world that she don't care.

  • Good for Omarion.

  • Nobody knows what this woman goes thru emotionally, mentally and physically. Maybe she is hurt, lonely, or just plain lost. We don’t know what she struggles with. We only go by what we see. I’m not taking up for her, but I’m just not that type to bash ppl I don’t know personally.

  • This is just sad as hell she used the hell out of fizz just to stay in the light. She knew omarion didn't won't her any more she so had to TRY to find any way to get back at him. Now she see it didn't work and fizz isn't making no big moves she in the next rappers face. If she was serious about trying to work and make money she should have talked to O and come up with some kind of agreement where he get the kids this amount of time and she gets them not giving him full custody SMH. Just more time for her to be a hoe but i guess . life is to short

  • April n O seemed to be a good couple to let live n hip hop tell it but I guess the saying is true EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD

  • Her fall has already happened..when she lost those kids

  • I met Omarion at Home Depot in Corona Ca Gave him $40 off on his paint 😭 Leave that messy so called girl alone Those beautiful kids are better off with you 🥰

  • One thing I realize, you can’t believe these blogs, but make your money!

  • Apryl is a mess! She didn't went the kids anyways. I've watched every episode of love and hiphop. She was always about the bag. She didn't even love O.

  • He BEEN had full custody next topic

  • Both of them need assistance in the common sense department!

  • I officially have no respect for the type of person Apryl is the more and more I find out about her. I swear all that beauty but no brains. Shes defantily an industry thot looking for the next come up

  • Lmao!! This video is fantastic! Great job!! Ppl need to learn from Omarion. He says NOTHING and was the loudest. Apryl will never have any type of career. Nobody of substance will work with her because it will put a stain on them.

  • What do you expect from a bihhhh with no moral compass 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • We need to stop giving April some tkme... she a done deal let's treat her like it and see how much clout she will get then... April Jones who?

  • Fizz has no problem helping Apryl when she depressed and getting her kids for her but he won't get his own son for his baby momma when she's depressed. He's the example of a hobosexual that's w better stepdad cause he needs a place to stay. But now Apryl has no use for him with no kids for him to babysit. And since he won't be making money the last thing she needs is him at the house when she brings home her John or tricks from the clubs and studios. But I'm shocked she kicked him out so fast. But her plan to make O jealous left her with no Omarion no kids and no money. Fizz is no longer needed. Apryl is a Jezebel. A succubus that loves noone and is so evil she can start wars. Her karma will have no mercy

  • Why is he called Fizzle pop now?? What did I miss? Lmao

  • Smh on these two I can't say I'm surprised look at her reputation. I get she wanted to be famous but there was a better way of getting fame. Hopefully her kids will have a better life with there dad. What I didnt understand was he would bash his baby momma on her mental status but ignored apryl and her mental problems .....

  • A nanny? I raised to sons and for the majority of their life there was no help but I never felt like I had to give them up. For me, it would have meant giving up on life. To each their own tho🤷🏿

  • What a worthless woman. A real mother never leaves her kids.

  • Omarion didn't leave notes so Fizz had none to take, that should have been his answer. No, don't do it.

  • This girl should be cancelled by all real women..she is a cancer to her children,men,and women..what a disgrace..

  • This is what happens when fucking the superstar for the money goes wrong🤷🏾‍♂️. Now she trying to dump off the kids so that she can get a do over. Thotty Simples with no credentials

  • I think that when it comes to parenting it should be a two way street, it's not just the mother's responsibility so I don't see nothing wrong with what she's doing I just hope she's doing what she's doing for all the right reasons. And I think that she needs to stay off of social media cause she obviously cares about what other ppl think to much.

  • What could be better than letting somebody it their own cake. Best news I have heard on the situation. April and Fizz both left looking like damn fools. Talk about the chicken came home to roost.

  • Omarion comes out looking so good in this. No child support... good father with full custody? And keeps getting the bag. 💯

  • Apryl tha fool😂

  • Gives kids away...she a whole trash bag ho!

  • April cheating already?and she gave Omarion full custody she free now it's time 2 party