Anthony Davis to skip Team USA training camp, withdraws from FIBA World Cup | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Jalen Rose reacts to the news about Anthony Davis withdrawing from the FIBA World Cup in order to focus on the Los Angeles Lakers.
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  • bruh, whats wrong with team usa lmao. like 4-6 players already widthrew 😂

  • USA bout to be just bench players on the summer league teams🤣

  • All I gotta say yo is that. I'm ready already bruh. Lets GO Purple and Gold! Lets GO Laker nation!

  • 81 points

  • Contract year

  • Nba going soft, dudes sitting out dozens of games for “load management”, barely any rookies played in summer league this year, guys skipping FIBA World Cup and shit. No passion

  • Jalen is one of the few media members that likes what the Lakers put together and I love that he does

  • his focus in the lakers now..

  • All these guys that don’t want to represent the USA are not good in my book. Back in the day EVERYONE that they asked to play for team USA played with pride. I lost so much respect for these guys that don’t wanna play, I would give anything to represent the USA in any form of international competition. I really don’t understand this.

  • Just recalled Lebron really makes everyone better. Cant wait to see this lakers team. Why didnt they get dellavedova 😁 (I'm just kidding) I still think the lakers franchise management awaits to be seen. Just because they manage to get decent pieces and lebron is really great, most of the guys are actually declining. Danny green, avery bradley etc. And we'll see the locker room and management functionality with the regular season.

  • They could have put together this roster without sending 3 young players at the COST of a 2nd round pick. They could have put it together without Davis waiving his $4M option. They could have done this without grovelling to the Pelicans to delay the trade before doing both of those. Let's not sing Pelinka's praises for messing things up, cleaning up his mess, and then missing his man (Kawhi).

  • It's gonna be interesting to see if LeBron lobs it to AD on fastbreaks instead of his usual dunks...

  • Lol Jalen likes Avery Bradley cuz he fights through screens, confirmed: Kobe never dropped 81 on AB

  • Duty calls... as in Space Jam duty.

  • Can I get a like for Ryan hollins not being in this video

  • Serbia will win the World Cup this year

  • Cousins was a substitute in gs wym

  • Jalen Rose no defense player

  • by year end Cousins will be 2nd or 3rd option

  • Good idea from Davis the bronsexual. His scronny skimpy frame can’t handle so much basketball.

  • They can let all new rookies in the nba play in fiba world cup and still win the gold. USA is and will always be number 1 in basketball. Let the stars handle real bidness in their league.

  • they ain’t winning it all

  • Is it safe? Ryan hollins isn’t on here ?

  • What a pussy, I hope he never wins a chip

  • Its more about it being a contract year aka securing the bag than it is about him caring about the Lakers.

  • AD will finally get the respect he deserves this year this is the same man that put up 50pts 16rebs 7steals 4blocks and 5ast in a season opener at age 23 people really been trying to say Paul George is better than him

    • quan Brooklyn kid LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • @Ra El lol

    • GNB they smoking that trailer park meth if they believe that

    • Who the heck said that? Lol... I love PG but that's crazy

  • they will get rid of rondo at trade deadline. Rondo is an idiot PG sorry

  • Lebron telling him what to do.

  • Cousins lost notable weight...guys

  • Lake show rise up

  • Anthony Davis being lebron's little buddy bitch lmao.

  • All these lazy pussy athletes out here nowadays. Dude earn your contract you say out last year what the hell is your excuse for not playing now Anthony Davis??

  • Jalen has yet to recover from those 81 points

  • Jalen u weak shut up

  • He ain't good enough to be on the team anyway.

    • @6 Rangz DAT gas boiiiii

    • Boy you’re putting K2 in those swishers

  • the Lebron influence makes guys into unbearable divas GO AHEAD

    • Pedro Robles so focusing on your profession makes you a diva? You mofos with gladiator need to get a life and stop hating.

  • Luka and KP are going to be the most lethal pick and roll duo in the NBA in my humble opinion.

  • I laugh at anyone who thinks next years Lakers are going to be a running team. With Vogel as coach and LeBron running the offense, this is going to be a half court, possession, mismatch hunting, power team. The way the roster is constructed tells as much. I don’t think Boogie comes off the bench, I think he starts (for shooting, passing and enforcement next to Davis): Bradley Green James Davis Cousins Second unit: Rondo KCP Dudley Kuzma McGee Closing lineup: Bradley (or the hot hand) Green James Kuzma Davis.

  • AD only has so many hours of basketball in a season. His most popular list is the injury list.

  • How can a man who got dipped 81 on, is able to tlak anything basketball ?

    • Ra El didn’t know what you did in college had so much importance! I guess melo should have the same voice as jalen since he won a national championship in college

    • Jason Reyes that was mj not jalen lol

    • Ra El we would have had to watch shaq wear short shorts of it wasn’t for jalen. The man deserves a noble prize for that.

    • Ramiro Hernandez dude is a legendary Fab Five member who affected culture in ways you can’t imagine and went to a Finals himself where he did pretty good. Stop it.

    • To be fair Kobe only scored like 23 directly on rose head