A Look Inside Donald Trump's Bizarre Eating Habits

Pubblicato il 30 mar 2019
Some people love Donald Trump, and some people not so much. But nearly everyone can agree that something's just not right about the foods he eats and the way he eats them. From burnt steaks to soggy taco bowls, these are Donald Trump's worst crimes against food.
In 2017, a reporter from the Independent Journal Review reserved a table at the steakhouse in Washington D.C.'s Trump International Hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of what the President ordered, and he was very surprised. James Corden shared the reporter’s findings on his late-night talk show.
And this wasn't the first time Trump drowned his food this way. According to his ex-butler, Trump would regularly order steak that was cooked so well that it would rock on the plate. Usually, it would be slathered in ketchup.
Trump is well-known for his love of fast food.
And McDonald's actually might be his favorite of all. Back in 2017, it was revealed that his regular order at the iconic chain consisted of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and a chocolate shake. That in itself is a pretty bizarre order, but things became even weirder when, in 2018, Rudy Giuliani admitted the President routinely orders burgers with just half a bun.
On the surface, it would seem that he does this in order to mitigate some of the unhealthier aspects of the food he eats by cutting out some of the carbs and calories. Unfortunately, this effort is slightly negated by the red meat he's leaving on the plate.
Watch the video for more on a look inside Donald Trump's bizarre eating habits.
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Steak burnt to a crisp | 0:15
Burgers with half a bun | 0:53
Strange KFC habit | 1:39
Scraping the toppings off pizzas | 2:25
A dozen Diet Cokes a day | 3:07
Ordering for his guests | 3:49


  • Do you share any of President Trump's eating habits? If so, which ones?

    • @Don Cole I hope you grow up and stop being a sensitive dude.

    • Mashed burnt steak for sure

    • Although I don't eat pizza very often, I'll sometimes eat it with a knife and fork if I think it's too messy to pick up whole. Although I don't care for fried chicken (preferring baked), I'm likely to eat it with a knife and fork. If I especially like a certain food at a restaurant, I'm likely to order it again.

    • @Richard Binder Thank you for your service, sir. My brother was Army. He was a Spec. 4 mechanic. My Dad was 20 years USN.

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    • @María Martínez you were a loser in 2016 and thanks to the majority of patriotic Americans, you'll lose again in November. Go lick your wounds somewhere else. I am thankful for a President who prevents war by targeting terrorists. It's bizarre that some people hate him after all the accomplishments he's achieved for this country in such a short time. Maybe it's because they hate America....

    • If he were a great president, or at least a regular one, his eating habits wouldn't be mentioned, or they would be cherished. But he isn't. And comparing him to F.D.R., a Democrat who established many social and state policies that the current administration has carefully demolished or loathes and wanted to demolish (like social security and public healthcare - Medicare - and education in any form), is bizarre. Trump didn't win a world war nor forged lasting alliances for that; he declared he won the war against ISIS, pulled out from Syria leaving the Kurds alone and the other allies high and dry while ISIS regroup, pulled out from the Iran agreement again without warning the other signatories and scaling the situation almost into war, while flirting with tyrants like Kim and Putin. He damaged American economic interests with his uncalled for trade wars, pulling out of TPP and imposing tariffs on the peaceful neighbor countries, while doing self-serving business with the epitome of freedom that Saudi Arabia is. Where the 9/11 attackers were from again? The only way in which Trump is more accomplished than F.D.R. is that he can walk.

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