ALL the Differences between MK4 & MK5 Supra!

Pubblicato il 11 ago 2019
Today we break down all the similarities and differences between the 1993 and 2020 Toyota Supra!
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  • its like comparing micheal jordan to lerbron james ill take the goat MJ which is the M4 in this case any fucking time and this is coming from someone who is more in to 1000cc engines then cars

  • Mk5>mk4

  • The mk4 and I are the same age I love both cars. Great vir teeg

  • Old is gold

  • The MK4 & MK5 both serve a different purpose. The MK4 is more of a highway pull monster while the MK5 is more track oriented and designed for turns.

  • How are those Seats Toyota? The switch gear in the Seat is BMW, the leather is BMW, what about that seat is Toyota? And yes I own BOTH the MKIV and MKV so I ask this/say this as an OWNER... .

  • I like the MKV

  • i think it would be a limited production car if it had the 2jz

  • Nah it’s still raw

  • I need that Come up, Nice

  • Cool video bro!... Im starting to like the mk5

  • Now that was an awsome video with really explanations from somebody who really got both cars and can see what they are about, good on you teej! 👍

  • Outro song?

  • I think u should do blaxk rims and tint the windowz and do a 5% tint on the front headlight and rear tail lightz

  • After watching this video, my thoughts on the MK5 Supra changed, in a good way. The car sounds beautiful and the looks are stunning, but TJ hit the nail on the head for sure.. We don't know what this B58 engine is capable of 100%, so I'm actually stoked to see what companies will do with it.

  • Mk5 😍

  • Nobody has mentioned the fact that Toyota collaborated with Yamaha to build the heads on several of their engines. Toyota also has a 2.8% stake in Yamaha. Toyota collaborated with Yamaha on the 2000GT, 4A-GE variations, 3S-GTE/GE, 1JZ-GTE/GE, 2JZ-GTE/GE, and even the Lexus LFA. My point is, Toyota didn't make these vehicles by themselves, even from the very beginning.

  • i just want a manual option screw technology

  • I like what you are saying about the new Supra. The 90's Supra was a great car. And, thankfully Toyota has made the new Supra amazing for the modern era. I am excited to see what you do with the car over the time you own it. Oh, and I could care less for the 2JZ-GTE. I really don't care how much power you think you'll make with it. I prefer a 1UZ-FE inside of a Supra. (:

  • There was more than enough time between the 2 for Toyota to develop a 2JZ successor. I don't think this was a priority for Toyota so they took the easy way out.

  • people who complain isn't probably in the market for an almost $60k car anyway. i mean if you're not buying one you can just shut the fck up? :D

  • Everytime i watch your videos i fall more for the mk5 supra haha i think bmw and Toyota need to sponsor you!

  • With Doug and you living so close together now I'm surprised you all haven't linked up yet for a vehicle video. edit: when people start doing more research and care for the motor..that has been in existence since 2105 in it's current state.

  • I’ll take either one

  • The supras not as exciting I’d rather have a 340i b58

  • try, race them ...

  • Watch me non is wrong wit de car toyota tryed so hard not 2 disappoint n gave u more

  • There is only 1 toyota in there

  • I've been hearing they won't be making a manual but instead a new trim every year

  • 7:10 mk5*

  • I don't know about you, $60,000 is alot of money. For that kind of money I'd get a Corvette, at least the Corvette will be reliable and practical for Joe Smoe to work on in their driveways with basic hand tools.

  • You're comparing pringles and a 5 star Gormet Dinner in France somewhere. (with the Pringles somehow being more expensive 😆)

  • The MKV looks similar to the MKIV. The MKIV looks nothing like the previous generations....

    • True 💯

    • and yet people complain "it DoEs nOt lOoK liKe thE tOYotA dNa" while completely assuming the Supra legacy started with the MKIV

  • The differences is Toyota vs BMW. two different brand and makes

  • *Personally I do wish Toyota had more influence in the interior and drivetrain. I like my Toyota's and I like my BMW's, but not a BMW Supra. It's Toyota's halo flagship sportscar and IMO, should have been developed using more Toyota components, regardless of the cost. I think this is a great car, but not sure if it's a great Supra. Perhaps time will tell. Either way, good video*

  • Have you guys ever driven a BMW? They drive 1000x better than any toyota, WTF are you lil bitches wining about 🤣

  • Fuck bmw they destroy our child dreams car wtfff why toyota dont make they own car we should like it more if they make it

    • Because Toyota can't make good cars anymore...

  • He’s just trying to make the bmw sound good

  • I’ll take the mk4 not a fan of the mk5, so pitty bmw has a hold in the mk5.

  • So Tj what happen if u can’t choose both what would be you last and final pick ?

  • It scares me how similar it looks to the MK4. THEY EVEN HAVE SIMILAR PROPORTIONS.

  • Dude the frigging intro rolling shots was. 🔥lol

  • a guy got 500whp with a tune ,100 oct and down pipe... shits bananas

  • at first sight the mk 4 still looks better to me

  • I like the Mk5.. Just needed a manual option

    • Its coming in a year or two and some shop in Texas already swapping them

  • I love them both i like the BMW in the mark 5

  • Check out my builds

  • It sucks they mounted the paddles on the wheel like BMW does. Makes it hard to shift when you're whipping the wheel around.

  • Know is time for a another Legendary car from the 90 1993 r-x7 to come back bought right way non of the Collaboration stuff with 2 car company's want it to b made all by Mazda and Mazda only !

  • What is the most frustrating thing is that Toyota had the technology to make this car all by them self I understand they wanted to try new things bought I really personally don't like Collaboration between 2 different car industry's don't get me wrong I love both And I've owned both euro and Japanese and I definitely love the way it came out bought when I want toyota I want Toyota 100% not half and half and same for bmw is lik take a song That was good to begin with and making it into a remix u are all ways going to like the original no matter how many time you Listen to the remix I fill lik they should have made a Legend by the same company that it started with all 100% to begin with Especially since they took so long to make the next generation and people were waiting anxiously for that generation for the to come out with a Collaboration is kind of upsetting ..

  • Very well said my brotha

  • Even if Toyota didn’t team up with bmw people would still find something to complain about. The mkv Supra is amazing for today’s times. It’s soo many rules and regulations for cars now a days.

  • If we can get a giant hoop spoiler on the mk5 it’d go a long way to making it look like a Supra.

  • Any video on that white hatch on the lift? 🤔 i want to more about that EG.

  • MK4 all day everyday

  • Song at the end is Darko- Paradise.

  • Well said TJ! They are both amazing cars!

  • Make a video with rx7 teej i miss that car so much 💞

  • One is a Toyota the other is a bmw

  • The rear ends look similar kinda too