All of the Best Action | 2019 #SanMarinoGP

Pubblicato il 15 set 2019
All the very best action from a thrilling day of racing at San Marino!
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  • excuse me, what song title is at the beginning of the video

  • 🎭🎥🎬🌎🌏🌍👍✈✈✈✈✈

  • why there are no onboard videos lately???

  • Bientôt...

  • Rossi should retire.

  • Marquez looks so ugly

  • 1:17 MALAYSIA

  • Marquez needa chill.. he fina pop a blood vessel in his head..

  • When Marquez win for Rossi’s fans there’s always an excuses, when he lost at the photo finish they told that he suck and he can’t fight, when it win (like this race) the said that he can win only against rookies, and when he win against all the riders they said that he has only won because of his bike. Go to hell fucking loser fan

  • I tried to be nice last time. But whatever fucking MORON is putting together this "highlight reel" is total Garbage. EVERY other sport shows actual highlights with commentary. Just Look at F1 IT-tvs page for a reference. MOTO GP PLEASE FIRE THIS IDIOT AND ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED WITH YOUR BULLSHIT "ALL THE BEST ACTION" videos. What I just saw is a fucking joke and it sucks.

  • Awesome vlog love it..

  • Marquez is officially overpower

  • Man, Quartararo made Marquez really work for that win. You can see the furious elation as Marquez celebrates. Usually his eyes are filled with easeful mirth, not this time.

    • @Sean McCabe yeah, I was surprised even the race itself didn't have a proper highlights footage afterwards.

    • Yeah man, but you know what you cannot see? Any sort of normal race highlights. This channel is HOT GARBAGE on top of a steaming pile of shit

  • Great move on last lap by world champion mm93🏍️🏁

  • 👉🐜🃏👈✔

  • #repsolhonda

  • Marquez Fuckkk!!!!

  • MM93 win at VR46 home circuit, what a race.. sensational..!

  • Rossi kek badut

  • MotoGP is the best race in the world.

    • Maybe, but their IT-tvs videos are the worst!

  • I've really started to dislike Marquez.

  • i try this in real life but i realize i donr have motorycle haha,only in motogp android apps 😂😂😂 check my channel if you dont mind

  • I can’t live without MotoGP!!

  • MM93💩💩

  • None is better then marq 93

  • Nicd bikes n riders

  • Something weird.. Dovi crash after his win in previous race Rins crash after his win in previous race Am I right?

    • @Mister Aki I think marquez wont crash..but Idk

    • 2 times is a coincidence. 3 times is a pattern. Let's see if Marc crashes in Aragon.

  • rossi disappointing once again...

  • Unsubscribing. Your videos are garbage...

  • please share the Alex Rins video when it crashes

    • You would think that might qualify for ALL THE BEST ACTION right? But no, the ass clowns are showing a bunch of bullshit on here. This channel SUCKS!

  • Duas atitudes não corretas de marques.

  • What is first theme song please??

  • Manobra SUJA de Marques na ultima curva tirou a vitória de Quartararo ...

  • marc answer rossi. this is how you play this game, win the race, not just playing around and doing stupid things.

  • Ducati should buy Marquez off from Honda. MF would be untouchable

    • You want me to stop watching MotoGP? cuz I love Ducati and hate MM

    • @themighty125 i mean even vinales n fabio faster than rossi..rossi not win last 11 year ..wake up..this mm93 era ..he gonna be goat

    • @themighty125 o wrong rossi also lose in ducati n lorenzo did better ... rossi just good at best bike ..i mean at yamaha he have best bike but still lose since 2013

    • @WARRIOR FIGHTER PAHLAWAN FYI even Rossi was in Honda when he was untouchable. He won the championship on Yamaha which was nowhere close to the Honda. The way Marc saves the crashes is impossible on a Ducati

    • @themighty125 dont compare marc to lorenzo... marc better racer than rossi n lorenzo n he learn very fast..he also win at ktm slow bike in moto3 ..marc at fast bike going to be untouchable

  • 42😥😥😥😥

  • I miss Dovi in the podium

    • Yg sabar ya mas.

    • @The Fourth Chairman yeah, I wonder if the slippery surface of the track had actually affected the Ducati's performance here... Speaking of Dovi, he is a great rider of his own right. But bad luck aside, what he actually lacked (especailly when compared to Marc) is consistency. Well, what Dovi should do now is win as many races as he can and help the Factory Ducati to clinch the team title as the consolation prize.

    • The Fourth Chairman well said

    • Some riders can challenge MM even beat him in one race and then go completely missing in the next races You cant get anywhere near MM in the championship with such pattern

    • Honestly I'm big fan of Marq, but I had to say Dovi gives the best fight and the best smile

  • Márquez is the shit

  • Marc Marquez reduced the speed on purpose in the curve . that's why Quartararo din't pass him... He was going to win the race.

