American Ninja Warrior Challenge!!

Pubblicato il 23 ago 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we finish up our second part of the Ninja Warrior Battle! We try an actual Ninja Warrior course to see who will be crowned champion! If you haven't already, go check out part 1!
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  • All my favorite you tubers in one vid 🥳

  • 13:25 OMG

  • Do t worr J-Fred I would fall to and probably skip half of the corse buddy

  • My favorite parts 4:15 4:15 4:15


  • Joey can go through half of the obstacles just by stretching his legs out

  • Kevin: you did good Joey in mind this kid freaking sucks

  • Kelvin Bull is better than a ledgen

  • Go dange bros 💪🏻

  • XD i love the editing!!!!

  • Jeff what are you doing in there?

  • Am I the only on who loves Corbin?

  • Saitama in real life Just kidding😂✌️

  • 13:24 I couldn’t relate to someone more 😂😂😂

  • Wat a show off Bryan 😎😎😎🙄🙄😏😏😏😏

  • Corbin does tfil to

  • I did like the random smash bros sounds and I also did like everything about this video

  • he lost his hair because he gained to much power

  • i like you edge

  • 13:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cant No more Omg Joey😂😂😂

  • 1:04 am I the only one who thought an ad was popping up🤨😒😂

  • Oh J-fred 😂

  • Bryan was like hilarious on this video he’s like “I could do that I did that pff”

  • I wanted to see a race between kevin and Corbin

  • When Joey pushed jeff i was dying😭🤣🤣

  • I didn't think it was but is that jeff from dangie bros 2:53

  • Corbin went beast mode on that first course

  • Ok boomer

  • Digging some of the sound effects from Phoenix Wright, lmao

  • Human albino

  • What is Jeff's last name

  • I’ve heard of Kevin he’s my favorite American ninja warrior I love you team edge

  • I know Kevin

  • Bryan: His time was three thir...................... Laughed a lot at that moment. Giving a thumbs-up, just for that!

  • 13:22 so funny

  • The amount of subs is 6.66Million *illuminati music*

  • That is the dojo boom that I go to

  • Bryan was such a passive aggressive commenter while the girl was just chilling holding the gopro

  • Omg I love Corbin and he does vids with TFIL too ❤️

  • In the flash news section at the bottom it said something like Bobby will make a dying beluga whale noise around the office LOL wut

  • 13:22 LMAO OMG J-FRED FELL ON THE ROPE IM DYINGGGGGGGGGGGG Edit: yes i liked my own comment cause i know this wont get more than 2 likes

  • J Fred should have gotten another chance

  • I cried when j-Fred missed the rope and wasn't allowed second try

  • This is my first time watching team edge is Jeffrey from dangle bro’s great channels that I am watching by the way subscribe

  • I thought he said “I’m a neutron”

  • Your video is fire

  • bryan is salty

  • 13:26 when joey missed that rope. I Died So Much

  • 1:08

  • 11:32 hot dog team moey??? I didn't know they put my name as their team?!!?!?!?!

  • Don’t you think.. that when you hit your knee you just can’t do anything because it hurts to bad??, well that always happens with them!! The slippery water slide Brayan hit his knee he feel...Oh and JOEY DUDE!! You feel on the rope!!! THE ROPe,sorry this comment was long But Yeah 😂🤣🥴..

  • The speaker and J-Fred are from Battle Universe.

    • Kian Phair J-Fred isn’t from battle universe he just goes over there sometimes he’s one of the owners of team edge with Bryan and bobby

  • I love watching these just to see how much Corbin will dominate everyone else

  • LMAO 13:23

  • Rip j Fred

  • 5:23

  • 1:10 LOL. NO OFFENSE or dose the owner of the ninja gym look like a manikin

  • Are you in Colorado

  • i literally started watching you guys today , at 1:25am and i literally love you guys , i've watched 5 videos already and you guys are hilarious

  • Corbein is from tfil