AMAZING REAL Miniature Food & Tiny Cooking

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
AMAZING REAL Miniature Food And Tiny Cooking! What do you guys think of all the kawaii mini cake and tiny food? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications Check out where all the mini food is from below:
miniature cuisina
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  • Nobody Comments: 👇

  • Hey sniper

  • 3050 thell being making food a quartee this size XD

  • I like it 👌

  • Can you do more like this?

  • Dose tangerines are real . I have some

  • Those tiny oranges yes their real but their good as lemons but they can be ripe to be a tangerine so ya

  • "I feel like a Titan from Attack On Titan"-SSSniperwolf

  • Don't put olive oil with pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL MAKE THE SAUCE SLIDE OFF

  • The creator of the mini food said. "We on budget man"

  • It’s called Japan

  • I have a pet hamster thi is how many it eats | | ↓

  • I know hpw they made the eggs small: Soo basically they separate the white from the yolk then they use a dropper then they take a small portion of yolk and a small portion of white and then put it in the mini bowl

  • It’s cake!the pumpkin

  • They are!

  • love u and your dog

  • Me watching the part where she says perfect for your hamster and he's unless he's gluten free me again wow she just rhymed that's a good rhyme

  • That fish is a mino

  • THIS IS A COOL VID If you loveSssinper wolf make this bule I loveeeeeeee her videos do you?

  • Am I the only one who likes her "Wew" Hahahaha❤️ 👇 like if u do

  • Is your second channel called little lia

  • I hope I get 30000 likes

  • That's what video I hope you like to watch it

  • there real oranges

  • whats her second channel?

  • and lia we acually have flying cars but only rich ppl can buy them

  • ive watched you for years and just found out you have another channel a few days ago

  • Trying to support my IT-tvs pls sub if u can My content weird but I try

  • Who wants to cook for ANTS🐜.If it was under a candle I would burn my fingers off.

  • All small food is organic I have mini lemon there organic

  • So small New Year’s OK

  • This is how much she said mini 👇🏻

  • Dis so cute ;-; o mah gawd it so tiny I use to see tiny food with my sister c'':

  • Now there just showing off

  • I love it

  • Yes

  • Yes yes

  • Close Couture made a video like a year ago where she was only allowed to eat mini food for a day😂 like she made a ton of mini pancakes and mini eggs it was so cute😂😂😂😂 u should do that

  • those baby tangerines are really real,here in south africa,we call them naartjies,you can buy them anywhere and everywhere....literally

  • No one: Not a single soul: My class when there's the Urban Eats ad: *Dreeeeeeams are my reaaaaalitttyyyy*

  • Wow your hair is a-okay

  • The small oranges are actually real. So is the fish (anchovies).

  • The Tangerine's Are Real Cause We Have Some At Home Please Shoutout Me!!!!

  • I want to do that 😭!

  • Sometimes the tools are handmade from the person

  • Wait... she has a 🥘 🍳 cooking channel???

    • I wish she put a link down beloooooooow

  • This is so cute

  • They didn’t bite or even cut the cake.

  • I Remember When I Started Watching IT-tvs I Would Watch These Types Of Videos

  • This is how they make food restaurants gourmet 😂

  • The tangerines are real

  • I would just eat the whole entire burger

  • Play food ain’t be playin around

  • Got my tiny cloth to make sure I don't burn my self -sssniperwolf 2019

  • The little eggs came from baby chickens! That you now to early!

  • Click the like if you were watching this at night I I I I V

  • I made that perfect chocolate cake with the roses please give me an shoutout and I am a youtube star

  • I like it

  • More of these vids plz I love them!!❤️🖤

  • That tiny KFC is as small as a finger... finger licking good XD