An NBA trainer told me Kristaps Porzingis will become a Hall of Famer - Dave McMenamin | The Jump

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
Rachel Nichols, Dave McMenamin and Richard Jefferson react to a recent interview with Steve Nash, who heaped praise on Dallas Mavericks stars Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, and discuss whether the duo can be the next Nash and Dirk Nowitzki. They then (3:14) discuss whether Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal will be eligible for a supermax contract, and what his trade prospects might be at the deadline.
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  • I know KP is a LEO and all, but he MUST have a Scorpio moon...

  • Never thought I would say theis - I am going to be watching the Mavs all the time this year

  • Jealous of that k9 hair

  • KP will not stay healthy. Down he will go!!

  • There might not be a player more prone to a catastrophic injury than Porzingis in the entire league going forward

  • He has to play first. Can't win if you're not on the court. Remember Yao Ming?

  • Does this make Tim Hardaway the Michael Finley in this analogy?

  • There has never been a blue print for a 7'3 acl surgery. He is already a bad rebounder and seems to get too fatigued mid season. Porzingis will never ever play an entire season.

  • Knicks fans booing right now.. while crying inside

  • But really... I am not sure about their chemistry. They have the IQ and character to play effectively off each other. But these guys are also rivals... rivals who relish the thought of beating the other guy, whether in the NBA, the EuroBasket, or FIBA World. As much as I want them to have seamless play, these two guys have the tendency to exert their will upon each other.

  • Bradley Beal all star? Zion will beat him out before that happens so he atta take that money or gtfo of Washington

  • It's rich hearing R.J talk about hair 😂

  • Professionally "they definitely look the part" What he actually meant: "They be white"

    • Cuban definitely knows his constituents down there in Dallas. Gotta keep butts in the seats

    • didn't take much deciphering on your part to figure it that one out

  • Those numbers are misleading. Steve and Dirk played against teams who played defense. The points and assist are going to be lower vs guys who play in the modern era.

  • A teacher told me I'd be successful. Don't always listen to what people tell you.


  • Yoooooo, luka nd porzingis.... Lightyears better than nash nd dirk. .. Imo

    • Their both bigger, more athletic, more of an upside as far as skill for both... im lookn at the future.. not how they play now..

    • you're braindead

  • can prozingis stay healthy nope

  • Tim hardaway jr is the Michael Finley.

  • Attitude problem

  • lets see porzingis stay healthy for an entire season before we assume anything. doncic is special though no doubt but 7'3 and an ACL tear is never a good mix

  • Does everyone just forget that him and Giannis were neck and neck in growth until his injury? We all know where Giannis is now, anyone sleeping on Porzingis is crazy

    • Grant Hatcher The difference is Giannis isn’t built like a gimmicky basketball shooting side show freak, he’s a legit physical freak. Outside of shooting the basketball, everything Porzingis does on the court is as cute as it is a recipe for reoccurring injuries.

  • Dallas has a modern bigman in KP and a talented player that could be a SUPERSTAR in the NBA maybe 2 to 4 years from now if they could be stay healthy and the franchise surround them with a great role players they can win a CHIP

  • My trainer said that Porzingis will be in the WNBA hall of fame one day.

  • Bradley beal 250 mill??? Who's paying that money?

  • Dirk better O, kristaps has defense

  • isn't the Basketball HoF a joke?

  • Like as a trainer

  • The unicorn is literally the white Kd I think he will do great down the road

  • If Yao Ming is a hall of famer why not him ?

  • can he play a full season first?

  • The Mavs will miss the playoffs by MILES. The Mavs are really, really bad. Cuban is among the worst owners in sports, and literally NO good free agents will ever sign w Dallas while he's the owner. Oh, and Luka will never ever re-sign with Dallas. This last years' first half of the season is the best we're gonna see out of the Mavs for 15+ years. Mavs fans better find a new team to support, and fast.

  • 🤣😃😃😃😃😃 Dear Lord!!! How about Luka and KP actually play a a season together before we anoint them a great duo. Let's watch them compete in an actual playoff series, heck let's see if they can actually make the playoffs first. It's ok to allow teams to show you what they can do first before making massive unsubstantiated claims.

    • @Mateja Tejka I agree 100%.

    • Ok, but then we should not be so excited about Zion. Let's watch him compete in an actual NBA game first.

  • 4:17 what did he just

  • I would let Luka and KP fukk my girlfriend.

  • 2 all star-caliber white guys at any given position in general: they look the part :D he aint wrong, but we all know what he meant by it.

  • Richard jefferson so annoying

  • I’m willing to bet the Wizards deal Beal before the trade deadline. They gotta rebuild at this point.

  • is missing 1 million games due to injuries, 1 of criteria to be inducted to the hall of fame?

  • Am I the only one who cringes when they hear Rachel Nichols report on Basketball?? Lol .....

  • KP need to have double-double stats every game. 6.6 RPG is for SG position.

    • Porzingis has never been a consistent double double guy.

  • don't buy a house lol

  • Porzingis can't even stay healthy how tf is he supposed to be a hall of famer?

  • With coach Rick why not

  • The only issue i have with KP is his knee. An ACL tear for a guy that's 7'4 is a big red flag. Him having knee problems now is not good sign.

  • Stop sleeping on RJ 🤫

  • Luka and KP is way better than Nash & Dirk

  • Glad Richard corrected Rachael 😂😂😂 high top fade wit a part can never be envious

  • More like Hall of rapists.

  • Needs to have a good season first I’m pretty sure

  • 7 rebounds a game at 7 ‘3..okay ..hall of fame numbers .smh...good luck mavs ...

    • KP was top 10 in blocks. AD was #1 with 2.6 per game and KP had 2.4 per game. Kick rocks clown. 😂✌

  • If he can play some solid seasons. Sure he can.

  • This is news!

  • Potentially could make $50 million a year?!! For Bradley Beal?! Wooooooow

  • If Vlade Divac was a HOF yhen anyone can make it

    • It is a Basketball Hof not the NBA Hof. Vlade has multiple international gold medals. One more time: MULTIPLE !!!

    • it is basketball Hof not NBA Hof. That is a BIG difference. Vlade has multiple international gold Medals . One more time: MULTIPLE...

  • Mavs will make the west semis. That's a worst case scenario.

  • If he can stay healthy no doubt

  • That would make sense simply because the knicks and Dolan are both morons.

  • My trainer told me if I book him in for 20 hours a week I could make the NBA by age 35

  • I respectfully don’t think Porzingis will be in Dallas too long. Porzingis has been nothing but a cancer ever since his rookie year, and his brother comes across as trash and says a lot of trash things that you can tell Porzingis said it. He won’t last very long under a coach like Rick Carlisle who doesn’t tolerate arrogance, laziness, and cancerous presence.