A Train Almost Ruined the Town But Something Saved People

Pubblicato il 30 giu 2019
Traveling by train is one of the safest ways to get somewhere. But what's that? You feel it accelerate, and soon it's already moving at breakneck speed, ignoring stop signs, stations, and other trains. You're pinching yourself in a futile attempt to wake up, but it’s no nightmare - you’re on a runaway train!
It was a cold winter night on January 11, 2004. Two people were supposed to arrive at the train yard that night: 31-year-old engineer Eduard and his 24-year-old assistant Alexander. But when it was time for their shift to begin, the engineer was nowhere to be seen. They eventually got hold of Eduard, and the engineer simply said that he’d overslept. His health readings were normal, and he was totally sober. Everything was fine, nothing out of routine here, except maybe the fact that instead of his uniform, the man was wearing a suit and tie, as if he was going to some important event. But nobody seemed to find that odd…
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There was one odd thing... 1:12
The engineer violates the rules 2:41
Physical threats 3:45
Unscheduled route 4:34
What made the train to stop 5:07
Insane engineer 6:21
“Crazy Eights” incident 7:02
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- After the doctors gave him the green light, the engineer was ready to go. He climbed up into the cab, and that's when his assistant noticed another oddity. Eduard didn't put a new tape into the train's speedometer, which was a serious violation of the rules.
- After the train left the loading station, the engineer broke protocol once more by refusing to check if the brake system was working correctly.
- As the train came toward the railway haul Volkhovstroy 2 - Kukol’, the station operator reported that there was another train approaching the station. Alexander the assistant screamed in horror when the engineer hit the controls to accelerate!
- When Alexander tried to bring his co-worker to his senses, the much stronger engineer answered back with physical threats.
- At 2:58am, the train blew through the red light at Kukol’ station, careened on a totally unscheduled route, and dashed toward the main track.
- Everything changed at Valya station. At 3:02am, when the runaway had already blown through the previous stop at Myslino, the Valya station operator came up with the idea to cut the power on the line.
- At 3:45am, the train finally lost its forward momentum and came to a stop. Alexander the assistant immediately saw his only chance to escape.
- When the police got to the train at 4:14am, they discovered the engineer on the floor, completely out of it. The delusional man was taken to the hospital for mental health treatment.
- Had the train continued its crazed path to destruction, it would’ve made it to the town of Tikhvin, population: 60,000.
- It happened on May 15, 2001 in northwest Ohio. Locomotive #8888 (hence the nickname) was moving a string of 47 freight cars on the Walbridge - Kenton line.
- Things were going smoothly until the train's 35-year-old engineer noticed that one switch was strangely misaligned. The man decided that since the train was moving quite slowly, he’d have more than enough time to get down, fix the switch, and climb right back up into his cabin.
- Before the engineer left the cab, he’d set the wrong brake.
- When the engineer tried to switch a special brake that would’ve slowed the train down to a crawl, he accidentally set the engine not to brake but to accelerate!
- At first, they tried to stop the train with the help of a portable derailer, but these attempts failed. Then the police started to shoot at the emergency switch, which serves to cut off the fuel supply.
- As soon as the runaway's speed dropped to 11 mph (18 kph), engineer Jon Hosfeld, who’d been waiting up ahead, managed to climb into the cab and shut down the engine.
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  • Hey there, BrightSiders! Do you remember any movies about vehicles that lose control?

  • Now we have positive train control and alerters in the cab of the train that fix this. There is no such thing as runaway trains nowadays. If the engineer doesn't respond to the trains alert system in a certain time, the train automatically brakes.

  • Unstoppable the runaway train

  • And also you don't know what it is like inside a train and I also driving a train it's called throttle, independent brake, automatic brake and a lot more stuff

  • I love the 8s incident is my favourite story

  • Train 777

  • Januar 2001 in norway

  • dose thomas and friends count because there are so many runaways in that show

  • The Cajon Pass run aways

  • that train was called 777 disel train

  • I watched it's movie,but I cant remember the title

  • The 3 Cajon pass Runaway trains

  • Hey, uhhhhhh why is the SRT GE UM12C the front cover of the video, even though the UM12C is only working on passenger services and only operates in Thailand, not in Russia, just for a note, oh and also, I knew 8888 before I watched this video, I knew it because of Thunderbolt1000Siren's video about the crazy 8 train incident.

  • I love the 8888 CSX train incident.. there’s also a movie about it.. it’s called “unstoppable”

  • ---------------->shcdy

  • 2004 2004 2004 SOunds WEird

  • 9:29 What is that cat?

  • Bright side the tittle of the second train was 777

    • No it wasn't. 777 was a runawy train in the movie "Unstoppable" and that movie is insired by the crazy eights incident. The train he is talking about is in deed called CSX 8888.

  • January 11th is my birthday

  • Booooooo

  • Oh flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This is a lie this is actually triple 7 1209 tried to stop it

    • No your are wrong. Triple 7 and 1206 only exist in the Movie "Unstoppable" which was inspired by the crazy eights (csx 8888) incident. Come on poeple get your facts straight!

  • here’s a runaway: AWVR UNSTOPPABLE

    • That was inspired by the CSX 8888 (crazy eights) incident.

  • I will play on my phone not online game

  • Is the 8888 train the unstupebels movie

  • Unstoppebel

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  • 777 train

    • That one was just in a movie which was based on the csx 8888 incident which he was talking about.

  • I think it’s cool

  • you know Qatar? there is a train called metro 1 day when I was going to a place called corniche but when it was approaching al bidda station suddenly the metro stopped it means system failure as in the middle of the way but then after 3 minutes it started moving

  • Another runaway train is the gta 5 train. It never stops

  • January 11 is my birthday

  • I have heard of 777 and 1206 in Pensilvania USA 1206 was the hero train like the 8888 story.

    • 777 and 1206 don't really exist. They were just in a movie. But that movie was inspired by the 8888 story.

  • Imagine you are purple ⬇

  • 777 767

    • Those are just the movie version of csx 8888

  • 9:42 you mean the 2010 movie unstoppable

  • The other one you missed it the triple 7 AWVR train.Of the bracks.

  • That train was CSX.

  • yeah, the triple 7's incident, or "unstoppable"

    • Yes. The crazy eights incident is what inspired that movie

  • in the mines in western Australia a runaway train in the outback was not in control and the train derailed

  • Doctors: Your fine! Just a suit and tie. Your good to go! Me: Oh SUUUUURE He's the real person.

  • Wait I know a real life camera of the last one

  • The train 777

    • That was just a movie based on the csx 8888 incident

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  • " V

  • My name is Eduard!! :D

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  • 777 and 767

    • Those two were just in a movie which was based on the crazy 8s incident.

  • Unstoppable train

  • The train 8888 became train 4389 today and the driver was fired because for what he did

  • but one runaway train i know about is the cojan pass. it's weight was underestimated, and when it went downhill, it's brakes failed, and exploded into a neighbrohood.

  • 0:20 umm there is no stopsigns on railroads. im not a die hard railroad fan but there is no stop signs on railroads for sure. the thing you probibly MENT to say was signals. a train name i know is the EMD f40ph, and the EMD p30ch.

  • I see a train di 100mph Cuz the brakes broken

  • the second one was like in the movie unstoppable

  • Titanic . . . . Well polar express😞

  • You should have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Subscribers!

  • Crazy 8 is also called devil 8