AD joins LeBron for Taco Tuesday, NBA players test out old age filter | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to Los Angeles Lakers teammates LeBron James and Anthony Davis chowing down on Taco Tuesday and NBA players like DeMar DeRozan trying out the new old-age FaceApp filter.
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  • 2:19 why is that dude wearing a sexual education shirt

  • lol the moment when jalen compared him and his wife to lebron and savannah hahahaha


  • Wow I love taco

  • OMG, this ignorant fool, James, looks a hell of a lot better old than he does today!

  • LeBron James is a legend

  • It’s like this

  • I’m kidding I know how to spell

  • Libron Jems is e lajend

  • damn you know what I've noticed... I've noticed that the u.s. society now just details and critiques everything that is on social media nowadays

  • Dumbing down of America

  • Jalen still has that crisp clean hairline, he's blessed.

  • 2 beta cucks talking about another beta who let women run their life lol society if fudged it's filled with betas who talk about other betas.

  • "I'll take the Heisman on that one"

  • 😂 Y'all don't know why that happened. LMFAO!!!

  • LeBron looking real slim.

  • If kawhi had join Lakers, lebron couldn't get him to say TACO TUESDAY😂 Facts.

  • I don’t give a damn what no one say. I’d rather my son grow to be Lebron the man than MJ the man. For that reason alone he’s the 🐐. This man has a beautiful family and is happy being a dad. He ain’t leave his high school sweetheart when he got money, he’s not out here gambling and cheating on his wife. He’s a good family man and is happy being that.

  • the girl at the outro of this video, looks like a older Jenna Marbles. Does nobody else think that?

  • Shannon about to be very upset wif his husband ... he was somewhere wif his stocking cap on drinking Hen , smoking a Black and crying his self a river 😂🤣😂

  • Tacko fall should be doing taco tuesday

  • Damn the Russians have infiltrated the NBA

  • Bunch of beta limp cocks.

  • Pussy ass niggas

  • LeBaboon is a racist commie scumbag

  • Me and my peeps have friiiieeddd chiiiickennn friiiiiidaaayyy...

  • I’m watching two fucking simps congregate and elaborate on simpist shit...

  • Anyone who used this App has had all their data and photos, stolen!!!

  • Love That Nipsey piece in The back. 💯

  • Failing to get PG13 or the Claw has ended all hopes for the Lakers and Mr Blames. Both of them going to Clips, PRICELESS! Next 5 years: Lakers 0 chips

  • Lebron is a great father and husband

  • Jalen over here saying he tries not to follow fads right after “wink winking” about one of the biggest ‘fads’ in the last decade... Russia Collusion.... give me a break

  • oohh wee. who is the chick at the end

  • Jalen- I don't mess with the fads Has waves

  • Jalen really be hating on bron. Saying he dont run nothing in his house hold. Lol lzike i cant listen to him no more he gone say kawhi is over him 😂😂 jalen done i mean he was done when he gpt balled on by kobe but now he really done.

  • @ 2:58 "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member."

  • Jalen stop posting so his wife wouldn't be looking in his phone. 8 out of 10 black men cheat. Facts

  • This is newsworthy now. Let's get an exclusice ESPN, what brand of TP does Lebron wipe his ass with?!?!

    • Do you really come to ESPN for news dumbbell???

  • So sports media is now about following & talking about social media?

  • kevin love wearing that sex ed shirt 😂😂