ANNABELLE COMES HOME - Official Trailer 2

Pubblicato il 28 mag 2019
Annabelle Comes Home - In Theaters June 26
“Annabelle Comes Home” is the third installment of New Line Cinema’s hugely successful “Annabelle” films starring the infamous sinister doll from the “Conjuring” universe. Gary Dauberman, the screenwriter of the “Annabelle” films, “IT” and “The Nun,” makes his directorial debut on the film, which is produced by Peter Safran (“Aquaman”), who has produced all the films in the “Conjuring” franchise, and “Conjuring” universe creator James Wan (“Aquaman”).
Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her “safely” behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest’s holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target-the Warrens’ ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends.
The film stars Mckenna Grace (TV’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” “Gifted,” “Captain Marvel”) as Judy; Madison Iseman (“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”) as her babysitter, Mary Ellen; and Katie Sarife (TV’s “Youth and Consequences” and “Supernatural”) as troubled friend Daniela; with Patrick Wilson (“Aquaman,” “The Conjuring” and “Insidious” films) and Vera Farmiga (“The Conjuring” films, upcoming “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” TV’s “Bates Motel”) reprising their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren.
Dauberman directed the film from a screenplay he wrote, from a story by Dauberman & Wan. Richard Brener, Dave Neustadter, Victoria Palmeri, Michael Clear, Michelle Morrissey and Judson Scott served as executive producers.
Dauberman’s behind-the-scenes team included director of photography Michael Burgess (upcoming “The Curse of La Llorona”), production designer Jennifer Spence (“Annabelle: Creation,” “The Nun”), editor Kirk Morri (“Aquaman”) and costume designer Leah Butler (“Annabelle: Creation”). The music is by Joseph Bishara (“The Conjuring” films).
New Line Cinema presents, an Atomic Monster/Peter Safran Production, “Annabelle Comes Home.” The film is set to open in theatres and IMAX on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


  • Annabelle my girl it’s been so long!! 🤜🤛

  • we watched this at school and everyone was just scared but i was just chilling because the room had bunch of aircons. but i was watching it too like im not really scared because of how demon i am.

  • The most dangerous animal in the world is a human. Because animals kill each other for need but humans kill each other for PLEASURE!

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  • Seems like most people in the comment section are still kids.

  • OMG,THAT LOOKS SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is so scary

  • Annabelle is not scary 👻👎☠️👹👺😈

  • Why did I watch this at 2:30 am I-

  • Why is it that main characters in horror movies always head straight into danger lmao

  • The movie was kind of boring not scary enough

  • 1:46 nearly gave me a heart attack

  • When the new movie on Annabelle coming

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  • Mother: *casually* can I speak to Annabelle? She needs a soul, dear

  • Ok that scare the shit out of me!!

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  • Next movie: Annabelle: Gets Lost

  • its not that scary but it looks like tiffany from bride of chucky

  • PLEASE! Don't watch this! This movie sucks! Don't waste your time for this 🙄

  • It's easy money for Hollywood because the majority don't know the Bible. The people in darkness does not know any a better as they find watching horror movies thrilling.

  • " its not good to anyone to go in there " *literally goes in there*

  • Should I watch this or na? I watched the NUN and was bored and dissapointed any suggestions welcome as well

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  • The girl is just so depressed and guilty of what happened to her father. That's why she -- in no doubt - enters the room hoping she'll be able to see her father.

  • "Lo que hacen los Warren en 2 horas de las películas: The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2; lo hizo una niña de diez años en menos de los últimos 36 minutos de la película Annabelle: Comes Home."

  • Annabelle: watch an evil horrible demonic doll do absolutely nothing!

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  • Next up... Annabelle: Homeless

  • I have an doll and its creepy

  • Ive watched this 3 times ITS MY FAVOURITE THEN IT CHAPTEF 2

    • btw I seen this one in the dark... I legit kept pausing my computer... I kept hearing noises

    • creation was good too.

  • They should make a Netflix series

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  • Annabelle was sent to the usa by the taliban

  • in the car in the beginning the two people in it are from the conjuring!!!!!!!

  • Annabella come home scared me she made me cry when she kill'd a girl *cry's*

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  • So when did Ed and Lorraine Warren die?

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  • The blond hair girl is called Madison on dang matt Smith

  • Why do these two characters seem familiar are they supposed to be the warrens ?!?

  • Why don't they just take Annabelle the doll.. drowned her in holy water and a priest's frock.. and then put the thing in a wood chipping machine and grind her down to dust and then spread the dust over the Pacific ocean at the deepest part where the Mariana trench resides.. End of story great ending could make for some wild scenery...

    • Gee Lawrence That’s not thereal Annabelle. The real Annabelle is a rag doll.

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  • Paranormal activities are so cool

  • Tip turn down the volume and u wont be scared 😂

  • C movie

  • 8

  • But why y’all always changing the doll?

  • Annabelle: civil war

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