Andre Iguodala is more clutch than players in the HOF right now - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Max Kellerman doesn’t see Andre Iguodala getting in to the Basketball Hall of Fame right now, but he would rather have him take the last shot than other players already in the Hall.
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  • Hollins the Best one-way player ever

  • "U were like a 1 way player" I'm weak Max a Savage😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱👌👌👌👌👌

  • HoF or not - Iggy is and has been my fav player for years. I remember when he was flying high and carrying that 76ers team to the playoffs, i remember Iggy delivering super athletic dunks in the slam dunk contest where imo he got robbed, i remember when he shot that clutch 3point game winner against the LA Lakers in Staples in 09 , i remember when he helped Denver to their best season record in franchise history, hes a Olympic gold medalist and the accolades can go on but... what i remember most beck in the day was when people would ask me who my fav player was and i would say Iggy, they would laugh at me and it makes me proud to be a fan of Iggy.

  • This is the ONLY time I agree with Hollins.

  • Go 2 the Clippers

  • If you got T Mac in the HOF anybody can get in Shaq amybody and everybody so if ? Iggy hell yeah better than both of them and better than most me Iggy or Jordan give me ... Iggy all day .

  • igggy so underated

  • Ryan Hollins has a mind of a 3-year old. Why is he on TV? I hope his contract never gets renewed!

  • hes avarage 5.1 reb, 4.4 ast , 12.1 pts all his carrer .He is no HOF for me but I could be wrong .Some people knows better. GOD bless all people in comment section .

  • Iggy NEVER deserved that Finals MVP, that BS! Curry avg 27 a game while Iggy avg 16 & let LeBron avg 39 & 14 in the series!!!

  • Iggy was a very GOOD player, Hall of Fame should be for the GREATS.

  • Ppl forgot Andre was da man Philly after ai left

  • Get ryan off this show please

  • ESPN, FOX, Sportscenter and any sport network, Do us all a favor... ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Please fire Ryan Hollins.

  • Where Stephen A Smith @


  • if he's so good then why did the warriors lose? lmao

  • Everyone gets into the NBA Hall of Fame everyone smh

  • Ryan Hollins looks like the type of dude who puts ketchup on his pancakes.

  • If DerricK Fisher and Robert Horry both never made an allstar game can go down in the HOF then why not Iggy? The man won a finals MVP. Thats instant HOF.

  • GSMOAT Greatest 6th man of all time

  • Bruce bowen HOF?

  • Mbt

  • Its the nba they let everyone in the hall of fame

  • Hollins is a fucking idiot

  • just here to drop my ryan hollins dislike

  • so they officially replace SAS for a bench player fr?

  • almost saved that Ryan Hollins dislike, but you ain't Shaq baebay!

  • Why is max k always talking shit iguodala is a hall of famer

  • Ryan Hollins thinks iggy is an Isiah thomas type player

  • ryan hollins is a idiot

  • Ryan Hollins did well this video, he didn't say anything crazy lol.. stop the hate all the time.. choose your battles.. bunch of habitual bitches in comments

  • This the one time Ryan Hollins doesn’t sound dumb as fuck

  • "MVT" - Ryan Hollins

  • Ryan Hollins: Iguodala is a Finals EBT Card.

  • im begging ESPN to take Ryan Hollins off this mf show. He makes me miss Stephen A. even more than I did before

  • Agreed

  • He should be in .. .

  • Ryan Hollins need to stop it SMH

  • This not Boxing max? He is?

  • If manu ginobli makes it to the hall of fame Iguodola better make it

  • 1:03 utter confusion at the paradox that is Mr. Hollins

  • I guess everybody going to the hall of fame. lol nobody going to mention iguodala 20 yrs from now. Im a laker fan and i wouldnt put big shot Rob in the hall of fame.

  • *Springfield

  • If Iggy don’t get in cp3 definitely shouldn’t

  • No one should diminish an NBA player unless they have guarded one. They are different animals. EVERY NBA career is a great basketball career!

  • Iggy is not a hof

  • Ryan hollins and 10 first round picks traded from Disney espn to Disney for cash considerations . Disney plans to use him in the goofy or clown role. League sources tell Woj

  • NBT. MVP.

  • Iggy's achievement is great. But his individual achievement is not good enough for HOF. individual accolades plus international performances worth more than team achivement in HOF . If team achievement and clutch sense can qualify you to HOF, Robert Horry should get it a long time ago now.

  • Max has been averaging a 50 point triple double carrying this show, where you at SAS

  • We need another Ryan Hollins is stupid 3

  • He's so clutch he sold like an amateur 1 in 2k's park and got blocked by lebron to lose the championship.

  • dislike dont ask me why

  • this man really said iggy the best two way finals player .... this show should be pulled immediately

  • Max argument is always based on others opinion . Grow a pair dude.

  • Ryan Hollins looks like a praying mantis

  • I find it weird how he calls Iggy clutch and Steph not clutch but the famous block by lebron was on iggy... seems like double standards to me

  • Ryan Hollins looks like a face app

  • Iggy from Springfield not Chicago

  • Robert horry just fell of his couch

  • Iggy is not a hall of this a joke

  • I remember when max said he’ll take Iggy over Steph for the last shot. Game on the line. Do or die. And i laughed like that niggas retarded. Now post 2019 finals, i agree lol. Iggy may or may not make the HOF but just like Max said, it’s some dudes in there that Iggy is fasho better than.

  • iggy may be the first finals mvp who wont be in hof

  • Hall of famers Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Kevin Durant and Andre iguodala there you have it there place is already cemented there's no doubt in my mind that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it 🤔🤔🤔

  • I can't stand listening to this dude in the blue suit talk. He sounds like a ratchet bitch.

  • It's no doubt in my mind that I Andre iguodala is a Hall of Fame player he was a starter and a star in Philadelphia and he went to the Golden State warriors to pursue his aspirations of winning a NBA title and he did that three times also becoming a finals MVP defensive player first team all NBA the man has simply had a spectacular career and played along with four more Hall of famers on the Golden State warriors team Andre iguodala has cemented his place in basketball Hall of Fame history that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it 🤔

  • The free throws he missed late in game 6, would have made life easier for the warriors

  • How the hell did Ryan Hollins got this job? Shittier at this than was in basketball.

  • Ya no... I see Hollins, i can't be bothered about this show.

  • Chris smoove needs to replace ryan hollins cuhhhhh

  • Hell no he’s not lol

  • Saw the title. Knew right away it was max.

  • why is that crappy light skinned dude on tv he really isnt very good at this ...did he suck some dick or something

  • finals NBT 😂

  • Oh no, saw Ryan, clicked off, c ya everyone😀

  • So that justifies paying a 35 year old $17 million to give you 8 ppg

  • Max: “You were like a one way role player” Ryan: “I hope no one heard that 😑”

  • "You we're like a one-way role player?" 😂