A Look Inside Donald Trump's Bizarre Eating Habits

Pubblicato il 30 mar 2019
Some people love Donald Trump, and some people not so much. But nearly everyone can agree that something's just not right about the foods he eats and the way he eats them. From burnt steaks to soggy taco bowls, these are Donald Trump's worst crimes against food.
In 2017, a reporter from the Independent Journal Review reserved a table at the steakhouse in Washington D.C.'s Trump International Hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of what the President ordered, and he was very surprised. James Corden shared the reporter’s findings on his late-night talk show.
And this wasn't the first time Trump drowned his food this way. According to his ex-butler, Trump would regularly order steak that was cooked so well that it would rock on the plate. Usually, it would be slathered in ketchup.
Trump is well-known for his love of fast food.
And McDonald's actually might be his favorite of all. Back in 2017, it was revealed that his regular order at the iconic chain consisted of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and a chocolate shake. That in itself is a pretty bizarre order, but things became even weirder when, in 2018, Rudy Giuliani admitted the President routinely orders burgers with just half a bun.
On the surface, it would seem that he does this in order to mitigate some of the unhealthier aspects of the food he eats by cutting out some of the carbs and calories. Unfortunately, this effort is slightly negated by the red meat he's leaving on the plate.
Watch the video for more on a look inside Donald Trump's bizarre eating habits.
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Steak burnt to a crisp | 0:15
Burgers with half a bun | 0:53
Strange KFC habit | 1:39
Scraping the toppings off pizzas | 2:25
A dozen Diet Cokes a day | 3:07
Ordering for his guests | 3:49


  • Do you share any of President Trump's eating habits? If so, which ones?

    • Getting down lil girls panties 👀 his favorite at Fantasy island

    • i don't share his eating habits but they look pretty good to me except the 12 cans of diet coke. its too much. other than crisp meat, pizzas, KFC etc all are good.

    • @Randy Smith why do you tell someone you don't know "fuck you"? Please be kind and spread positivity

    • @Luke Diorio why can't you

    • My steak has to be basically burnt! I used to drink 12 cans diet Pepsi per day. I don't anymore but I totally understand doing so lol. By the way, who cares?

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  • Listen he is the president and a billionaire I don’t care what he eats

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  • Interesting that this story is the same as 2 years ago. I think he likes ketchup and just uses the meat as a vehicle to get ketchup to his mouth. Nothing wrong w that when you can afford to eat whatever and wherever you want.

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  • Why is ordering fast food bizarre? I guarantee that 99% of Americans eat fast food

  • You people are just jealous that he has great genes and can eat any damn thing he wants and can still run circles around the Energizer Bunny, he's over 70 and has the mental acuity to troll the world and the stamina of a man 50 years younger. What ever he is doing it's working just fine. Nothing wrong with what he eats, he eats what actual real Americans eat, yummy junk. It simply makes you angry that is isn't obese and miserable. Get over it losers. The grand high Cheeto rules! Orange man rocks!

  • you are reporting nothing

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  • Unless youre trailer park trash you don't eat with your hands. I always use a fork and knife for burgers, ribs, friend chicken pizza etc. But those aren't really good (or food) either. Processed human inventions

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  • I can't drink diet Coke...it gives my horrendous head akes

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