Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
Unboxing the titanium Apple card... And a PSA about the walled garden. Beware.
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  • Mark-ass Brownlee

  • Imagine getting 6 million views for unboxing a card

  • Oh god please let this dude on the IT-tvs rewind!!!!!!!

  • Apple Card under investigation for sexist algorithm favoring men. When will auto insurance companies get investigated? Face Palm.

  • That must be a lot of wasted money, you get the card for free once you set up an account

  • Debt is dumb, cash is king.

  • Why poor people always hate on apple product..? I’m just curious

  • I’m already trapped in the Apple ecosystem. I am an iPhone user since the 3GS and when I got the 6 I decided I wanted to try Samsung, I got the Note 4 and I hated it. Now I’m using an iPhone XR.

  • *unboxes credit card*

  • welp i got denied with a 760 credit score lmao

  • ijustine: 20k limit

  • Ha 2notis on snap

  • I wonder if Otterbox will make a case for it? Lol I just got mine today and I have to say, it’s pretty cool looking!

  • The only way it’s worth it is for purchasing Apple products (3% cash back, but still if you have the amazon card that gives you 5% cash back so if the Apple product is available on amazon it’s STILL useless) or when a store has Apple Pay for 2% (at which point it’s better to just pay with the wallet app). So basically I have it sitting in my closet so I’m not worried about how it will wear. It’s good to increase your available credit though because they give you a ton of money (since they want you to buy Apple products with it) for instance I usually get offered $1000 credit limit AT MOST because of my age, and they offered me $2,500

  • He is the only person who makes videos to where my phone won’t cut it off when I put it in full screen

  • So it's a credit card... Linked to your other credit cards? Why not just use your existing cards?

  • I thought the whole point of the wallet app when it launched was to replace the physical wallet

  • 2019: Apple Card 2020: Apple Card Pro 2021: Apple Card Pro +

  • that nmd shoes tho

  • It would've been really cool if the gradient feature would change the colour of the card itself

  • I love being in the ecosystem 🤗

  • "We get to answer the question, what would it be like if Apple made a credit card?" I want to meet the people that actually asked that question

  • Sooooo when you buy a song on itunes using Apple card, you’re using Apple’s money to buy Apple music. STONKS

  • Monzo>>>Apple Card

  • 2020: apple Banking 2022: apple Fast food 2023:apple hotel . . I see where this card will expand 🤓🤓

  • Waiting for apple card pro

  • I had a guy up at my bar a week ago that paid with this card and I was like what the fuck is this

  • Does it same weight like American Express ?

  • Man said I watched a credit card unboxing can u spend it on just apple products😂😂

  • OK....TRICKY APPLE!!!!!???? I had my iPhone 6S Plus for years...earlier this year in August 2019 applied was DENIED!! 6s Plus fell and shattered screen... Purchased iPhone 11 max pro October 2019 and MAGICALLY-TODAY-Nov 3-I was granted the’s the thing...on both occasions-I HAD THE SAME EXACT CREDIT SCORE... So what’s up...??? $4000


  • 1:25 Way more flexible, if you think about it

  • 0/10 rating ⚠️ not shaped like an apple

  • Overpriced aluminum piece of sht.

  • Is this also able to be used as a debit card? or is it just credit?

  • Why did my dumb ass think that the actual card would change colour

  • He literally said it (which I'm expecting): "...because they don't have your face."

  • Next year: Apple box unboxing

  • vastrangelinks \com are real they just got me 2 blank atm card successfully

  • I'm shocked the NAME is NOT in all upper case letters, just like every single credit card on this planet.

  • Another addition to the apple ecosystem. Soon enough, apple would be ruling the planet🙃

  • lalala

  • man really just bought a samsung with an apple card bruh

  • "and if they do have your iphone, they don't have your face" *raymond reddington wants to know your location*

  • not avaiable in austria :(

  • In 2030 apple Will have it own currency Change my mind

  • It would have been much cooler if it changed the colour of the card in your hand!

  • Is it available at middle east ??

  • 2019:Apple card 2020:Apple card *pro*

    • Apple card pro X

    • I only have 3 sub prove me wrong 2021: Apple Card Pro +

  • Finally! A free product from Apple. The Apple card! Lol

  • what's the hardware on this chip? whose chip is that?

  • When Marques walks into your store and buys a Galaxy Note 10 with an Apple Card. You be like : I don't feel so good.

  • it said 10 million dollars avaliable.... Marques wanna share some?

  • But you just explained why it's LESS durable in the very sentence before you claimed it was more durable. Sorry but it's just too obvious that plastic is the way to go. The metal will show scratches much more and most people don't like making their wallets more rigid than they have to. The metal is a total deal breaker. And I don't know why you would publicly admit that you have more than one credit card.

  • I thot, they are giving you away all those phone for free just for reviewing their products!!

  • Tim Cuck dropping the ball again. The card should have given you 5% back on all apple purchases online and in store, 3% across the board for everything when you pay with apple pay and 2% across the board for everything when you pay with the physical card.

  • Does it have dark mode?

  • 4:00 dude just tossed a light 10 grand on the card

  • Crapple trash for isuckers

    • FawkesMuldarr triggered lmao.

  • How does it work at my local store? Are you only able to purchase online with this card or does it work anywhere? If there is no card number or anything do you still dont have any pin code when purchasing in a physical store?