Annabelle Comes Home - Yeah, We're Pretty Sure The Set Was Haunted | SYFY WIRE

Pubblicato il 27 giu 2019
We sat down with Gary Dauberman, Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, and Katie Sarife to find out what the scariest artifact was in the lastest Conjuring universe scarefest.
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Annabelle Comes Home - Yeah, We're Pretty Sure The Set Was Haunted | SYFY WIRE


  • well you had me scared until the way you put fabricated like it was really a tourist attraction for money lol but the line was good! :)

  • Truly sad that Sterling Jerins didn’t reprise the role of Judy but this new actor, McKenna Grace, did a real fantastic job! 👍🏼

  • The anchor looks more scary than annabelle

  • Who played annabelle the doll

  • This movie ant scary at all

  • Meat on sale

  • The coins freaked me out. That's why I dont carry change.

  • Th acting was amazing, I loved it

  • I just hurt my neck and my mom is not here ands I watching this


  • mckenna definitively is a prodigy

  • katie sarife and the werewolf= complete unnecessary

  • The black guy sat next to me at the movie theater sounded like a 5 years old girl jumping from his seat.

  • 0:22 I’m sorry but I cannot get over the fact that those girls pants are Maternity pants LMFAO 🤣😂🤣😂 She’s about to bust out of them

  • I came here to see those beautiful girls

  • You ladies were great in it. 👍So much hate for this one. I MUST be from another planet or something because I thought this one was the most fun out of the Annabelle series. None have been scary, I might be desensitized, but the story was fun, the events were fun, actors were great, I don't know. I just liked it.

  • I lived this movie

  • The movie was bad.

  • How did I get here....and why did I click it!!

  • I am scarier then Annabelle

  • What does atheist think

  • I personally think that the movie wasn’t scary at all. The people around me were screaming at some parts but I think I was the only one who didn’t even FLINCH. And the werewolf part was stupid af. I’m sorry it looked sooo fake

  • Toy:- exist to make kid happy Warrens:- we're about to end these toy's whole career 😂

  • Title: I’m sure the set was haunted Me: LMAO

  • I liked this movie cause it showed the entire artifact room and showed new demons and ghost and past cases

  • When I went to watch it I jumped out of my chair and screamed the rest of the people in the theater were just looking at me

  • I am not afraid of this doll

  • Did anyone see her hands move? Like if you did because I did

  • katie sarife is a fucn hottie 😍

  • I wasn’t feeling this movie

  • is it just me or did the dolls head move 2:54 to 3:08

  • The girl with blonde hair is she the girl in laid in America

  • So did they use the real artifacts ?

  • Dude at 3:50 to 4:10 there’s shadows moving

    • Kade Jones that's nothing

  • Why is there a demon's statue in a church in the first Annabelle movie? It is sacreligious.

  • The girl with "The Shining" shirt is interesting.

  • How did she get out?

  • Creation is the best

  • I haven’t seen it yet after seeing people talk about it and how it wasnt that good i think i kight see crawl instead

  • Best movie of the summer! I was not expecting to like it so much

  • Scary!!!

  • McKenna grace is in so much scary movies i know why but still

  • Did not like this movie to be honest. They could’ve done more. Annabelle the Creation was a lot better.

  • That fat girl looks familiar

  • The move was a 5/7

  • 0:13 That's and off brand John wick

  • It's new

  • Where did they put the actual Annabel doll?

  • The small girl looks like Emma Watson 😃😃

  • this movie was so bad. Ed and lorraine should’ve been involved. TERRIBLE movie definitely NOT recommended

  • such an amazing movie ❤️

  • The part where she got exorcised by a tape recording was so stupid.

  • that scene with the werewolf/dog was not even scary but cool! and the movie wast not scary lol

  • Really wanna go see this

  • Annabel was not scary except for the few jump scares

  • bob thooo😍

  • The movie was so scary that this 78-year old died from watching it GREAT JOB SOMEONE DID DIE FROM THE MOVIE!

  • who’s scrolling through the comments while watching😳

    • I'm just reading the comments lol

  • Mckenna And Kiernan Shipka Looks Exactly The Same

    • rilαkkuma¿ i honestly thought that was her!

  • I didn't find it as scary when compared to other movies of conjuring universe. Me and my friends were kinda laughing for the most part. The one joke was stretched throughout the movie, 'BOB got balls'. We were so disappointed with the ending! Wanted more of Warrens part as well, but there wasn't much. The scene with girl Annabelle ( From Annabelle Creation) could have been so awesome but no, it wasn't and why there was a werewolf in the movie, not needed at all. I'd rather watch Annabelle Creation once again now. Also, there were some jump scares here and there, but we'd have to wait for them. They were like after 5-7 minutes. THERE WAS ONLY *ONE* GOOD SCARY SCENE BEFORE INTERVAL, just one!