Acrylic Painting Tutorial - For Beginners

Pubblicato il 27 apr 2019
After many trials and tribulations this video is finally out! This is an acrylic painting tutorial geared more towards beginner painters. It is a pretty simple painting that only took me about 45 min to an hour to complete. If you end up trying this tutorial let me know! I'd love to see it!
Thanks for hanging with me!
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  • Never learned so many amazing techniques from bigger IT-tvs channels . I would rather be watching your channel. Amazing tutorial. So clear and thorough. Thank u. U r great

  • i tried this and i sucked

  • First video tutorial watched✨ proud!!💕🦋

    • @Emily Mackey Art I really did! Thank you so much for this✨ you're amazing😊❤️

    • Hooray! Glad you had a nice time!

  • This is so beautiful but where did she buy those paints lol, so smooth.

    • Violet's Second thank you! They are actually super super cheap paints that you can get at any craft store. If you looking for a good quality but inexpensive paint I would try the Arteza brand!

  • Yours is way better than mine lol, if you want to see it I posted it on my Tiktok it’s (nina.218) :)

  • You natter,and,yap far too much. Totally distracting. who cares about your yabbering?!!! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

    • Why are you such a hater, if you don't like her content then the door is right there but hate and negativity isn't needed.

  • Uhg, ah! Painting something before helps to find the dimensions.

  • Everything for artistt's liberty. But why paint something and then completely paint it over.

  • Pink: first favorite color Purple: second favorite color Blue: last favorite color No blue? Looks at table ooooooh there is blue. Edit: I feel like painting today and I found this video I am watching and realized I think this is to much to do then I was just watching for techniques and realistic cartoonish stuff and yours is exactly like that I decided to do this when I’m done watching I will do a second edit after I try and then tell you in the second edit how it went Thank you for reading

  • I’m more on the advanced side but I love watching this video

  • Her: okay I’m just filling in the background now. Me: okay me too He: okay background finished Her: adding the moon, Me: it’s rewind time

  • What kind of colors did you use?

    • She shows it at the begging but Idk where she bought it

  • You have a wonderful teaching personality and your subject is simple and fun. Excelente 💕👍👍👍

  • Me:*looks at her masterpiece * Also me :*looks down at the blob I've painted * Me :*cries*

  • can i use buncho?

  • I too love the “pfffffft” brand of paints

    • This is my favorite comment so far on this entire video

  • You are a good teacher would you check out my painting video

  • I want it but yoo...i can’t coz I don’t know how to pain 🤧 ( this will be perfect for my room😕)

  • 🎳🎮🎨

  • If you want to try her paintings. Put a like 👇

  • We have they same first and last name

  • Wow I'm really motivated to try acrylics now

  • It looked good till the 2nd palm tree 😶

  • Who else's acrylic paint drys 0.5 seconds???? Mine does and its so frustrating!!!!!!! Wlep meh paints hate meh uwu Oofz

  • Nice work 👌

  • Mine looks like a blob :(


  • how do you make the color magenta? or a subsitute for magenta?

  • Is the painting A5

  • My palm tree turn into a normal treee lol

  • I can barley draw a circle

  • hay

  • i love painting I am 14 and I am so good at painting and i just started.

  • How does your painting look so good?? Mine looks like..let’s just not say...also it took like, approximately I’d say 5hours

  • I went a little crazy with the purple but it's still really pretty!

  • *epicaly fails

  • This is so beautiful. I tried it and failed so bad LOL

  • Hahahaha I’m gonna fail

  • Less talking more painting🙄

  • u lav showing er skin