After the Flag | 2019 #AmericasGP: A new sheriff for Suzuki

Pubblicato il 20 apr 2019
Matt Birt, Steve Day and Simon Crafar give us an in-depth analysis on the Americas GP and cover all the talking points from COTA.
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  • after the flag is so bad lately

  • Time for suzuki..

  • Rins the nex rossi

  • At 4:00 , the dude in the background : )) I used to do that when i worked at a factory


  • Love you Suzuki😍

  • We'll welcome you back Suzuki

  • i dont agree with SIMON that YAMAHA has not fixed things, if thats the case see what ROSSI, QUARTARARO, MORBIDELLI are doing Give the same bike to MARQ, every race MARQ will WIN atleast with 4seccond lead, even now give the bike to LORENZO see what he will do.... Its just that VINALES is a waste guy I dont think HONDA deserves to be anywhere, according to REAL stats, this is how it should go(according to how they build bikes in the world), 1st----YAMAHA( i am not a YAMAHA fanboy but i am KTM's) 2nd----DUCATI 3rd----- SUZUKI 4th---- KTM 5th----APRILIA 6th------HONDA(there bikes are not good, its just that people like MARQ n crutch are making it look good with their talent ) KAWASAKI makes better bikes than HONDA, but they are not in MOTOGP see whats happening in WSBK , show me what place HONDA is in....

    • @mukundan nair yamaha is only facing issues in electronics dept, rest all they are good, for more read my previous commment

    • @mukundan nair bro read my updated entire comment

    • @Anil Kumar you used statistics in your original comment based on other series and production history, nothing related to MotoGP at all. You are the only person on this planet who believes that Yamaha is the best bike on the grid and honda/Ducati aren't

    • @mukundan nair hello brother I am not as dumb to understand that racing bikea are different then road bikes, these are protype engines, n they keep developing chassis for whole season, This is the same technology that trickles down to road bikes, and the technology comes for same plant from japan right, it also depends on their technological proves, which everyone knows rightnow DUCATI has the best(they are the only company which runs L4 engine) rest all use traditional V4(but different crank angles and shapes etc etc)and according to that I made the list. If u know every manufacturer history u can get it better. And i know YAMAHA did not use traditional Marelli electronics which they are supposed to use and they have learnt their lessons last year, if u know earlier they were the best in it. And if you know KTM is the only factory which are using steel chassis, n it requires a rider to ride it in supermoto drag style which niether zarco nor Paul is able, if they can get any such rider KTM will come into its DNA, If u look traditionally KTM engine is better than HONDA, study the entire engine build u will know. So pls dont question my knowledge

    • You have proved yourself wrong brilliantly. You should understand that racing bikes and cars are nothing similar to production bikes and cars so just because Yamaha makes amazing road bike doesn't mean they have to be at the top on the track. In fact valentino is making the Yamaha seem better than it is. Yamaha is facing issues compared to Ducati and honda which are at the top. Closely followed by suzuki

  • I hoped vin on podium. ☹️

  • MARQUEZ still the sheriff RIMS is the deputy

  • Little more power Suzuki Alex will do it he his doing well all the best again Alex n suzuki

  • Honda squad falls down..

  • Soft front tyre did not make it to the finish. MGP now more interesting. Yam not complete.Suki nearly there.Duk bitting at the bit. Yeeeeha c'mon 2019.

  • Suzuki nyalakan nyalimu!!! Well done Suzuki!! 👍

  • You guys should cover the rookies more i feel. But this is great look forward to it

  • Marquez dethrone himself, bravo to Rins and Vale !!!

  • I hope this prompts Suzuki to pass down a little tech to their 600/750 bikes

    • I think we have to wait for NEw Gixxer after 2020. kind of want them to improve standard turning light.

  • Cal needs to be able to look at himself when he has a bad weekend... Marc accepted blame when he threw the bike at the gravel trap, but Cal always finds a scapegoat.

    • @DucatiRacerPanigaleJoe "“I don't think I went in there too fast because I braked in the normal place and with my normal line and corner entry but the bike snapped on braking and when the rear comes round suddenly you lock the front because the pressure is on. " Sure looks like he's blaming the bike to me.

    • Cal actually blamed it on his braking mistake...Ur not very well informed.

  • Alex has just RINSed rossi. Next ALEX will RINS marquez!

    • Alex just RINSed Marquez. by Ending Marquez streak!

  • Ducati with there drag bike on a curvy road came 4th 👏

  • Gp😠

  • 🏍

  • Please given subtitel that we fans of indonesia can understand. Terima kasih

  • These guys will bet their houses on Crutchlow. Loyal bastards

  • “ Marquez is dethroned”? He couldn’t start off this segment with any more dumb statement than this. He crashed, wasn’t beaten, so he is never dethroned. Peanut brain

    • To sit atop the throne and wear the crown you must first win and he did not hence he has been dethroned

    • Was he first? no? that's called "dethroned". 2013.- 93 2014.- 93 2015.- 93 2016.- 93 2017.- 93 2018.- 93 2019.- 42 doesn't matter how it was..

    • Auto blipper only as good as your last race buddy

  • Awesome show!


  • Give maverick seat to zarco

  • Please just upload the highlight like F1 did, im sure you guys will get more fans..

    • Motogp already enjoying more fan than f1..

  • Rins 42💖💪👍

  • Thala Rossi 46 💯 absolutely he is the perfect ❤️ to rule MotoGP kingdom yeah💪💪💪💪😁😁✌️👍👍👍🇮🇳

  • 👍🇱🇻

  • VR46 🌞🌜💛💙💛.....N^1... Forever ♾

  • Hi🛵🛵🛵93

  • congratulations SUZUKI.AR

  • 2 views and 25 likes... Welldone IT-tvs. Keep it up

  • Osm

  • yeah

  • 42 Good job..

  • VR 46

  • VR46💙💛💙💛

  • AR42

  • First like

  • Numero 1