Adults React To Coca Cola and Mentos Experiments

Pubblicato il 6 nov 2019
NEW Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments. The viral trend seems to never go away!
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Adults React to and try Coke and Mentos experiments. There have been new videos from various IT-tvs channels of Cola vs. Mentos experiments that are going massively viral, and Tik Tok has had a lot of the Coca Cola and Mentos videos as well. We showed them to our reactors to see what they think!
Content Featured:
Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos
Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos in to Giant Balloon! Super Reaction!
Experiment: Coca Cola VS Mentos
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Adults React To Coca Cola and Mentos Experiments


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    • The experiment using a black large water bottle relabeled as Coke really looks more like a Hydrogen Peroxide Dish Soap and Yeast/Potassium Iodide called "Elephant toothpaste" you can tell because the foam is steaming indicating a Chemical reaction rather than the physical reaction of Coke and Mentos

    • BraydenR4298

    • inutile,gaspillage

    • FBE 🤦🏽‍♂️ why invite the F4gg30t 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Girl at 0:56 -is this a challenge Me -no it's a fun science experiment I did in first grade


  • cheeese andd riice

  • Those amazed at the bottle launch video has never seen a gathering of juggalos at an ICP concert.

  • It's not a chemical reaction btw

  • I really understand what Sharon said about it, I'm from Mexico, a third world country... I really hate when people in first world country are so stupid and do those things... is just a fucking waste of coke and mint...

  • 5:09 looks like maggots in chocolate milk

  • They don’t even recognize that the Mythbusters explained exactly why this happens.

    • And a lot of the "new generation" also seem to have missed that they broke it all down and found that Diet Coke is the most reactive.

  • Some kid did this in my class

  • Is to weird me and my friends used to fight by rapeing mentos to the bottom of the cap, screwing the cap on and chucking bottles at each other?

    • Whoa... We don't really wanna hear about that kind of friend

    • @Recon Tube not gonna judge haha

    • @FieryPinkSapphire 9196 yeah that's a good suggestion 😂😂

    • FieryPinkSapphire 9196 agreed thats a weird comment “rapeing mentos” uhm weird fettish but ok 🤣

    • Might wanna fix that typo..

  • 0:32 that's what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Where is Mamix?

  • Actually it's a physical reaction, not a chemical one.

    • Thank you for bringing this up. This is also why some of the experiments they watched weren’t as impressive. Most likely the coke had been sitting out for a bit and a large portion of the CO2 in the coke had been released prior to adding the mentos.

    • @FieryPinkSapphire 9196 Ain't _you_ just a radiant, happy ray of sunshine? Who pissed in your Wheaties?

    • @AstrosGamer Nope, it's all nucleation; bubbles of CO2 rapidly cascading out of solution due to the rough texture of the Mentos giving them places to form.

    • FieryPinkSapphire 9196 I give a fuck he or she is pretty smart so how about you go fuck yourself

    • @FieryPinkSapphire 9196 the yt comment section is supposed to be full by ignorance, is that what you're saying? 😂


  • “It’s a chemical reaction!” No it’s not. It is absolutely not.

  • Youre supposed to use diet coke because its more fizzy

  • 7:50 enough people who have time to listen to your speech Edit: sorry I might have been a little mean

  • The biggest misstake is when they pour the soda. So much of the fizz is gone. And so there is mothing left to react. Big brain...

  • The same people that have the time to watch this

  • 12:40 LMAO🤣

  • Yo wtf 0:10 😂

  • Americans reacting to something from 13 years ago: History! The rest of the world: ?!?!??!

    • I am pretty sure he is talking about internet history. And I agree with him. It is so cool to see how far we have come, but at the same time, to see that we haven't really changed that much.

  • On 2006 we were playing video games

  • Cool, but people starve while we play with food. Come on.

    • I dont think coke and mentos are the best things to give to starving people.

