After plastic surgery, her crush doesn't recognize her | Clip from '200 Pounds Beauty'

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2019
they'll judge you for your looks, then judge you for changing them
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About "200 Pounds Beauty" (미녀는 괴로워)
Han-na, an overweight woman with a beautiful voice, provides the real vocals for a pretty pop star who can’t carry a tune. After a humiliating encounter, Han-na undergoes head-to-toe plastic surgery and reemerges a year later as svelte singer Jenny. (AKA: Beauty is Pain)
Ji Seo-Yun 지 서연
Joo Jin-Mo 주진모
Kim Ah-Jung 김아정
Sung Dong-Il 성동일
Kim Yong-hwa 김용화


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  • Again with the doggo!!!!

  • It tells us very important msg that people dont recognize each other, but animals do. Salute to animals

  • She cries for everything. Same.

  • Is this real if it is I feel bad for the dog 🐶😭

  • Simple fix: literally don’t care about other people’s opinions

  • Am I the only one who laughed that she YEETED the dog? LMFAO. Btw it's just a movie stop getting so sensitive about it smh. The dog was just an actor. BYE.🙄

  • she should have keeped them

  • Animal abuse 😒

  • 1:45 throws dog

  • Wey esto tiene continuación ??

  • I am feeling second hand embarrassment

  • Maria ave maria

  • Cho hoi phim ji vay

  • After her plastic surgery her crush is looking more older than her now he needs plastic surgery to look young.

  • #plastic surgery

  • She is a fantastic actress and so funny. She has become slim and beautiful but she is just as funny and stupid as before 😂

  • I just love fhe sound of shoes click claking

  • I died when she said bang and the dog went on the floor 😂

  • I'm here because it I saw the first suggestion and I clicked on it and now I saw it rest of the film and I'm still trying to find the parts of it who else is same as I am

  • I love the last sentence she says in the end

  • The sounds the dog makes though😂

  • The puppy is so cute! How could she do that!?

  • Director: Let’s make a movie about self awareness and how plastic surgery is affecting the way young and mature women are looking at themselves Everyone watching: “Dog abuse”

  • 1:43 😳😫

  • She threw the dog..........

  • 50% comments WhYd He yEeT ThE DoG 10% comments plot explanation 5% all people are beautiful in their own way 5% people saying how ugly they are 10% PeT aBuSeMeNt 20%something about jackie chan

  • Did she just jeet her dog

  • Did she have to treat that dog that bad😭😭

  • 1:42😂😂😂

  • Delivery boy 😂😂😂

  • وجها مستفز

  • Yet again, the dog got *YEETED*

  • This guy is seriously going for the combo strikes on that fence

  • She doesn’t deserve such a loving devoted pet. How can she be so mean to her own doggy

  • "But I understand." This cracked me up😂

  • I'm fat too...

  • She throws the dog Me:ohhi got shocked

  • Disgusting. The bit about her dog, and in the previous video where she just gave her away. Disgrace. What a pile of garbage. A**holes.

  • What's so funny about a dog constantly being thrown away and kicked? This movie it's the worst i've ever seen.

  • this comment is filtered so that only very attractive people can see it :)

  • I was skimming through the red bar at the bottom of the screen and I skipped to the part where the doggo popped up lmao

  • I felt bad when I saw him abusing the delivery guy 😢😢

  • I'm offended she threw the dog

  • What's wrong with the dog?

  • This movie is toxic as hell.

  • 1:44 Looooove T_T

  • Poor doggy ❤️❤️

  • That POOR DOG!🤦🏽‍♀️🤣😂

  • Why do these videos use the plot summary for the title. I mean it does attract viewers but isn't this a short movie? Not a documentary video?

  • "Is this van a phony?"

  • Wasn’t that Maria song from another similar moive ?

  • 0:46 this is your past chasing after you

  • This is sad especially the dog bit 😢😢😢😭😭

  • I would love this if she didnt YEET and let her dog go away

  • She is more pretty than her crush 😂😂

  • The fact that her dog recognized her and immediately run over to her is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

  • If u don't want the dog just hand him to me god damn

  • Hi there ... I am nobody ... for most. In my free time I draw, write poems, lyrics and love to sing. I have had a small dog for a year. Yes, it's the same dog...What a coincidence. He is loyal and loves me (: A few years ago I weighed 140 kg. I was fat and ugly and my husband no longer loved me. I have lost 75 kg within 6 months. Today I weigh 65 kg. Many people I happily approached no longer recognized me and simply turned around. In the beginning it was very strange for me. My husband cheated on me several times even though I became more beautiful every day. I am now divorced. In the company I work in, nobody knows my real name, except my boss. Seeing this story here made my blue eyes cry blue water. Thanks for that . Greetings from Germany ❣️ Ps .: And sry for my bad english. It's just a few crumbs trying to express how nice I think it is what you did.