Anthony Davis on joining Lakers, playing with LeBron, recruiting Kawhi, more | The Jump

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Anthony Davis sits down with Rachel Nichols and says it sounds weird to be called a Laker and lays out the expectations for Los Angeles to win championships. He explains that he knew he wasn’t going to sign an extension with the New Orleans Pelicans, because he knew he wanted to be with the Lakers. Davis doesn’t regret anything he did to get to Los Angeles and says he does not care about the media attention surrounding LeBron James as they are only concerned about winning championships. Davis finishes by detailing his involvement to try recruiting Kawhi Leonard.
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  • I’ll feel a lot better once he resigns with LA

  • AD only went to the playoffs twice during his time with the pelicans.

  • He said Kobe trying to put the best team around us 4:18 stay woke yall

  • Holy shit the Lakers are gonna be overpowered next season.

  • She tried to be sneaky with that question if he’s leaving in free agency

  • Parade? Tf my ass

  • If Anthony wants a championship he should go to golden state warriors his a dummy bye going to the Lakers yo broww play with curry if you wanna ring in ur finger

  • Lakers are the best kawahi Leonard you made a big mistake the Lakers are back championship run starts this coming season coming up

  • Lakers will win championship.

  • Why this man have a bat on his forehead

  • AD voice crack at 1:00 😂😂😂

  • Motivation should be trying to bring a city its first title. Be the place’s “King”

  • I love how he answered the FA question. She almost got him there but he was able to avoid it

  • Now I think they should use the last spot for another big man. They have all the shooters they need but they do need some more height so why not give Amar'e stoudemire the last spot.

  • Just shut up and dribble,

  • What’s wrong with this bitch throat

  • He fixed up his teeth. Wow

  • I've read n heard recruit this year more than I've breathed

  • he said he dont care about the media attentio that comes with lebron, just proves that kd is a drama queen and a crybaby

  • A.D another player that couldnt even sniff the playoffs. Nothing but nice stats but cant lead a team

  • The fact is AD is a soft player and Lebron is already old and on his way down. Nope, I'm not seeing the Lakers winning the championship this year.

  • The Lakers traded away a lot of great talent for this punk ass loser and he can't even give a straight answer if he will stay beyond one year or not. Get over yourself man, you haven't proven anything.

  • Too bad he not going to get a chip with LeHelp James 💯 facts

  • The Lakers are the biggest frauds in sports history. They do nothing hit poach talent from other teams and rely on refs to bail them out. The NBA has this infatuation with LA that just turns everybody else off of basketball. The NBA is a dying league, because unless you cheer for one of four teams, you are fucked.

  • Rachael is so annoying; how can you be so narcissistic yet so vile, makes me sick that bitch, fuck off

  • The funny part of this interview is that Rachel Nichols is asking him about an NBA 🏆, what's her accolades...😂 Most importantly, AD spent seven years in New Orleans and the team was not building a championship around him. I mean when the had Boogie and Rondo they were doing well. He did his stint and bounced!

  • psychology will tell you that when you look up and left you're accessing your memories but when you look down and to the right you're accessing the creative part of your brain 4:52 he already knows if he is going to resign.... HE did look honest when he said he doesn't know what the future will hold. Im thinking baring catastrophic failure or event he resigns.

  • 🌈Love Wins🌈

  • Go Lakers!!

  • Rachel: "What does it feel like to hear 'Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Laker?'" AD: It's different LMAOOOOO 😂😂

  • Don't know how to feel about this nigga man, pardon my French.. but damn you do all this to get to L.A. they trade everything away for you but can't commit long term.. what the fuck be wrong with niggas man?

  • Rachel you are one hot woman lol

  • Future laker hall of famer 💯

  • Good Guy! They should of got JR and Melo. Add CP so him and Rondo can iron out their beef Blessings

  • what’s the fuss, and why is he already being lionized? Don’t y’all think he should actually do something first?

  • Dwight Howard was a bigger star before he came to LA than AD. He actually led a team, Orlando, to the Finals. AD never did, and the talent level was about the same. Two playoff 1st round exits, including a sweep, in seven seasons. DH was All-NBA six times, AD has never been All-NBA.

  • Expect a very long lockout come next collective bargaining agreement. The owners have lost complete control.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak before. That’s what happens when you belong to a small market.

  • I’m excited... gonna tray help my my career in 2k19😂😂😂😂

  • Anyone else think Rachael sounds sexy in this one