Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Nintendo Characters From Memory

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
The gang tries drawing Yoshi, Samus, and Wario from memory. With special guests Ross Draws, Anthony Jones, and Stephanie Alexander!
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Jackie Lee
Kevin McShane
Kyra Kupetsky
Cintiq Displays
and Ergo Stands
provided by Wacom
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  • the one thing still bugging me is that Anthony is still having the same amount of time with the rest of them...and the result is . . .

  • I hate to be “this” person but.... Shay-muss? Always bugged me.

  • Let us know if Nintendo gives Kevin a switch

  • Kevin and Jackie: **Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah!**

  • Kevin and Jackie are so great together

  • Dude why is no one talking about that Samus drawing!

  • Kevin's yoshi will definitely give me nightmares tonight

  • well paper mario was pretty much a stage play..


  • giveaway please

  • OMG ANTHONYYYY ...your Samus drawing is amazing. If you ever see this comment, please contact me i would love to pay you to design a Samus tattoo for me


  • The perfect LA girl: wakes up with amazing makeup Me: wakes up looking like Kevin’s yoshi

  • Can you guess which one is the illustrator? Huh can you guess? Ok but for real tho I aspire to draw as good as Anthony does in the short time he was given. His technique is impeccable too. I love that he starts with the silhouette and then the values. I actually learned something by watching this.

  • Man kevin and jackie are cute together

  • I have a switch, I do drawing challenges and battles sometimes and I love ur channel

  • Anthony is so impressive wow

  • From the thumbnail I thought Jackie and Kevin weren’t going to be together and I wasn’t gonna be here for it😂

  • What a wonderful Anthony

  • Nintendo switch comment was perfect

  • "Nintendo was my first video games series" Dont talk please Windwaker is terrible

  • I hope Anthony will stay around, I love his techniques in digital drawing ✨✨✨

  • Those samus draws are fire

  • 3:54 XD Jackie and Kevin make everything better

  • I must say Anthony's drawings everytime is just wow!!! So goodddddd But I'm still here mostly for Jackie and Kevin 😂😂😂😂👌🏻

  • I wanna see more from Anthony!!!

  • Rosssssss

  • Omg the draws of Kevin and Jackie are so creative 😂 And holy- Ross and Anthony always do amazing draws

  • Oh my god! Yoshi does have a shell on its back.

  • Dudes Samus was sooooooo sick

  • Kyra's is so good its like, uncanny. It could pass as an official image. Anthony has mad skills though.

  • Jackie is the absolute best

  • God these people are disgraceful XD

  • who else started waaahing with Kevin and Jackie

  • I love Kevin

  • jackie: bubble bobble

  • More anthony and ross🙏

  • Jackie is the best !!!! love her personality

  • Anthony and Ross when A. Color dodged?...... his samus it looked so sick the way the drawing came to life at that very moment infront of your eyes. He added the bright to the repulser blast and it charged like the real samus or Iron man hense the red and gold. I like Ross's drawing but Anthony's just took all my attention.

  • I like how Jackie always has to look at the camera. Love that!

  • Jackie is my spirit animal

  • Toad was 100% accurate

  • they should get shadman here.

  • Anthony's was pretty cool. It woulda been nice if it had the right colors lol

  • I have to say that ... Jackie and Kevin have the same forehead size.

  • I love the kevin Jackie combo

  • Jackie is so annoying

  • TIL Yoshi doesn't have a saddle.

  • Stephanie is so cute ❤️

  • LMAO, new Mario game "Yoshi's Island". Jackie is by far the most entertaining one. Such a cool girl.

  • These videos are super fun! Thanks for appealing to the nostalgia!

  • Who's happy jonni skipped today?..peace!

  • Kevin and Jackie should have their own channel lol

  • I really like Jackie and Kyra.

  • The way Jackie said Nintendo just like Daisy from Mario Football touched my heart!

  • Dang! That Samus! (and that Toad voice)

  • Maybe....definitely......kinda.......sorta.......ummmm.....have a crush on Jackie. XD

  • jackie's toad impression was spot on!

  • Who is she ? She's really annoying . I want her !!! Let me have her ..arrgghhhuwwahhh

  • Jeez. Anthony is so talented