Antonio Brown isn't worth the drama - Will Cain | First Take

Pubblicato il 12 ago 2019
After Antonio Brown has threatened to retire over a helmet, Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain debate if he was the main problem with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.
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  • Theae two should do the show, not that soft boring max

  • Antonio Browns agent is going bonkers. Antonio Brown will Fire Antonio Brown. I can dream RIGHT !?

  • Top 100 players ranked by players, last yr AB was 2, this yR hes 7, but Ben who led the league in passing(over 5000 yds) w/ 2 1000 WRs, each w/ over a 100 rec. goes from 18 last yr to 44. I dont get that. And these guys are off base sometimes as well, like how they said Ben said after a game he should have gone the other way,( like thats a crime)hes putting that on himself, not AB. Ab was double covered & juju was wide but he forced it to ab anyway, all he said was he(ben) made the mistake. After every loss, like a qb should, wether its his fault or not ben always takes the blame, ive never once ever heard ab say, you know what, that was my bad.

  • My opinion: He was at least part of the problem. AB: Drama, Temper, Sellout. Ben: Throws teammates under bus, inconsistent play, mediocre leadership. Le'Veon: Greed, unreasonable attempts to negotiate, etc. Tomlin: Lack of control over players, lack of adjusting strategy, underestimating opponents, etc. New Management/Ownership: Spineless, lack of recognizing problems, etc.

  • He makes millions of dollars and going to complain about having to change his helmet come on man

  • Its ironic Antonio Brown has the initials AB, when he's a black man. Lol

  • Thank goodness the attractive woman is on this program. She adds so much.

  • I like how he went from the best wife out in the game to not worth the drama. Everyone is just hating. Big Rapist Ben gonna see how shitty he really is when he doesn’t have LeVeon and AB to carry his ass.

  • On the outside looking it lllllllllllllll

  • Sorry but molly brings nothing to the conversation absolutely nothing.

  • Big fax

  • What happened to Mike Wallace when he left Pittsburgh? How about Santonio Holmes? You media people continue to diminish Big Ben's role in these wide receivers careers.

  • Who freaking cares what's going on with Antonio brown. What really matters is cleaning up the oceans, ending gun violence, closing the gender gap, compassionately fixing the border crisis, etc.

  • AB plays the media like a yo-yo. He knows exactly what he is doing.

  • Antonio Brown is beyond a locker room cancer! He is full blown Aids!

  • Stephen A will always try to twist it a tiny bit when it's a white person vs black person

  • Brown is a product of Big Ben, elite o line and our team culture. Upcoming season will show the truth.

  • lol these comments show the night and day difference between NBA fans and NFL fans

  • listen to this clown SAS defend Antonio Brown lol what a fuck

  • AB is my favorite player but the media is going to turn on him so quick when his production declines.

  • AB is an asshat

  • Will Cain is literally growing before our eyes as a personality and analyst. I remember he use to get butthurt if he got cut off or someone disagreed with him. This is a TOKEN EXAMPLE OF 1. Knowing your role. 2. Adapting 3. Building rapport.

  • No Stephen A get your facts straight Ben said he should of thrown all 4 times on the goal line to JuJu. You change sides non stop

  • The media will ride AB's nuts but LeBron could be tampering in everyone's face and they find any excuse to justify it

  • Drama queen or Diva your choice.

  • SAS loves feeding AB's ego that boy need help stop it

  • Please stop bringing will Cain on as an guest or substitute. I don’t even watch if I see him in the thumbnail

  • I’d let Molly eat my asshole

  • Will Cain shut the fyck up

  • I could sympathize with the Diva on the situation in Pittsburgh with Captain Fat fuck. This is just stupid. Something is wrong that isn't football related, more mental than anything else. Could be BP2?

  • Um yes !!!

  • 3 kids

  • The NFL isn’t worth the drama.

  • My girl Molly just need to shut the fuck up and look sexy for the camera.

  • AB has never been worth the trouble, only the dumb ass raiders would bring that cancer to their org. Raiders will be sub .500 again.

  • Molly, SHUT UP. Put on some pads and go take a few months of hits from grown men. Until then you have ZERO CONTEXT on what it means to be a man or a football player. It's ridiculous these women are on these shows.

  • Can’t have the Terrell Owens attitude without that Terrell Owens game.

  • Antonio Clown

  • False. BS news and BS analysts

  • Big ben is right in all of the issues. AB just a ungrateful lazy ignorant piece of shit. The world would be better off if the locked him in a prison.

  • Bro the girl who hosts asks some good questions it’s a shame Steven a smith is an attention shore and cuts her off

  • Randy Moss in Oakland drop off incoming.

  • Molly low-key did a good job today

  • what exactly has AB done at the Raiders to warrant these verbal attacks? Him and his agent said there was no retirement threats.. He simply wanted to keep his helmet, NFL said no, end of story.. He is now back at camp..

  • He is in Callyfornia, everybody should be accepted as they are,

  • One of the Best receiver in the league and I’m a packers fan 😭😭✌🏼 y’all lame hating on the boy

  • AB is the next T.O

  • I only care about what he does on the field while hes on the field...anything else is none of my business ..that goes for every athlete they try to tear long as u perform on the field or court everything else is irrelevant

  • And ppl said Odell was a disease

  • EVERYONE! Down vote this video to show your displeasure with Molly being back on the show!

  • The Raiders did my Bills a favor with the No. 4 pick in the draft and with taking this huckster in free agency. Thank you, Vegas!

  • AB is a caricature from a bad football movie.

  • So AB don't want to wear his PPE? Go home and don't come back, make way for someone who will appreciate that opportunity.

  • This man is a cancer

  • ESPN just refuses to call Antonio Brown what he is. Ben isn’t responsible for AB being a 24/7 donkey.

  • AB is a little diva puss. Motha fucka got a tampon up his ass

  • I cant stunt i fw AB🤷‍♂️ that mane nice bruh

  • Ms. Tiny Chest

  • Just let him do what he wants...and prompt him that they are not gonna be held accountable for any head injuries

  • These faggots love drama. Jon Gruden knew who he was getting. It's not a big deal. Get over it you fucking drama queen pansies. Making a bigger deal than AB, ffs.