Adam Rippon Breaks Down Figure Skating Movies | GQ Sports

Pubblicato il 3 ago 2018
Adam Rippon breaks down scenes from figure skating movies, including The Cutting Edge, I, Tonya, and Blades of Glory.
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Adam Rippon Breaks Down Figure Skating Movies | GQ Sports


  • I love that movie! I have it on vhs🤷‍♀️😂

  • " when its hand on weiner not real " im dead

  • This had me in tears from laughing so hard! Can Adam please become a commentator for real? His comments are fantastic!

  • They should have got Yuzuru or someone legend.

  • the best actor to play you would be Mike the situation Sorrentino

  • That true bro...😂😂😂🤣

  • Lol this queef

  • where is my ice princess movie? are you kidding me!

  • I wanna see what Adam Rippon's thoughts are on Yuri!!! on Ice

  • I'm going to be an ass hole for saying this, but you have to curtail using the word "like" every other sentence. It's like really like annoying, like to hear, Your an adult. Stop using the word like. Holy shit.

  • He's so fucking hot

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  • I didn’t care about figure skating, in fact I hated it, but I tonya moved me so much that I’ve been obsessed with it lately. Part of the reason why it interested me was that I was in 2nd grade when all that stuff happened and it was big news, but the biggest reason it got to me was I didn’t realize what it took to become a world calls skater. It starts with the dream, then the hard work, the dedication, and most importantly the sacrifices. Though tonya Harding was trash, her story was very human and sad, and her story was amazing. It makes me realize that it’s just as difficult if not more so than more popular sports which I also love so much. All that being said, I’ll be closely paying attention to figure skating now, you’ve got a new fan guys.

  • I laughed till I wet my pants at your attempt at a serious critique.

  • "so far so good, they haven't done anything yet"

  • Private ice. They are just rich and can can afford it

  • Is really no one gonna talk about his perfect teeth???

  • "Obviously, you're not gonna get thrown forward because you would die....and you can't a program" lol

  • Omg he is sooooooo funnyyyyyyy. "You can't die in your program" I'm dead

  • No ice princess??

  • Okay but where was Ice Princess???

  • Okay but does anybody actually know where the comments went

  • His comments are quite funny lol

  • You should have mentioned the headbanger is illegal in Competition And yes I’m a skater

  • Yuri on ice next

  • missing case of youtube comments

  • where did the comments go

  • 2019’s biggest scandal: the disappearance of this videos comments section

  • What’s the movie?

  • Lll what happened to the comments?

  • 8 comments with almost a million views? What?

  • Man I hate this guy

    • then why tf are you watching?

    • nicholas cicchillitti wow chill

  • I fucking love this man

  • Gayparad Rippon

    • Оралхан Оралхан Doesn’t matter that he’s gay, just that he’s an amazing skater! 😘 Please don’t be homophobic

    • Homophobic maybe ?

  • Adam has the quirkiest kind of humor that you just have to laugh at. It's actually hard to describe.

  • lmaooo

  • Adam should react to Yuri on Ice

  • Not only play your role))))) think that do something else with you;)

  • Love his sassiness! Waiting for a "Pt.2"!

  • He Is I.C.O.N.I.C👏👏👏👏

  • I was thinking more Tom Hardy

  • This was so amusing

  • He should watch Yuri On ICE

  • 2:25 he sounds like my brother

  • how about yuri on ice 🥺

  • As for the ruining of the ice, how about a zamboni and a short intermission???

  • Right at the beginning I was thinking, “Toe Pick”! I could watch your entire commentary on Blades of Glory 🙌🏻🤣🙌🏻

  • Smart, sassy and sarcastic combined, you tell it like it is, bud. Adam, you should be a comedian! BTW, no one should play a great skater but a great skater himself. So get in a movie about skating, yourself and tell it like it is. I'm waiting. XOX

  • well Margot Robbie _was_ skating for a lot of it, but they _also_ had a double, so shots with her face are _probably_ her, but I wouldn't say for certain

  • I love all your videos Adam!

  • In the movie “ice girls” girls get mad at each other because one keeps renting the ice

  • Zach Effron would be PERFECT! I wish he would have done Ice Castles. I consider it the OG of ice skating movies

  • Thank god they did blades of glory otherwise I would flip a table

  • Zack efron your hired!!!

  • Omg he's so cute

  • Your*** ice marks comments between-skating and hockey - yes !

  • in "I, Tonya" the two FEMALE doubles could do triple axels! With that being said, I still like this video a lot:)

  • This dude is such a doosh i love him lol

  • I want to watch Blades of Glory on Netflix sitting/cuddling on a couch with Adam Rippon, he’s so hot and funny and just my type

  • Adam is the funniest person ever. I laugh when he makes a joke about himself and he proves it to be factual.