Ageless wonder Roger Federer strives for 21st Grand Slam title | 2019 Wimbledon

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
Roger Federer prepares for his Wimbledon Gentleman’s Singles Final match against Novak Djokovic at nearly 38 years of age. The Swiss player is seeking his 21st major and 9th Wimbledon title. Tom Rinaldi chronicles his longevity and dominance.
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  • Djokovic is my superhéro the champion

  • Who’s here after the Final? My 🐐 heart of a champion ✊🏾💪🏾

  • Fue mejor la final de Nadal con federer por que federer era el mejor y más joven y Nadal le gano

  • What the hell is phil dunphy doing at wimbledon???!!

  • If I were gonna watch old people play tennis, I'd go to the YMCA on Asian appreciation night.


  • Nope

  • Fuck Djokovic. I want to smack the smug look off his face. He's so arrogant

    • Why all the crying salty tears and hate? A Fedtard's tears taste delicious! 😂😂😂 Yeah you "fucked" Novak alright, you CHOKED on his dick at the final! 😂😂😂 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • GOAT win or lose

  • Who's here after Federer lost.

  • I met Federer years ago and didn’t realize how many years he has won this game...”courage to continue, count it!”

  • Winston Churchill was a genocidal maniac. Do not use him as your “idol” it’s a shame west used his name in honor, but then again I’m not surprised 😒

  • Federer won't be getting 21 at Wimbledon!


  • please, just one, single, motherfucking time. one of these players say "got lucky". got lucky i wasn't born in indonesia. got lucky i wasn't born in the dark ages. got lucky i was healthy. etc, etc, etc.

  • Fat L

  • Too bad he lost in 5th set tie breaker. I was rooting for you Rog.

  • 🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿

  • Match still going on. I’ve been yelling at my TV like I’m watching a football game. I’m a huge Federer fan but hate there has to be a loser. Incredible tennis.

  • Win or lose Rogeri is the Best in Male Tennis, I like his Modesty.

  • How can people claim Serena Williams is the GOAT athlete when you have Federer. Who is easily the GOAT in tennis.

  • Why is antifa firebombing a government facility today not in the trending news?

  • Bout to go eat some spaghetti to support this man

  • All i ask is that you give my music one listen. If you hate it you dont have to ever listen again. I produce, mix, master, engineer, rap, and sing all my own music. Thank you - Bryan

  • But could he do a 60 hr. work week at 45?

  • This year, on Aug 8th, he'll be 39.

  • I've had his name in my name for the past 2 weeks and now I know who it is.

  • But, he is still 37 not 51 ESPN

  • This guy is definitely a legend I can't deny. I just think that Djokovic is a genius at tennis.

  • Williams is the same age, calm down

    • C J it’s WTA... just remember wta is crap compared to atp, a piece of cake compared to atp.

  • and .... please.....get rid of Fowler. Let the McEnroe bros handle it.

  • I love this guys passion for tennis. Its beautiful to see someone living thier dreams. 💗

  • Good Job ESPN. Now go suck his cock and get butt fucked.

  • sUkecess is not final.

  • But, I miss Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi... ;)

  • ESPN.....please....quit putting the camera on the crowd in between points. Its super annoying.

  • I wonder who Federer paid to produce this ridiculous piece.

  • Everyone seems to have written off Djokovic. Big mistake.

  • ESPN and Tom Rinaldi have been doing this so long that it’s laughably predictable. Step 1.) Show the famous arena or stadium the Athlete is about to play in. But show it when it’s empty and have a violin or piano softly playing a few notes in the background. Makes it feel serious. Step 2.) Show the Athlete your reporting on. But only part of him. It can be anything, just don’t show their face yet. Step 3.) Show them amongst fans who are taking pictures of the Athlete or is getting an autograph from them. Play a clip of the athlete talking about his struggles or his mindset before a game or match. And have half of it play while were still looking at him with the fans. The other half is him when he originally said everything and we show his face for the first time. Make sure he says something ambiguous at the end. Something like, “It’s stressful and really hard to do.” Something that reminds you the Athlete is doing something great and is getting old. 4.) Then Tom Rinaldi come in and say something that sounds nice but doesn’t really mean anything. Then say the age and name of the Athlete. Something like “Winning builds a legacy. But a legacy doesn’t always build a winner. At 38 years old Roger Federer says...” Step 5,) End the Report just how you began. And show the Athlete at one of his highest and best moments. The Athlete says something ambiguous and cliche then Tom Rinaldi says something ambiguous and cliche. They would show something like them holding up a Trophy or Plaque and you hear the Athlete say something like “And I’m just here to play tennis and do the best I can.” Then Tom Rinaldi would close with something like “Just doing the best he can has arguably made him the best there ever was.” Then we see them on the field by themselves and fade to black.

  • Federer in straight sets!

  • What a human being 💚

  • Hey, I’ll be the first one to call Roger Federer the GOAT. I’m a big fan and so is everyone else. But how the hell is he only 38?! I thought he was in his 40’s AT LEAST. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Tom Rinaldi has been narrating this same “Roger Federer Legacy of Greatness” every year for a while now.

  • I don't know why I cried when I saw this Roger is an amazing inspiration 😀

  • The Michael Jordan of Tennis, don't give me that "Serena Williams is the best" crap Roger is the GOAT of Tennis to anyone with a brain and knows sports.

    • Suck a dick lol

    • Federer is undisputedly the Jordan tennis...we can just pretend that Fed isn't 0-3 vs his toughest grass rival..... or that clay courts never existed... Jordan 6-0

  • Federer Federer Federer - all the way - 2019 Wimbledon-

  • This man is so Inhuman he is like the Messi and Lebron of the tennis world. He got me into tennis and man what a pleasure and a passion it is to see him play. A gift from god for sure.

  • Federer has the most creative shots in 🎾 I've ever seen. On the other side Djokovic puts pressure on players like no other, a finely tuned offensive machine. This match will be history in the making, by two living legends.

  • GOAT

  • Novak will win in four sets.

  • so who don't think Federer is using PED'S???

  • Djokovic will destroy this wimp!

  • 1:58 WTF?

  • This is essentially an ad

  • Why do you need to make his age such a theme?

  • Federal is gonna get whipped.

  • Well I guess he has to atleast think he will win. Djokovic is peaking right now just like last year & when he's on he's unbeatable

  • Roger is simply 1 of a kind

  • Watch out Djoker, the Maestro is coming for you.

  • How can Federer be ready to return a serve when he keeps spinning the racquet? He looks so relaxed. Other players look so tense before a return of serve.

  • Ageless and Legend Roger go for your 21st Grand Slam title. All the best 👍🎾