Alex Rodriguez on Edgar Martinez, Mo Rivera, Mike Mussina & Roy Halladay | Baseball Hall of Fame

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Alex Rodriguez shares stories about his interactions with the members of the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class: Edgar Martinez (0:29), Mariano Rivera (4:50), Mike Mussina (9:44) and Roy Halladay (12:32). A-Rod was a teammate of Martinez, Rivera and Mussina and also tried to recruit Halladay to the New York Yankees.
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  • arod cool u r on espN

  • It's an absolute disgrace ESPN employs this piece of crap.

  • You can hate on Arod all you want, but he is easily one of the smartest people in baseball. You can obviously tell his love for the game and that he studies the game. I might not like him that much as a player but he is arguably the best SS of all time. Hope he gets in the hall one day.

  • A-Rod the player: Most Hated A-Rod the analyst: Most Loved

  • This puke has no credibility... to hire this vomit spewer.... Talking about great ball players...

  • More baseball videos please!!!

  • Hope A-Rod gets in the HOF.....because the HOF is about telling baseball's history, and you can't tell the history without the steroid guys

  • Arod is a scumbag.

  • Halladay was a Blue Jay. He bleed it. Baseball will miss him

  • As a lifelong Mariners fan who got to watch A-Rod as a rookie in the Kingdome... It was easy to see that he was something special on the field. I was bummed when he left Seattle, but how can you blame him? You never know when or if you're going to get hurt or your career is going to end, so I don't fault a guy for chasing what someone was willing to pay... and he was worth it. When he had his other struggles it was hard to watch knowing that this was a guy that was talented enough that he didn't need to juice for performance and was a potential Future Hall of Fame Candidate himself... but he like so many others saw it as an opportunity to heal faster and play longer. I can't imagine the pressure to perform at that level. He seems to have made quite the turn around though, and he is an absolute treat to listen to when it comes to story telling and talking baseball. His knowledge of the game is unquestionable... and he learned it by being a student to some of the greatest players of all time.

  • I love hearing Arod’s thoughts on baseball, you could tell he really studies the game.

  • Does anybody with half a brain honestly care what this nit wits thinks?

    • Especially not you George Brett 😂 we know how you feel about the Yankees 👍

    • navyguyinva you was in special ed and no body complained

  • This guy is a f*****g fraud!!!

  • This coming from a dude who uses steroids, and a fake Dominican fkc off

  • RIP One Of The Goats In Roy💙🙏🏿

  • Biggest cheater in baseball.

    • Delvorin dude probably just started watching baseball on IT-tvs

    • @Dennis Kwon lol go learn your baseball. A-rod had plenty faults, but he was one of, if not the big reason Yanks won the 2009 world series. and comparing a cheater to a cheater? At least Arod started after his first big contract to live up to it. Bonds did it cause he felt so small and inadequate.

    • Jeter carried the team. arod tagged along

    • Dennis Kwon I don’t remember bonds winning a ring lol ARod did that and carried the Yankees foh

    • @OGwavey23 Impossible - my girl does not JUICE and then pretend to deserve to be called one of the greatest. Bonds > arod

  • Wow..hes a great storyteller

  • Alex used to be my favourite player, before he went to the Yankees. It hurt when he made that decision. He was way better than Jeter. But fame and fortune was more important than baseball!

  • Steroids is cheating he is not even worthy of interview.

  • It’s going to be soooo sweet when A-Rod openly will start to beg to be in the hall of fame. Him being on TV is his attempt to humanize himself so the voters might over look his steroid suspensions. No Dice A-Roid, if Bonds can’t get in, you don’t have a shot in hell.

    • He is a puke. . Life is all about him... Can not stand this guy.

    • bonds might get in one day. even after the roid situation he was a great batter.

    • They should both be in it, with or without it they are one of the best to play the game

  • The Yankees were always a trash team living in a trash city literally lmao. My SF Giants are wayy more profiled and can actually win games these days. When the last time the Yankees won a WS?😂😭

    • We the best city in the world with the best team in major league history! Fall back , son💯

    • Lmfao r u trying to make urself look stupid?

    • 😂😂😂this guy is smoking that grade a Frisco crack

  • RIP Halladay

    • Chuck Daly I still can’t believe he’s gone. He was a MONSTER!!!!

  • Didn't like A Rod as a player but like him as analyst

    • @Savage Dick 💯 facts

    • Martin Querns Funny how A-Rod became one of the most like personalities in baseball after retirement, while Jeter took the opposite direction after retired

    • @The Rock He was the 3rd greatest player I've seen in my lifetime behind Bonds and Pujols

    • @The Rock or maybe they didnt like his asshole antics and cheating while with the rangers and yankees.. Lmfao

    • andre boyce You just didn’t like that Yankees and him going to the Yankees, I see

  • 5th view and 2 comment

  • Please make videos on Messi. ❤️❤️ The GOAT.