Addicted To Living As An Adult Baby | My Strange Addiction

Pubblicato il 28 apr 2019
Riley, a 25 year old woman, spends twelve hours a day living as an adult baby. She wears diapers, sleeps in a crib, and drinks from a baby bottle. Her addiction costs her over $400 a month, but she wants to live as a baby for as long as she can.
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  • The music that plays in the backround....

  • Wtf !?

  • Hey grow up your 25

  • Wow that's werd

  • Add a Public comment...

  • Riley u be Riley

  • Her friends are so lovely 🥰🥰🥰

  • I really have no problem with her being transgender, I think that living as a child won't really be good for her later on since some day she might need a job, not trying to be mean here just saying my opinion-

  • maybe shes a little

  • that's just fuckin weird


  • I think.. maybe she’s just an age regressor? I don’t know.. if she is then that’s not exactly “a strange addition”


  • who's here because of tmossboss?

  • Riley-“it’s my little secret” Me-“does she know we can see and hear her?”

  • I’m the same way!😋

  • I mean this is a little too much but if she's happy there no problem

  • I mean this is a little too much but if she's happy there no problem

  • I was exposed to this exact show at age 7 a long time ago. It changed me and pretty much destroyed my future.. yes I have a new future but I also wanted my old one. My mum used to abuse me after she walked in and this was on, saying she’d beat it out of me eventually... this is an indecent exposure of the bdsm+ community and it changed my life for the better and very much worse...

  • Wtf

  • Wtf

  • wot did I watch

  • He’s messed up.

  • At the begging of the video: What a freak!! At the end: I feel so bad she got bullied, some people could act weird, but everyone is different and we have to know that

  • “The warm feeling of a wet diaper”

  • Is her name i mean his name bob

  • 🤮h

  • To be honest we are all different I am 8 year’s old and I like sucking in dummies I had one last week

  • If I knew what country Riley was in I would definitely be Riley's friend 😆

  • She better be careful cause a lot of people will call her names

  • No deserves to go through experiencing addicted to being a baby at the age of adolescence🤦🏻

  • Lazarbeam has left the chat

  • Lmao and I thought me doing baby voice unintentionally watching kid shows and acting like a kid sometimes was bad..

  • He is pulling off being a girl

  • Wth IS wrong with her 1st trans 2nd fricken baby wth was she he thinking

    • shahan careem there isn’t anything wrong with being transgender though

  • 2:36 No! Why!? Like why is THAT special? Like the rest was okay, but... a warm wet diaper is special? 👶🏼

  • Um... I don’t know

  • Um ew:/

  • She pees in a diaper.

  • She needs help.

  • I have an addiction of wearing diapers and I’m ok all u need to do is practice not being a baby but it’s ok now I don’t use diapers anymore tho but I’m happy that I don’t use diapers but I’m ok and I love your vids

  • No manches que asco 🤢👎

  • Wait so does she have a d**k

  • Fucking shoot me in the head 🥳🔫

  • Wut🤨

  • Why would you do that you weirdo

  • riley is a boy

  • I love this girl she so unique and I appreciate that.

  • ΕΛΕΟΣ!!!

  • When lois Griffin says act ur age

  • I hate how this makes it out to be an “addiction” it’s not, she literally says herself that she does it to get away from the stress of the real world, it’s called age regressing, and it’s a perfectly normal way to cope with stress, she’s not hurting anyone, leave her alone

  • Dear god

  • Riley: it’s my little secret The 3,978,613 views this got: I’m gonna ruin this whole mans career

  • His addiction is as bad as some of the others from this series

  • Her teeth are going to get messed up with the binkys

  • cringe

  • 25 yo?? she looks baby face

  • Ewwwww you gross

  • Im scared.. Sorry

  • I thought she WAS a kid when the vid started