Pubblicato il 23 mar 2016
I've been meaning to try my hand at surviving the apocalypse for quite some time now, and today is my chance! My family and I (well, pretty much just I have 60 seconds to grab anything we can before attempting to survive the harsh aftermath of a nuclear strike! Keep your eyes open for things I can do to not suck next time! Thanks -Kassie's Lifeless Body
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  • Lol

  • is it just me or what do the gorls do in that time of the month lollolololololoololololololollolll0plor

  • When you said I'm going to get the gun if someone gets on your nerves where you going to shot them 😂😁😂 😅😂😂😰😨😱😵

  • Anyone 2020

  • Mary Jane comes back brings back a gun me I hate you timmy brings back a gun I love you

  • I'd know that hair anywhere. Dolores is a KAREN

  • YOU ARE WASTING SUPPLIES!! feed them in 5 days and water 5 days too

  • Can you link the game

  • I love you so much 🤗

  • The


  • 2020

  • that was your falt, i really can't spell right now

  • Is Doloras from Harry Potter ????

  • You eat evry day but you are screaming at mary jane for doing it

  • I can’t find any episodes in order.. every episode is not in order that I watch!

  • She just gave them whatever they wanted 🤣 It’s ok kassie you know better now 😜 I would have been wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ♾ worse 😁

  • Why does Mary Jane look normal when she is sick and every one else looks sick when they normal lol

  • I didn't have to end this way

  • Who has just been binge watching this series? I know I have.🔦🛢📻⛏🧪

  • Can i get 500 replies on this comment but i probably wont lol

  • I legit was eating soup and water while watching this lol (it was ramen but still)

  • Can you try not to swar in same of your vids so little kids can woch them and you will get more likes

  • Can u do an easy one

  • How do you play ?

  • Its bug spray

  • I. Go back. To. School. At. August. 21st. NUUUUUUUUUUUU. At. Least I. Like. School ☺

  • 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Three years go by and now IT-tvs decides to put this in my recommended

  • Noooooooo

  • Kassie do 1 bit of water every 5 days and soup every 10

  • I wouldn' t even bring Mary whit me.She takes up THREE spaces and eats so heckin' much.

  • Happy day on gloohom

  • 🎵Ah,ah,ah,ah- Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive🎵

  • News:you have 60 seconds till a nuke drops Everyone other than ted: we'll just sit here until ted carrys us out

  • Play five nights at freddys

  • Stop saying bad words for no reason

  • Stop saying bad words for no reason

  • Stop saying bad words for no reason

  • Grab One person of your choice and if you’re lucky the others will come In the shelter if you hear a knocking

  • If you click on Ted, Timmy, Mary Jane, and Delores, something happens. With Timmy he has different hats. You just got to keep clicking to change them.

  • Wait was this your first ever game of 60 seconds

  • 14:00 “Mary Jane is quite hungry” *I JUST FED YOU!*

  • 0:05 ice cream!

  • They should make a game called *Infinite Seconds (Specially for Cassy A.K.A gloom)*

  • 0:12

  • Who here went back and paused for those secret messages talking about daughter and wife like I did?

  • Why did you get Mary she will waste all of your food!!😦😦😦😦😦😑😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • 3:47 SORRY DAUGHTER I THOUGHT YOU WERE MOM and calling your mom fine is better some how -_- I’m an Idiot oops my punishment is posting this Also check out 3:52

  • Play as Mary Jane

  • I lived to day 43

  • Water hello

  • A lot of swearing

  • Rat

  • Food and water every 5 days Try to get the Boy Scout book as its one of the most inportant items If you have to choose between axe and gun choose axe Try to keep the parents longer than the kids because if there's no parents you will fail If there's ever a suitcase DONT OPEN IT If it says should we tinker with the radio DONT DO IT try to get mutant Mary Jane she really helps Hope this helps!

  • 1= like for maryjane


  • You forgot the book ☺☺ and I'm a massive fan once my mom said not to watch BUT I'M WCTHING THIS BOI😇

  • My recations=-O(^^):-)=_=:-|^_^^_^(^^)=-O;-):-):-:-)

  • Gloom please stop saying bad words please