Amy Santiago Nerd Moments | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2019
When it comes to admin she can hardly keep it in her pants. Here are some of Amy Santiago's ultimate nerd moments.
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  • Why isn’t this video the entire series

  • Captain dad 😂

  • 2.22 Amy sounds like a man?!!! “Ahhhah”

  • Hey sarge... what up bro 🤣

  • 3:11 I watched this seen a bunch of times but I just realized that not only does Amy consider Holt and Kevin as her dads, she also considers Rosa as her sister. That’s kind of sweet. NINE-NINE!!!!!!

  • How is Boyle straight?!?!?!?!

  • “Did someone order tracheotomy??” 😂😂

  • she's so adorable

  • ❤️

  • Did anyone else notice pete davidson

  • I love that she sees Holt as her dad but is no one talking about how she’s Rosa as her sister 😁

  • "Captain dad is just my boss"

  • Me: I’m pretty sure that in Star Wars a parsec is a measure of distance Any: ACTUALLY IT IS NOT

  • Did you guys know when Amy went undercover pregnant at the prison she was actually pregnant that's why she got to play that part so the show could continue during her pregnancy

  • The Finger Queen..I Died Their😂

  • I can't believe you didn't include the scene in Season 5 where they have to get Holt to his meeting with the commissioner.

  • "I'm teaching father the math"

  • I would study from notes taken by her. Mind maps, images, laminated pages, EVERYTHING.

  • 1:43 sksksksksksksk Amy

  • Ngl she’s rlly fit

  • Am I the only one who only just noticed Pete Davidson at 7:36

  • Amy's expression 0:52 hahahaha

  • well she's just Monica reincarnated...😜

  • IM tEacHinG fAthEr ThE MaTh

  • 1:15 Rosa: Oh Amy. Me: same page (Oh Amy)

  • "I... ooze... swagger."

  • Please witch episode and season were in 5:23 ??

  • I've never realised it was Pete Davidson in the junior police program scene lol

  • Santiago: Jupiter is a gas giant. Gina: So is Hitchcock 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣

  • 8:23 what a lucky man...

  • She's such a good actor, pretty much everyone in B99 is amazingly talented, if you've seen their interviews you'd know they're so not like their characters and they deliver it so well that you forget it's acting, they assume the perfect personas.

  • Okay but Santiago is literal wife material

  • As as nerd, it hurts that people find her character believable when no woman that beautiful would ever have society mold her into a nerd

  • Wait isn’t the principal just the chick from Adam ruins everything

  • Joke's on you, I skipped fourth grade. 😂😂

  • 8:33

  • 'Interacting with other people, that's what gets me going.' Me in public

  • *~sarcasm~* ‘Interacting with other people;Thats what gets mE going’ Haha same amy.Same...

  • Amy reminds me of Monica Geller.

  • When will season 6 be on netflix

  • The Actor who plays Victor Santiago( Amy’s Dad) played senator Bail Organa in the Star Wars Prequel films.

  • Dem I didn't know Pete Davison was on the show

  • God !! Debbie what is wrong with you!😂

  • Amy- Hermione Jake- Ron Charles- Neville Holt- Dumbledore Hitchcock and Scully- Crabbe and Goyle Gina- Luna, but meaner Rosa- McGonagall

    • Sorry for being rude at first tho

    • Jake isnt like Ron Hitchcock and Scully aren't like crabbe and goyle Gina isnt anything like Luna and rosa is absolutely nothing like mcgonogal

    • @glitch 27 Thank you. Care to explain why you think so?

    • Very bad analogy

  • I need a amy can't dance/cook compilation

  • You guys didn't like my comment, Now we'll never hook up.

  • This B needs a C in her A...

  • which season/episode is this from like I don't remember watching it 8:29

  • 3:41 Boyle's reaction gets me everytime 🤣

  • "Are you, bowing?" "no, this is how I walk"

  • What up bro

  • Triggers me when she says the Star Wars parsec quote

  • Can someone fact check the info about the sewing community, please??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Amy:"ohhhhh mamaaaa, printing this for later" Jake"Alright keep it in your pants Santiago" Amy:"oh that's exactly where its going" One of the best scenes of all b99

  • I love her

  • Damn! She ain't never gonna hook up with Hitchcock.

  • Amy "Finger Queen" Santiago :)

  • Seasons 1 & 2 Amy was the funniest.

  • Amy santiago may seem like monica geller or sheldon cooper, but she is different and in a good way. What separates her from sheldon cooper or monica geller is that her nerdiness is actually super cute and nobody gets annoyed by that. Her friends get bored, jake gets turned on by that but no one gets annoyed. Sheldon and monica were very annoying. They were always a little extra and weren't cute.

  • My moms from berut