    • If those poor people wanna eat mentos for dinner, be my guest. And why should we guilt and shame people all the time? It is their own money, that they have worked for. Let them do whatever the fuck they want. And btw, it is not the civilians fault that people are starving, it is not the waste of coke and mentos that is the problem. It is the government.

    • Coca Cola ain't food..

  • what is the song of the minute? 2:29

  • I think it would be cool to see if different Cole's get a different reaction such as spray height, foam build up etc. And there be different Chile's cokes like regular vs. zero vs. cherry vs. flat Open bottle vs. closed bottle Can vs 16 oz bottle vs 1 liter bottle vs 2 liter bottle

    • There's an entire Mythbusters episode testing that kind of stuff, but if you have the money, have fun testing it yourself!

    • Diet Coke. It's been done over and over.

  • 4:20 isnt cola its whats called "elephant thootpaste" and is a mix of chemicals that gets hot and expands.

    • Elephant toothpaste is hydrogen peroxide, yeast, and warm water and is far more dangerous than coke and mentos as the "toothpaste" can get hot enough to burn skin sometimes.

    • That’s what I thought as well

  • You guys should have done water and butane... or maybe it was butane and soda? It's on the king of random channel and it's a way more violent reaction.

  • this video made me laugh my windshield laugh. 😳😂

  • Since you already have the pool, Coke and Mentos mixed in a giant weather balloon.

  • Little did they know, the mythbusters did a whole show on this and found it is a physical reaction and not a chemical one

    • Mentos seem smooth, but as they dissolve tiny pockets of air are uncovered and provide a place for carbon dioxide dissolved in the coke to gather, forming bubbles faster than they would have the opportunity to without the mentos. So seeing as nothing new is being created (all the carbon dioxide forming the bubbles was already in the soda) you are correct that it is not a chemical reaction.

  • 'So, how many times are you gonna do it?'... uhm... many... many... maannnyyy... more times.

  • Who has ten minutes to watch mentos and coke videos, but we have 13 and half to watch people reacting to people watching people make videos of mentos and coke

  • Spilling is better than drinking coke..

    • That is of course if you spill it on a rusty car or to clean a coin. Atleast it can be used for something useful.

  • Women: Why would you put on it? Men: 😏

  • Hi

  • “Soon we’ll all be on Facebook again” ight that’s fair and predictable

  • Aye!!!!! Coke and mentos experiment videos are just plain awesome, and satisfying to see, in all seriousness.

  • 2:54 it's not a chemical reaction, it's an entirely physical reaction.

  • The one with the blue balloon on top was faked. They did the elephant toothpaste experiment and tried to pass it off as coke & mentos. That’s why the big “coke bottle” was blacked out so you couldn’t see what was really inside.

    • Snowride1080 I was just looking for this comment. Cause I was sure that this was elephant toothpaste. I think it’s quite obvious if you now the experiment.

  • "why would you put your mauth on it I get it you don't want it to spill out so thats the first thing you think about"

  • 2020??

  • 2019?!??

  • Happy 2020. Lovely coke explosions.

  • HAPPY 2020🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

  • Anyone else notice the mighty Morphin communicator on that guy’s wrist

  • 2020 anyone?

  • the 5 gallon bottle one wasnt coke and mentos it was elephants toothpaste

  • what the hell is george?

  • Pouring the liquid out of the bottles actually hinders the reaction, as it releases the gas...

  • Tic toc is giving me anxiety

  • This is giving me anxiety

  • I was born in 2006

  • So many millennials

  • Guy: Facebook will be cool again Me: * prays to the vine gods *

  • Dang she got skills she didn't think that it would go in

  • a good laugh

  • Me : 5:28 . . Also Me : 12:48 & 13:20

  • What really bothers me about those new ones is how many of them use regular coke, when it has already been documented (even on mythbusters) that diet coke is a much more efficient version to use.

    • Well.. if they Saw Mythbusters they would Also know that its about dropping mentos into coke & pouring it over them doesnt really do anything