A lap of Le Mans with Simon Crafar and GoPro™

Pubblicato il 18 mag 2019
Jump on board an electric Energica bike with motogp.com's pitlane reporter for a lap of Le Mans, home to the SHARK Helmets GP de France.
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  • That's why gopro is expensive

  • Eager to see how these things will race.

  • Bring back the BMW S1000RR !!!!!!

  • Just not the same without a roaring engine, pops bangs and flames any day. 👍

  • Well done Simon! To be so excited for a street legal electric motor bike you are unbelievable 😉

  • Smooth bike

  • That's a real shame.

  • My Samsung Galaxy has a camera that shoots in 60fps. YOU have a motorcycle that has an an electric motor.

  • Please take the virtual dash back ✊✊✊✊

  • You do know that every corner is NUMBERED, thus more easy to comprehend rather than the spaced out references to "stadium corner" or "double right" or "like Johanne Zarco did here". With narrow field of view from GoBlows, viewers are subjected to tunnel vision. Rather terrible for those who know, that such on a track equals losing or crashing. Surprised again with verbal presentation not matching original presenters standards. Appreciate the return to the ride. MotoGP's racer lap vids far more tangible.

  • How 2 use engine brakes in E-Bike?

    • I think the have to plug in a solar panel....

  • This is great to see. Simon loving the experience, enjoying the track and giving some insights along the way. I think Race Direction will be handing you a ride-through Simon!

    • Insights demand memory references, not presenting track condition, location or form of the track upon which he is riding. I know the references, however just how does any corner feel through brake entry or power exit, or lean angle or torque turning battle with electric engine.... no idea.

  • Au secours, ils ont sorti l'aspirateur à crottes de chien,Rentrez vites les gosses et les petits chiens à sa mamie..... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😱😱😱😱

  • 0:25 Simon you handsome bastard

  • Where's the sound?

    • The bike is an electric bike

  • Still more faster than Lorenzo with Honda 😬

    • -more- faster*

    • Peace of shit Lorenzo. He choose to go in factory honda just to destroy the bike...

  • Kurang tarik ah mang mawa motor na

  • WOW the excitment from the noise of the bike.... not

  • Please bring back the BMW :)

  • Fuck this Electric piece of shit, Simon good job!

  • Nice one Simon!

  • Silly electric Racebike....

  • Every time I hear an electric bike, I think someone is vacuuming in the room. Instead of so many cameras, put some baseball cards in the spokes to give it some sound.