Anthony Davis only committing to Lakers through this year is worrisome - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan react to Anthony Davis' comments in his interview with Nichols in which he did not commit to the Los Angeles Lakers beyond this season, with 2020 NBA free agency looming for the Klutch Sports/Rich Paul client. AD will play alongside LeBron James in the 2019-20 NBA season.
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  • How many injuries did AD go through last year?

  • I love her and her show

  • Its a shot at Laker management to spare no expense in trying to win a Championship. Its a smart move.

  • AD is again showing his true colors. He's a baby and will leave if LeBron retires or they don't work out right away. I think he's forgotten how his first team kept sheltering him through his fifteen (yes I know exaggerating) different injuries.

  • I mean whatcha expected he can only focus on this year wait till that day come

  • There's nothing else for AD to do. Or shooting a movie together with other player(s).

  • Ahhh media... I dont believe this

  • If this situation is true then AD is a lucky man. At the end of one season, AD will want to get the hell away from James!

  • Come play with Dame in PDX AD summer of is your DESTINY!

  • The modern day black negro basketball dribbler is so selfish.

  • Rachel, are u sick baby? I hear it in ur voice

  • What if AD and Griff hatched a diabolical plot and the brow is going back to the Pels next year???

  • Didn’t Davis say before the trade that he would not sign a new contract with anyone before free agency in 2020?

  • They need a story he can for his money just can’t say I’m coming back

  • He knows he’s committing too the lakers , he’s going too toy with other teams next season. Acting like he’s going to sign with them so they don’t get quality free agents

  • don't let this news story distract you from the fact that Rachel Nichols is 10x better then michelle beadle---she is able to get through a news story without making awkward jokes and laughing like a coked out soccer mom at everything---Rachel is committed, eloquent, even keeled. Give her more airtime.

  • They really don't have anything to talk about? Lazy journalism. How is this even a story? This isn't even basketball

  • If this was any other team besides the Lakers, they would be talking them up so hard, talking about this team is stacked and the immediate future is bright but because it’s the Lakers they have all the questions and concerns. Trash.

  • all the talk. teams aint even played yet! its like Boxing. great time to bet. i got the Warriors.

  • BW is terrible at his job (first a LeBron inside guy ) now he’s lakers inside and Amin is terrible he sucks !!! Step it up Rachel please

  • As long as lebron is there AD staying bruh rich Paul ain’t losing out

  • Good Players is smart they have leverage by signing one year deals. Davis holds who he plays for in his future it's good business on getting surrounded with good players or he walks to another team who signs players he trust.

  • It's the middle of July and they're still talking about the NBA?

  • AD IS a two way player, Dwight Howard is not. AD can be another Kareem type of Laker, he can be the next Laker 'lifer'. However the way Free Agency is going, players like the opportunity of making their own decisions.

  • Speaking of squeezing the juice. Rachel Nichols got some big california "ORANGES" that i would definitely squeeze

  • That makes the number situation more funny....on another note, rocking a purse is crazy. How do you feel good about that as a heterosexual man?

  • I think AD will re sign with the is so obvious

  • meh, play for the Lakers for a year then when it doesnt work out sign with Toronto. Raptors could do the exact same thing with AD as they did with Kawhi. That was no fluke.

  • Espn always trying to stir drama for the lakers. AD is making no promises because you never know what will happen he hasn’t even played a game for LA yet. He doesn’t want to do a kyrie and state he’s staying long term then have everything go to shit and then bail

  • You know LeBron is talking to AD as a reason not to commit early. This keeps the Lakers in check. As dysfunctional as the front office has been, I don't blame them for doing this. Show us you are willing to provide some stability to where the Lakers seems like a desired location especially for veterans that want a ring that are still good but will accept a vet min contract.

  • They are reaching far, I guess they have no content so gotta create made up stuff

  • Anthony Davis is the most overrated player in the NBA

  • Rachel sounding like Demi Moore

  • Paul George didn't ask to be traded to okc, Kawhi Leonard didn't request Toronto as a destination either. Anthony Davis requested a trade to the Lakers specifically. He's staying.

  • Rachel sounds annoying. “He doesn’t have to do anything” like shut up with that bs. We understood what he meant by it. Smh.

  • hahaha AD is a lebron look alike right now in contract extension decision, he will do a 3+1 deal

  • at least this dude didn't lie like Kyrie

  • The pressure on Brian's chair is worrisome

  • He's going to sign a 2 and 1, so he can opt out after his 10th year and get a super max contract. Also, he's not going to commit to the Lakers long term (and he shouldn't) to keep the organization accountable for putting together winning teams. You can't trust lakers management as presently constructed

  • Kawahi is secretly working for next year! If the clippers beat them all season???he just might move over!