Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
All highlights are from my stream :D
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  • Team overwatch 2

  • Gg's man really wp

  • Tbh I hate apex. It’s really annoying getting shot in the back and having that be a death sentence. I find fortnite way easier also I hate the guns. I landed I got a stupid flatline with 20 bullets and got punched to death by the whole team. Yeah so fun. I can fight multiple people a lot easier on fortnite.

  • Team Apex

  • I actually like a game where packs are not $7

  • I play apex but peaple make fun of me at schools

  • That's a borderlands psycho with claptrap on his back. P.S. noobs won't know.

  • Apex better on pc

  • Don't tell me fortnite copied borderlands

  • apex with the amount of content that get fornite... uff it will be the best game ever but we know how EA is

  • Fortnites my favourite! I've been playing since season 2 :)

  • look at all these like bait niggas in the comment with Like :apex and stuff. lmao get yourself a good joke so your comment get liked

  • Apex fun asf

  • It’s shame that I spent 200$ on skins and BP and ditching the account with over 8.kd on fortnite, but apex just feels so much more smooth and how you ACTUALLY need to use cover rather than build a skyscraper

  • Apex legends forever

  • Tell Me one thing in Apex season 3. What can you do besides play normal matches where are all the memes ask yourself those questions before you go trying to compare these 2 games Fortnite is hilarious and funny cause of how many memes are in it Apex is just the game you play competitively there you go neither is better its just sad how u people act with video games nowadays Love me or hate me im spittin straight facts

  • I miss wingman

  • Fortnite is super boring to watch not sure why people like it. I honestly don't like any battle royal.

  • What apex doesn’t have? A ball to bounce on your head

  • 12:33 bro the gray and green pump is a fucking trash

  • Damn bro i fucking love shroud playing fortnite

  • Haters in the comment section : kids In fortnite kids kids 12 year olds If you have that much arrogance and sarcasm it’s almost like you’re a 10 year old hypocrite

  • Who else thought this was gonna be an Apex video?

  • I like Apex much more than Fortnite but these comments are just absolute garbage.

  • Apex is batter

  • I prefer apex due to it's heavier reliance on skill not rng and bloom. The gunplay is fairer and smoother, finding good guns is easier and I prefer its setting (the titanfall universe) to whatever the fuck fortnites is

  • I prefer apex due to it's heavier reliance on skill not rng and bloom. The gunplay is fairer and smoother, finding good guns is easier and I prefer its setting (the titanfall universe) to whatever the fuck fortnites is

  • Apex shit

  • Oh God i love watching him playing a new game ❤️

  • Here come the Apex Legends fanboys begging for likes (CS:GO is way better)

  • Apex just feels better to play than fortnite for example when you hit your shots on the enemies, its not like shooting enemies and waiting for luck because of the bloom until you hit something, in apex it really depends on your aim and you dont have to build lmao

  • I prefer Fortnite with the building, but both good games. Also solos, duos, etc

  • Fortnite just looks blerghhhh I just never cared for the game I don’t see the Appeal I honestly tried to like but just doesn’t happen

  • Fortnite is so HARD! The people who play it must be so PROFESSIONAL!


  • I love that shroud loves apex

  • Hey Shroud! I'm a fan of yours. How do you get Apex to stream smoothly? I can get every game to stream smooth except for that one. I'm new to PC and trying to gain streaming followers while I do what I do almost daily, and have fun while I do it. Thanks in advance! So glad to have you on Mixer!

  • why does fortnite get so much hate? like its fun to play but the comunity is split between kiddies and competetive people

  • Shroud's face when they was saying fortnite is better loved it

  • I was a og fortnite player from season one left the game last season for apex . Apex is better in my opinion and I played apex when it first came out and didn’t like it . Gave it a second go and now I play everyday

  • fortnite is funnier than apex, apex community is to dark, and i like to troll toxic kids in fortnite

  • And Twitch vs Mixer?

  • Team Fortnite and Apex.......Reply your a reply begger.

  • The major problem with Fortnite right now is lack of mobility - that's what brings the lull that Shroud is talking about - it's just a long walk to the next fight which is dull - oh and the bots

  • Team Fortnite=Like and Comment #TeamFortnite Team Apex Legends=Comment #TeamApex

    • @Aaron Ok

    • Likes always win anyway cause it's way easier than a comment, but u can comment multiple times. I prefer Fortnite... even tho I commented

  • (Dont Like this) Why the hell do people make a likebot like Example: Fortnite Like,Apex Comment. But dude,you just want to be famous,but not that way,be good,Not evilbot. I hate those guys. Like if you want,Comment if you want too.

  • I totally agree, a lot of action in apex is definitely way more do-able than it is in fortnite

  • So ok for me Fortnite has more action like way more battles and apex is more peaceful and calm

  • both games are fucking gaaaarbage

  • I prove your building and you will be from the Best players you are already better the timthetatman cpurage and many other and they Play all day

  • APEX IS FULL OF NOOB HACKERS AIM LOCK + NO RECOIL - i dont play fortnite xD

  • I hate both. Just here for Shroud...


  • Fortnight trastnight

  • i used to play fortnite 8 hours A day Because I dont Know shit About positioning so I suck ass at apex and BFV now I Learn about it I realize Fortnite SUCKS ASS you literally got Shot And Build a Wall around you WTF And their fanbase Is UNGRATEFULL AF lol

  • Moving to Mixer. Really?? All about the $$&&

  • PUBG: *Ight Imma head out*

  • if only apex didnt have that many hackers, i wouldve chose apex over fortnite any time, any day. especially in asian servers man. it's hopeless. the game is already dead because of those chinese players.

  • This video is an amazing example of how bias people can be when it comes to video games. Both apex and fortnite have their upsides & downsides but when it comes to discussing them, small brained people like nate will always try to shit on the game they prefer the most while people like shroud can actually have a proper conversation about the differences.

  • i feel like apex is more of a strategic game where you have to pick the right place to hide/heal/use abilities and fornite is more creative where you have to build your self out of a bad situation... my only issue with apex is the 60 people limit per game