Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
Every goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus' 2018/19 UEFA Champions League run.

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  • Wow this Ronaldo guy is really good, I think there is a chance he'll have a great career

  • Carried Juventus in the CL, but even Ronaldo needs help at times, hope the team can do a better job as a whole this time.

  • 4 رأسيات ملك الرئسيات

  • King of C1

  • Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Unmarkable.

  • Per favore iscriviti al mio canale⁦♥️⁩🙌👋

  • What if (the) Juve. Fans - Set -up a "Go Fund me -Page" -etc., to "fundraise to bring Messi, to Juve. (to play along-side; Ronaldo: @ or in; the same Club/Team!!")??- -(M.K.S.).

    • **Not too sure, why (y.) that Line, 's across??**

  • La juve a besoin de Bernardo Silva

  • Cr7 ⚽️ É sim O melhor do Mundo.... o anão e so o melhor da fifa

  • 2:37 someone threw a plastic cup?! Disrespectful!

  • All goal spiker : gah gah gah siiiiuuuuuu 😂😂

  • l'antidoping per i telecronisti no?

  • Good luck for juventus

  • Forza Juve!!

  • Olá pessoal

  • He’s a legend bro

  • CR7 👑👑👑👑👑

  • El champion THE G.O.A.T

  • RIB(Rest In Bench) Cristiano ronaldo(1985~2019:Juventus vs Kleague)Christiano nalgangdo (2019~)

  • Ajax crowd throwing trash at him so irresponsible 😡

  • Its not finish 💪⚪⚫👍

  • Higuain outtttttt........👊👎 Dybala in 👌

  • Cada vez que me siento aburrido miro este video y me siento una chimba grande cr 7

  • 0:31 best part of the video ""

  • aaron ramsey plyed

  • it was 2-2 this time

  • If he is used well thn he can score without missing any chance unlike what happened in yesterday match I don’t feel the vide that players are happy to pass the ball to cr7

  • To night championship was superb but i feel like having a hole in my heart, everybody try to shine that night and not trying to max a goal .cr7 this man always have good position but team not pass him team always trying to shoot him self trying to shine .if you buy cr7 with a lot of money to win this dream champions League why you dont trust him that much he was the Ace of Juventus trust him to put the ball in the net please all i just see missed pass not direct to cr 7 ahhh i hope cr7 will show juve more to get a trust from this team

  • GOAT🐐🐐🏆



  • Tonight selfish danilo and higuain killed that match


  • Forza Juve Forza CR7

  • I❤️ cr7

  • Tutte le volte che caricano questo video, si capisce quanto sia imbarazzante Zuliani che, sul gol del 2-0 contro l’Atletico, si inventa qualsiasi cosa senza capire che ha dato il gol (gestualità del direttore di gara chiarissima). Ridicolo.

  • Uefa Cristiano Leauge! Siuuuuuu.!! Another hattrick from Cristiano Ronaldo!

  • The Greatest. 🐐

  • King cr7🔥🔥🔥⚪⚫

  • W il Re ! Forza Juve Fino alla Fine !

  • His movement is unmarkable! He knows where the ball will land, he has the fastest brain on the field. Haters might think he scores from the box but other player could not even touch or get those ball...! #KingCR7 #ForzaJuve

  • Nobody: The commentator: Cristiano Ronaldo go go go go go goaaal

  • Atletico (1)Vitolo,-juve(2) Ronaldo, Aron Ramsey

  • Togliete la telecronaca di Zuliani vi prego! Allegri Cagon AntiCalcio Merda

  • La Juve non piace alla uefa , che speranze teniamo? Non abbiamo troppi soldi come gli sceicchi, è questo il problema, siamo solo degli illusi che spendiamo soldi, o alzate la voce con L’uefa di merda o ciao soldini, portateli in America e Cina li ci sono i tifosi ciechi e li guadagnate qualcosa, noi perdiamo sempre

  • Man on the mission 👑

  • The best in the world and he's gonna show it tonight

  • 7 gol in Champions male male per 100 milioni🤡🤡😂😂

  • No convoquen a Kedira por favor. Ya es suficiente!

  • 🔥

  • Come cazzo abbiam fatto poi a farci buttare fuori dall'ajax vorrei ancora capirlo..

  • Forza juve

  • Cristiano: Cristiano 5 Atletico O

  • Last person that scored a hattrick against atletico Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo 25 goals in 32 games 8assists

  • Champions Ronaldo League

  • Cristiano is the best of all time he is the greatest athlete that the world has known, the most professional football player, the most complete player, the most decisive player in club and selection with the most achieved football career. He is also a true leader with a mentality out of this world 🐐👽🏆 🙌

  • Last season 6 goals....This season 12 goals.

  • Midfielder should be Ramsey, Pjanic and Bentancur (bcoz there is no one except him). Attack should be Ronaldo, Higuain and Dybala (although dybala couldn't assist well but he can play better than cuadrado and bernardeshci). Defender should be Deligt, Danilo, Bonucci and Sandro.

  • Deve giocare Dybalaaaaaaaaaaaa