    • that brake line ..hhis lane pussy... he just brake coz he to fast ..lap time same

    • Yo estoy seguro de que Quartararo ganaba la carrera de no ser por eso

  • mm93👍👍👍😎🍺😘😘🙋

  • 42ins😔😭

  • Nice to upload few hours after race. Keep work motogp love the sport 😍

  • I’m new to MotoGP but Marquez is clearly the Lewis Hamilton of this bitch

  • 2 cessi Vettel e Dovizioso 👎👎👎👎

  • were fabulous 👍👍👍 Keep the same spirit, You are the next World Champion 🤩🤩🤩

  • 93 points! Level 8 loading💪💪💪

    • Gee, I wish this shitty video would tell us the championship points at the end. But no, that isn't "ALL THE BEST ACTION" what a shitty video

  • 1:46 Hrvatska🇭🇷

  • I feel Bad about Fabio he deserve the win unfortunately he loose the race in the last lap

  • MOTOGP banned LANCELOT please!

  • You can see a change in Marquez's behaviour now, he knows that he's got BIG challenges ahead.

    • @T Vervidu Exactly and you'd remember his reaction after losing to Dovi and Rins on the last corner, he couldn't believe it.

    • I saw it too, his reaction after winning looked like a relief more than joy.

  • sampai highlight race

  • lumayan ada perbaikan update,,kalo bisa dibuat seperti Chanel F1..ada highlight fp1,fp2 fp3 sampai kualifikasi.

  • Beginning music makes me super mad

  • Massive respect to Fabio! 👏👏👏

  • I think MM99 did wrong twice and Race Direction did not notice. He came in the line of Quartararo twice.

    • u wrong muslim guy ..u dont know racing then ..marc at his lane..fabio pussh to much n almost make mistake

    • Asif Akbar Marquez did wrong during qualifying towards rossi. During the race everything was clean and fair he was a bit of a bully with his moves but that’s racing, be a bully or be bullied. You can not be upset with him for that, unless your a hater.

    • Maha benar netizen dg segala bacotnya

  • happy malaysia day... can't see malaysia flag 1:17 #55#BO55KU


  • I am a F1 fan but I've started loving this sport!GREAT ACTION

    • Any motorsport fan who's not watching both sports is missing out for sure! I've been watching F1 since about '04 and MotoGP since '17.

  • ¿Que arias si un dia rossi esta tocando tu puerta ?

  • After a couple 2nd place finishes at the previous two races, MM93 scored another crucial race victory here in Misano! Now his primary objective is simple: Finish at least in 3rd for the remaining races. The Yamaha riders had a splendid ride here in Misano, with FQ20 practically stealing the show by leading the race in 24 out of 27 laps before eventually surrendering his maiden grand prix victory to MM93 for a 2nd place finish in the last lap. Meanwhile, MV12 scored another 3rd place finish here in Misano after leading the race early on. Very far from the podium riders VR46 scored his 3rd consecutive 4th place finish here near his hometown. And finally VR46's disciple FM21 equalled his best finish for the third time here in his home soil. Far from the Top 6 we had PE44, who despite had lost a few places during the race, was able to convert his phenomenal qualifying result into a great 7th place finish. Other shout-outs go to JM36, who finished in a solid 8th place here in Misano. Meanwhile, JZ5 had a decent ride here and ended up just missing out the Top 10 while AE41 and TR53 earned some soild points by finishing 12th and 13th respectively. And finally HS55 who had his first back-to-back point finishes here in Misano by occupying the last point-scoring position. The race however, saw many riders struggle as well...(possibly due to the slippery surface of the track) Despite MM93 scored an important victory for Honda, the other Honda riders however, struggled and endured a very bad race here in Misano. As none of them finished within the Top 10 with JL99 continued to struggle near the back of the grid and only able to finish in 14th here in Misano while the LCR Hondas crashed out of the race. Just like the last race, the Ducati riders struggled and endured a very tough race here in the manufacturer's home soil. JM43 could only finish in a mediocre 9th place finish here in Misano while DP9 suffered his worst finish of the season so far by finishing behind JM43. And like DP9, AD04 suffered his worst finish of the season so far by finishing 6th, even though he is far ahead of his fellow Ducati riders. With this result, the Factory Ducati had to focus on the team championship for now... Other than Ducati and Honda, AR42 also had a bad race here in Misano as well. As he suffered a long lap penalty and eventually crashed out of the race. Now MM93 leads the championship with 93 points with 6 races remaining. And he is pretty much captured his 6th premier class title. Will he extend his championship lead by hundreds of points in the next race? Will he lose some points in the next race? Find out this Sunday at Aragon! MVPs of the race: FQ20 and PE44

    • @The Fourth Chairman yeah, but it's not much of an issue for Marc if he had sealed the title before Philip Island, which I believe he will do it at Motegi (again).

    • @No Luck JK Philip Island and valencia are very tricky tracks for MM in recent yesrs, might not see him winning there But the rest should be friendlier for him

    • @juan rodriguez yeah, Marc had pretty much sealed the title unless he suffered a DNF for the next two races.

    • @The Fourth Chairman to further elaborate, Marc is 93 points ahead of Dovi and the earliest oppoturnity for Marc to clinch the title is at Thailand, assuming that he is at least 125 points ahead of Dovi by the end of the said race. And the worst way for Marc to seal the title goes like this: Marc finishes 6th for the remaining races and Dovi wins all of them, which Marc will still capture the title by 3 points.

    • @The Fourth Chairman he is not only merciless during the race, but also phenomenal. Oh, and I said "at least", which means he would still be the world champion even if Dovi wins the remaining 6 races as long as Marc remained at the podium.