Pubblicato il 20 ott 2019
Anime Food IN REAL LIFE! I’ve watched anime since I was a little and always wanted to try the food in real life! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what you'd want to eat! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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  • No one: Me: dELiCiOuS 🤪

  • everyone: eats jello with a plastic spoon me:**SUCK**

  • @SSSniperWolf I love your shirt!!! Ish ADORABLE! ÙwÚ material! Also my favorite anime is My Hero Academia, Shigaraki best boi!

  • Jigglyest, roundest, Juicyest, Thickest balls that you can actually eat. -SSSniperWolf 2019

  • If u want to see a lot of food,watch food wars

  • I only eat white parts of the egg

  • I swear i eat more at lunch than that "3 month ration" -~-

  • uhh those werent riceballs on Pokemon...they were donuts!

  • Love your shirt

  • It’s my neighbor TOTORO

  • No you can’t cook Titans they evaporate

  • 3:24 I thought u were gunna say right up my @$$

    • Pardon me 8:24

  • Blue Exorcist 💙 🔥

  • I love my rice and sweet peas. Not the plain peas. Lol. Definitely not the black eye peas.

  • Watch food wars

  • B-but the dragon balls weren’t food...

  • You not liking raw tamato and onion is just like me but I don't like them period.

  • My fav anime is 'your name'

  • It's a crusont what chollet or nutallu and it's soooooo good♡♡♡♡♡

  • I seen spirited away and it's a nice anime movie

  • Takoyaki is amazing and it isn’t those balls it’s basically balls made by octopus meat

  • The titan evaporite so they cant be cooket

  • Favorite anime list: Powerpuff girls z. 2 glitter force. 3 corpse party tortured souls! I have more but those are my most favorite

  • Omg, Ponyo. Who else grew up on this?? 😍❤️

  • I looovvee Anime

  • Hey Lia! I'm sorry for being late! I do not deserve to be in the Wolfpack! Wolfpack members do not make mistakes can....You shall ban me from Wolfpack now I have failed you.....and btw I love ur vids❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

  • I'm 9 I love ramen! It's so tasty!!

  • Wait isn't the melon bread a conchita

  • SSSniperWolf:”octopuses” Me:”......octopi😁”

  • sssniperwolf it's not Romen it's Ramen with an a sound

  • Like a monster

  • Wow

  • some people in my school judge me for having cute bento lunches and also because i always came on as a dark person i guess so i surprise everybody at lunch because of that

  • Some one made the dragon balls into the jigglest most juiciest BALL.that sounds wrong

  • G

  • You forgott curry and rice from sailor moon

  • Do u even watch anime? Or did you just got the name of the anime from someone else?

  • I love her shirt

  • when you said ramen i’m over here just eating ramen 😂

  • If you really want ramen ... COME TO JAMESTOWN we have it EVERYWHERE


  • Onigiri is the same thing as rice balls

  • i love you ila AND I LOVE SLIME

  • My favorite anime’s are kill la kil and demon slayer

  • My favourite anime is seven deadly sins and my hero academia

  • I used to watch Spirited Away like once a week and then I forgot it and now I remember and it's just happiness vibes over here not to mention Princess Mononoke was the greatest anime movie other than Spirited Away that I have ever seen. It's a tie between the two as to my fav,but thanks so much for helping me remember! Love your vids!

  • Actually their called octodogs

  • I wanna make my crush a bunny bento box now...

  • My favorite anime is Naruto

  • I looovvvveee attack on titans even got the jacket

  • aot is ur fav? then u should know titans evaporate.. -.-, but no hate, i still love u! uvu

  • Is it just me or does anyone else like her shirt as well

  • Did you just say canadian bacon. I can confirm that false that’s pepperoni

  • Hey Lia i am such a HUGE fan and I had video idea what if u recreated anime food irl I feel like it would be a rly good video idea and fun to watch if u don't it's ok to but yeah love u Lia 💖💖💖💖

  • My favorite anime is Soul Eater


  • It’s really funny how my Thai grandma ALWAYS gives me rice balls like it’s easy to make get some sticky rice roll it into a ball BOOM rice ball also that soup is called “rice soup” my great grandma would also make this for me a lot

  • My favorite anime is dragon ball z

  • 0:34 My mom makes little octopuses and she puts them in limy soup, it’s cute and yummy

  • hello.