Addicted To Living As An Adult Baby | My Strange Addiction

Pubblicato il 28 apr 2019
Riley, a 25 year old woman, spends twelve hours a day living as an adult baby. She wears diapers, sleeps in a crib, and drinks from a baby bottle. Her addiction costs her over $400 a month, but she wants to live as a baby for as long as she can.
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  • theres the answer....grew up as a boy..missed out on being a girl......

  • wtf.....very sad absolutely.. to be that disturbed something must have happened pretty severe

  • Riley is so engrossed in HIS addiction

  • Poor little gay baby boy


  • please tell me she was drinking wine outta that bottle

  • I like doing that but also wannabe a parent but w/o doing dirty I’m 12....

  • I agree that public toilets are disgusting but what I find hilarious is that she basically said she'd rather piss herself and sit around in a wet diaper (and enjoys it) than use a public toilet because they're horrible. 🤔

  • She said she wears diapers 24/7 and urinates in them too and I just 😐😑😐

  • I want to get out of New York now

  • Wait at first she was normal

  • Caiiou In 15 to 20 years

  • When you didn't get enough attention from your parents...

  • This is what the future hold when she have kids Kid hey mum why are u in a crib Mom because I’m a baby Kid no mummy that a baby crib your to old Mum whatever Kid bye I’m moving with daddy Mum waaa

  • This is actually very sad she probably had a childhood trauma and is trying to re live her childhood

  • A transgenger adult baby. What has this world come to? God didn't ask for this.

  • MTV Cribs

  • Damn i mean deym, he/she needs help

  • If im gonna be honest.. I find it kind of.. charming? cute? Not in a weird way, moreso just instincts to protect. My logic with this videos is just, as long as it doesnt hurt her, or other people, its okay. A tad odd, but overall okay.

  • So you have a penis

  • It’s not a little secret

  • I love this ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞💓💗💖💘

  • I feel horrible... I don’t think she had that childhood comfort when she was younger.

  • Yeah it is weird but she's not hurting anyone. And as the psychologist said: it's her way to cope with something. Live and let live.

  • This is pretty disgusting.... and disturbing...

  • Honestly if riley was my friend or my sister... I'd be okay with this tbh. It's a little odd but she isnt hurting anyone.

  • WTF?

  • why is she literally my 3 year old cuzin??

  • why is she trans and mentally insane??

  • I feel so bad for her having to say this to the internet, and she chooses her own life style.

  • She sounds hideous...well she's a guy so....

  • And are gonna be retarded rarus life

  • Find me more you do that more you're gonna get a stupid

  • I really would love to break his bones and then his neck. He is a worthless piece of meat that just consumes our oxygen

  • WTF

  • 1889: in 130 years we'll have flying cars 2019:

  • thats weird

  • My name is shubham and I'm 25 years old and I'm addicted to live as a normal adult😥

  • WTF!!!!!!!OMG....

  • She’s trans

  • You know this is a guy right?

  • I actully feel so bad for her

  • Outstraight if someone chats shit to her shut the fuck up this is her life and it might be therapeutic to her to help her get through trauma

  • What the fuck is wrong with people....

  • 3:25 the face of horror

  • Most cringest adult😑😑

  • “Few people only know about Riley’s addiction” *well, 2.9 million people know now*

  • its wayyyy worse adult babys and its wayyyyyyyy wayyyy way worse addictions out the imo (in my opinion) this is not an addiction this is a habbit that riley enjoys and I has mad respect for that and tlc calling riley an girl even tho her biological gender is an boy MADRESPECT

  • Riley this is called a ABDL please look it up.

  • Comfort of a WARM WET DIAPER! What in the actual FUCK??!!!!

  • She kinda looks like a little kid

  • Listen could be a sickness she can’t help it pour thing

  • Riley: I love the feeling of a Warm wet diaper Me: 🤮😣🐜😡🤡

  • This is not an addiction! It's age regression. We would be best friends :)

  • ..

  • keep begin you

  • What is the difference between this and little space?????

  • you are cute🤣🤣

  • this video is felling me weirdddd

  • Follow your dreams if you want to be a baby you can be one