All four coaches FIGHT OVER this EXCEPTIONAL talent in The Voice | Journey #65

Pubblicato il 15 gen 2020
Sally Skelton was a Semi-Finalist in the seventh series of The Voice Australia in 2018. Check out her incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' to the 'Semi-Final'.
Watch all full performances of Sally Skelton in The Voice Australia here:
- Blind Audition: ‘‘Wolves" by Selena Gomez and Marshmello
- Knockout: "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato
- Battle: "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac
- Live: "Spectrum" by Florence and The Machine
- Live: "Fix You" by Coldplay
- Live: "I Miss You" by Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels
- Semi Final: "Life On Mars" by David Bowie
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  • 🚨 ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE 🚨 What was your favorite performance of Sally?

    • Fix you

    • The chain

    • The voice global✔️ good work

    • Nathan Tolladay To be honest I have no idea, but subtitles are usually for deaf people x

    • Sophie Boswell ohhhhh it’s just why will deaf people be watching a video about singing?

  • Respect to whoever designed the makeup,hair and sets they are amazing

  • The singers these days must not be that good. She sounds nice but ?? She’s not an exceptional singer as the title suggests. At least these songs don’t show it

  • Poor kelly lol 😂 I wish she has another choice

  • Her coach sent her home by not picking a song she could take and knock it out of the park due to it matching up with her style and voice. You do not help someone win by handicapping them.

  • 23:43 Joe: We are one performance away from the grand finale Nick: [echos] grand finale

  • The ex girlfriend vs the brother lmao I feel like delta and joe always fight over contestants, its endearing, really.

  • She’s perfection personified. She’s a fighter and I love watching her in action.

  • I dint like the boy who rejected the duo he just wants more spot light in him and he doesn’t want her to take any attention.... that’s how I felt about it

  • Why Joe she was doing so good not mean yen rude but I bet she is better than you sorry why😭😭😭😭😭😭 what did you doooo

  • whats the point of this video. 29 mintues of watching an incredible talent fail on a flawed voting tv show for the second time?

  • Why did sally have to leave REEEE

  • Ss-she ll-oosstttttt

  • I love her voice

  • Прекрасная девушка, прекрасный голос

  • I think the songs that was paired with her we're not the right songs. But is it made her notes go sour. The song that she came out with on the first one was a right song for her. And every one of them had to be slow, really? And just like somebody said a singer does not have to hit the high notes in order to make a song Good. Powerful song does not have to be screamed. But you know these are the times where everybody is an expert! LOL I think she could have done better if she's not had those songs he paired her up with.

  • Joe-:Voice global Nick - Voice US

  • she looks like hailee Steinfeld with a bit of Taylor swifts voice

  • When she sang fix you I sobbed uncontrollably

  • She’s very average, I don’t think she belongs on the show. The rest of the people will step on her so fast.

  • sheldon or sally were the real winners, that’s it.

  • Awww he said Demi is one of his best friends 🥰

  • wtffff how and why did she have to leave🥺

  • her say my name cover is amazing

  • If Lindsay Lohan and Hailee Steinfeld had a child, it would be Sally. Oh and Isla Fisher was her grandma. Lol

  • i deadass thought delta was jennifer lopez and questioned my entire life when her australian accent came out

    • I thought the same thing.... that's her double for sure

  • i ve heard better voices.... she s good but not EXCEPTIONNAL like title says

    • New Dimension I was looking for this comment

  • She sounds like the next Shakira! Amazing and powerful voice!

  • Sally looks like R&B singer Jojo. She has a great voice.

  • She looks like hailee steinfield

  • Why don't we have the voice in Ghana?

  • Where are you now..and what are you doing... Incroyable...every time i listen to you...i wonder what 's next...

  • In the polls, there should be an all of them answer.

  • Whoever styled her GOOD JOB SHE LOOKS FLAWLESS

  • I didn’t watch the rest I just pause to say that we now Skycraper and that fact that she didn’t hit the high no left something in the air like, something incomplete... but again it doesn’t make her a bad singer it is just that the song had a beautiful high note

  • 12:59 how you know they're true friends

  • george has a van 100%

  • Would like to hear her sing Zombie by The Cranberries

  • nobody gonna comment on how home grown was set up to fail when they went up against Sally and sang "the chain". Home grown pretty much only were allowed to sing a few words of the chourus and Sally pretty much got the whole song to herself. Its funny how they act like this stuff isint set up and planned out from the beginning.

  • 11:37 she looks like she's on drugs. Look at them pupils 😐

  • its not bad i just dont like her voice

  • the life is mars performance i think of my favorite song she’s sang, she has amazing voice i love her

  • homegrown sounds like sally's back vocal

  • She look like hailee steinfield

  • loved watching her grow so much especially in the last song. she was this super high voice singer then that happened? incredible. just gotta say, wasn't too much of a fan of her spectrum tho


  • She has a pure voice same like her pure soul and heart... Luv u Sally.. .. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I mean she's good but I feel she's just average. There's definitely allot of potential just not yet

    • definitely, she can sing, but isnt all THAAT YK.

    • Yeah. I just don't feel it is something to fight that much over.

    • Kendall Belle right! I mean just because she got on the show twice doesnt mean she’s good -.-

  • Is it just me or does this girl remind anyone else of a young Amy Lee ?

  • I don’t like her singing I’ve heard better on the voice

  • She’s actually not great. At all. Way too nasally. If she sang with her throat instead of her nose, her voice would be much more powerful

  • looks like she change her voice going up.. can’t listen sorry but good technique

  • Sally is amazing I’m so proud of her ❤️🥰

  • Spectrum is such a hard song and she killed it.

    • Abe she certainly did kill it and beat it with a dead skunk, meaning she was awful and pitchy haha

  • Such silly shows ..great talent.

  • Elle un peu les mêmes vibes que Maëlle hihi

  • Kelly just talked about herself, no wonder she didn’t get her

  • I don’t get how she didn’t win with her performance on life on Mars!!!! ❤️😍

  • U can do it girl

  • Am I the only one who thinks she's nothing special?