Anthony Davis introduced by the Los Angeles Lakers | NBA on ESPN

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
The Los Angeles Lakers introduce Anthony Davis in a press conference. Davis talks about how great it will be to play with LeBron James, who made an appearance at the press conference. Davis also talks about how he found out about the trade and having to wear No. 3 instead of No. 23. Davis claims he wants no part of load management and is looking to play as many games as possible this season.
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  • He will fail in LA

  • Nobody: Anthony Davis: Uhm

  • 3:29 im gonna kick your ass! Hahahaa 😂

  • Fire palinka ASAP.

  • AD is going to reck alot of teams to win a championship and LeBron going to back him up injeryies is going to happen next season

  • isn't just me or Anthony davis says too much "You know" when he finish a line😂😂😂😂

  • wow

  • LeBron will have to give AD the team the same way Wade gave Miami to LeBron.

  • AD WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH LAKERS!!! Lavar spoke it in to existence!!!! Lakers are only the second best team in LA. 😂😂😂 Wrong move AD! You will end up like CP3 no chips!!! 👍🏽

  • Better hope that knee holds up 🤦‍♂️

  • Kawhi new Kings of NBA 👑👑👑 the best player ever 👑👑👑 Lakers still suck😂😂😂✌

  • The Lakers front office is awful. Trickle down baby

  • AT 0:46 did anyone else hear that voice chrach from Anthony Davis

    • Arzell Joseph I noticed it to 😂😂😂😆

  • Every time Pelinka spoke I got the sense that he was just trying to showcase how good a job he's done assembling this roster.

  • He’s like I was in Malibu with Lebron

  • "not knowing the unknown" -what a legend

  • They make it sound like as if they didn't have a shower or place to eating at their training facility in New Orleans 🤣

  • Interestingly, Rob Pelinka is throwing in some examples to create the perception that he is trustworthy and somewhat restore his reputation around the league...

  • His as knew he was going to Lakers 😂 DNT lie nigga Bron been told yo ass

  • Why the fuck wouldn’t ESPN give us time stamps? 😂

  • wanna smack this guy...every sentence/mid sentence ummm should he be used to talking in public by now??

  • wow, major disrespect to Kyle Kuzma. "before i got here, it was pretty much just lebron on the lakers" - oh man.

  • Hopefully he stays long term. I have a feeling he won’t though I have a feeling Lakers are gonna go the curse of the bambino for a long long time

  • with the face of the big mouth telling me to subscribe at the end yup right :-)

  • Bron rocking that yellow Crenshaw... Respect... RIP NIPSEY

  • AD vs Kawhi Welcome home Kawhi GOLAKERS 🥇🏆16X

  • 0:47 Hahaha

  • LA ain't gonna win shit with LeCrybaby James!... i hope he doesn't finish the season again and AD hasn't done shit before!... 1 playoff series win...big deal... LeBron is OVERRATED and AD is OVERRATED!!!

  • 0:47 lmaooooo

  • Boring 👎

  • AD is very intelligent, but if I hear another ummmmmmm!!😭😭😭

  • Money is on Dj Mbenga beating Anthony Davis by 50 points 1 on 1.

  • Honestly the team would go 82-0 if Juwan Howard was still in the league and if they didn’t get AD

  • Chris Bosh is still better than this guy

  • Clippers without Kawhi and Paul George would still beat the lakers 125-69

  • kawhi Choosing the clippers don't mean shit. Nobody can stop AD..

  • Seems like he didnt care about NO

  • The only two who can stomach playing with LeBron these days good luck bro

  • AD: I'd like to thank god, my mom and Lebron for making this day possible.

  • "Not knowing the unknown" - I guess we all got the same problem. By the way: the sky is blue!