A lap of the Barcelona-Catalunya with Simon Crafar & GoPro™

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
Jump on board with motogp.com's pitlane reporter for a lap of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
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  • His butt sticker is nearly coming off!

  • Belas Imagens de Barcelona Canalunya W. Simon e as GoPro ok

  • Does this bike not have an auto blipper? I just watched the Assen video and he doesn't quick shift down there either..?

  • Que esperiencia brutal 😍

  • Did lorenzo crash into him?

  • If this British can speak normally English and stop make the sound of hurts . That will be better

    • Actually he's from New Zealand :) ;)

  • GO!!!

  • Where is the speedometer!?

  • Go go go. Love it. I need that many GoPro on my bike.

  • Wow keren habis.

  • I wonder what he thinks of the new BMW...

  • Simon so old school..... disabled the auto blipper!

  • Got to love Simon Crafar, he's so enthusiastic, he really takes you along for the ride. Top Man

  • Русские есть???

  • What does the leg dangle do?

  • Would be awesome if BMW entered MotoGP

  • Can you guys upload these before the friggin race so we can learn the track plz!

    • They are uploaded for the people who pay for the MotoGP stream.

  • Give us the sounds that inline scream 😌😥

  • Nice ass

  • GO!👍👍👍

  • Everyone numbers the corners... except Crayfart. He rapping "Likah this corner, likah dat corner, down inda corner". Where are you ? !

  • Them guys make that look so easy..respect!

  • Hey Simon, do you give yourself a running commentary as you ride? I do. Like you, I yell in my head 'go' to bring on full throttle, 'now' for full braking, and the oh so frequent 'idiot' when I make a mistake. Plus others.

    • Haha I do the same thing, I speak to myself all the time when I'm riding

  • Go!

  • no sound!!!

  • Missed the engine sound ❤️

  • :) :) :)

  • Simon is really growing on me as a commentator, getting much better with time

    • @Christian Hardwick Dylans delivery was nice but Simons knowledge blows everyone before into the weeds.

    • You are growing accustomed to the non-definitive delivery, which leads us all into assumption. A picture may be worth a thousand words, reliance upon GoPro asphalt shots... 10 words.

    • Meh. Dylan Grey. Want him back!!

    • He was so bad last year, this year he is much better.

  • Why is this uploaded after the race? Surely it makes sense to post this before the race to give the viewers and fans a better insight into what the riders are going through and having to do? #CommonSense

    • @Thong Slapper lol, they suck at youtube, while f1 has got the game on lock. Seriously, the f1 channel is just so good, they actually know what they're doing

    • Uploaded before the race for those who pay.

    • MotoGP doesn't know how to run a youtube page apparently

    • It would have been a nice thought just without that hashtag


  • Limit is your!

  • ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • Vietnam racing boy

  • Glad it wasn't moto-e

  • Andate a Vedere il Video a Questo Link it-tvs.com/tv/video-TncauYeLQqM.html

  • Se ele calasse a boca seria ótimo

  • Bring Dylan Grey back, GOOO!!!!

  • My dream

  • Mantul dah

  • Número 1

  • wow 😎😎

  • First

  • 1