All Star Wars Battlefront 2 HERO SKINS Ranked from Worst to Best!

Pubblicato il 16 gen 2020
In this Star Wars Battlefront 2 video we rank all Hero Skins from Worst to Best, including the two new Rise of Skywalker skins!
What is Hero Skin is your favourite? Post below!
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  • Luke never went to Endor

  • Im not good but i have the OG Rey skin

  • I would love if Finn got a stormtrooper outfit with no helmet

  • Another thing, it would be dope to have Finn wearing a storm trooper suit and no helmet. Or at least his helmet with the hand blood print

  • I could be entirely wrong, but I’m sure Rey’s yellow light saber was Leia’s. I believe I remember reading this somewhere and seeing it too. Cuz I mean where else would she get the yellow kyber crystal. Nonetheless, she has to have it later this year.

  • Can you still unlock the hoth skins through challenges?

  • Bro u do realise that Rey's Jedi appearance is her with a hood and her hair buns up. Bruh and she's number 5

    • @Jacob Dunsford-Ward Ok

    • My point is that she shouldn't be this high on the list

    • The general Skywalker skin is so low on his list while the unhooded kylo ren is on top 10. Shame.

    • Your point?

  • I want Jedi Robes Anakin

  • I think obi wan kenobi was a dark side trooper cause of his general outfit

  • luke never had an endor skin he wore his black suit

  • Not Maul, not Vader, only GRIEVOUS!!!

  • I wonder if we are ever gonna get a Lando "Closet Raider" Skin. He was wearing it at the end of Empire so it *is* canonical.

  • To flex on noobs with the preorder skin for Rey, or avoid looking like a dork as her other skins are all better. Decisions decisions...

  • Leias princess skin in my opinion makes leia uglier and I prefer her standard skin

  • We need caped grievous

  • We need these: Metal legs maul Old kenobi Damaged vader Red robes palpatine Jango fett for boba And if boba had an ability like anis retribution but with the missle on his back that would be great!

  • My favorite skin is yavin luke

  • exactly 87000th viewer :O

  • I just want a hooded Anakin, Luke and Maul :(

  • Didn’t he say only hero’s?

  • i think general kenobi is horribble

  • Skins I want Luke Bespin Dagobah Old Han Carbonite Old Stormtrooper Vader Damaged Leia Bespin General Organa Palpatine Chancellor Rise of Skywalker Maul Mandalore Robot Legs Rebels Lando Old Obi Wan Padawan Attack of the Clones Ben Kenobi Anakin Padawan Maybe Sith Eyes Grievous Cape

  • Skins we need: Jango for Boba Chancellor for Palpatine Yellow saber for Rey Ben for Obi Wan Endor for Luke Old Yoda for Yoda Robotic legs for Maul

  • Now we just need bespin Luke

  • I hope they don’t add leis slave skin Not enough clothes that’s my reason

  • When I saw the bandage skin for chewie I did t see any difference

  • Why does he say done instead of did?

  • I feel like Darth maul should get a hood like Yoda did

    • jd ‘ yeah and I wish they would give him his robot legs

  • Jedi training rey

  • I really want to see myself as Young Obi Wan Kenobi

    • Obi Wan Kenobi I think I’d rather see the OT Ben Kenobi skin

  • You shouldn't rank chewies vandor skin with all the solo skins

  • kylos unmasked skin is good because it is bad

  • *Exquisite PJs is actually number one*

  • My top 3 are 3. Dooku's Pajama's 2. Hooded Yoda 1. Bandaged Chewie

  • Makes a video ranking skins then proceeds to put skin low for the voice actor

  • I agree with everything but the lando skiff skin’s ranking.

  • Skins I want for each hero Boba Fett:Prototype Bossk:Clone Wars Prison Jumpsuit Darth Vader:Battle Damaged, Darth Vader(ROTS) Emperor Palpatine:The Senate Darth Maul:Hooded, Clone Wars(Season 7) Kylo Ren:Ben Solo Iden:Rebel Grievous:None Dooku:Hooded Phasma:Battle Damaged Yoda:Uncloaked Leia:None Han:None Rey:Hooded with yellow lightsaber Luke:Bespin, Hooded Finn:The Force Awakens Obi-Wan:Episode 1, Old Anakin:Episode 2 Chewie:Bespin(C-3P0) Lando:Episode IX

  • Wish we had a Grievous skin with his cape.

  • Rey should of had her new light saber with the new skin

  • “The Kylo Ren voice acting is terrible” *doesn’t show voice acting*

  • General Kenobi is hands down the best skin to date

  • We need cloud city Luke from Empire. Also yellow sabre Rey.

  • This man is attacking Adam Driver. I might click off just for that

    • Tactical Toddler After the comment I realized I was being an idiot thinking that they got Adam Driver to do the voice acting. But I didn’t care enough to take the comment down

    • Kaj the courageous He never attacked Adam driver... He was talking about how poorly the voice actor for unmasked Kylo did. Not Adam drivers performance. Or do you really think they got Adam Driver to voice act for this game?

  • But how can you use a lando skin from solo when the original trilogy ones are voiced by Billy dee himself

  • All of reys outfits are the same, which is boring

  • I agree

  • I got Rey's and Kylos pre order bundles but I didn't pre-order the game XD

  • Why can't they just pitch the masked kylo ren voice for the unmasked kylo ren

  • General Skywalker👌

  • My fav is Hans Cornelia skin and Luke’s Yavin ceremony

  • ayyyy I have an go skin and only played for a year. also well done on the video

  • I think some good skins would be Palpatine in his chancellor outfit, Vader when Luke takes his helmet off, dark side anakin, Finn in his first order armor and with the bloody hand mark on his helmet, and maybe pre cyborg grievous, though it probably wouldn’t make sense with his abilities

  • “I just like looking at his little green noggin”

  • Grevious just makes me wonder why I'd pay credits to look like I've had my ass kicked.

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  • But now moving on

  • Why is qui qon Quinn (not sure that's how u spell it) not in this game, he did more than mail

  • I hate how you can't access you content from the celebration edition when you just want to play offline, I can't even use any skins even tho I paid for everything

  • maul should get get a clone wars skin with robotic legs and the senate should get episode three robe when mace window tried to arrest him

  • Skins i want: Darth maul- with robot legs, not the spider or normal ones but the actual robot legs Rey-yellow lightsaber Darth vader-damaged Princess leia-slave outfit Dooku-hooded Luke-cloud city Darthmaul-darksaber

    • @Viper Hareous yeah, ik😂

    • Lmao, they will never make Leia's bikini outfit. Just imagine the outrage it would get