8 Mind-Blowing Revelations Hidden In Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker

Pubblicato il 25 gen 2020
Rise of Skywalker secrets that will change how you view the Saga forever.
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  • Rey doesn’t end up being a normal Jedi, when she used force lighting I called it at the end she will be a grey Jedi

  • It’s “the dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some considered to be unnatural

  • The whole raise from the dead thing is probably just a force illusion not death raising

  • There’s so much ignorance in this movie. Read a book you goddamn idiot

  • Please picj a diffetent type line...no one wants to hear about soneobe who dudnt have the firce doing fkrce sensitive things. Disney has akreasy ruined this time line...pick a time line more interesting....maybe when sith outnumbered the Jedi.

  • Did you "best out of the window"!?!?!?!!?........unlined, unsubscribed.stopped video.

  • Started by praising "jk" Abrams...lol thumbs down

  • You’re trying pretty hard to justify Disney’s destruction of cannon. Kathleen Kennedy is a Sith lord.

  • Finn's grandfather was mace windu. Like this so in 6 years people will know we knew, We knew.

  • I didnt even get to watch the movie yet dont be the guy that spoils it for everyone that didnt watch yet

  • i'm pretty sure the "ezra is still here" revelation is already know by every fan even before this video.

  • No matter how much shit Disney can throw into this, the new trilogy wasn’t good

  • Well...

  • You guys are completely full of shit and pull everything right out of your asses

  • How Anikan brought balance through the force, he killed Dooku, removed Palpatine from the Picture for Decades, and helped Rey through the powers of Force Ghosts to kill Palpatine Once and for all

  • Let's just say, I could see the Star Wars, even through Disney's weird latex bondage suit.

  • In the books kylo and rey are suppose to be twins. I thought they were going there but no, messed it up.

  • J.J. Destroyed this trilogy

  • As long as the next trilogy isn’t about Rose Tico I’ll watch it

  • So much wittering

  • As you break it down...it's even more sucky😐

  • Ezra could have still be dead; he could have cut himself off from the force like Luke did during episode 7 or Revan had done to him before KOTOR games.

  • Eliminating the dark side is literally the opposite of bringing "balance" to the force. Try to keep up.

  • We also know that Cal Kestis is still alive

  • very cool logic, WhatCulture, very cool, sir :)

  • I think Finn is Mace Windu’s grandson.

  • Wow, it doesn't take much to "blow your mind"

  • no.... just .... no you guys are going to end up pulling something with how much your reaching to make sense of this movies lol

  • 14:42 "you're just printing money." Yep, that about sums up this trilogy.

  • Anakin brought balance to the force at the end of episode 3 by bringing the Jedi down to a total of 2 followers and leaving the sith at 2. There. Balanced.

  • Aka, dumbest movie ever. More Canon breaking crap. Got it.

  • Nothing Hidden, Lucas sold to Disney, far as am concerned the franchise is ruined. Rey is an empty character in a revisited plot.

  • That ability Palpatine used on Kylo Ren and Rey is called "Force Drain" mate

    • Furthermore, there was already balance to the force since there were many Jedi and many Sith since not all Sith followed the rule of two, not to mention not all Jedi were killed, quite a few of em turn to the dark side. So canonically the prophecy meant jack shit or is still yet to happen.

  • Are you paid by Disney...cause sounds like it. The last 3 star wars....= shit.

  • I'm just gonna say it, I really don't care if they ever make another Star Wars movie again. Now, I'm not hating, I'm just weary of getting my hopes up and then being let down....lol. For me Rise of Skywalker was not that great...... I feel like I just want to let Star Wars go......

  • He's a bad mother******, that's how.

  • I don't understand, how there can be a balance in force, if only either side is alive.. Ain't the balance need both..? Dark and light side..? Why the balance can be reached only by killing all dark force users.. I think that is pretty one-sided.. No balance there..

  • you cant polish a turd mate . dont waste time making excuses for disneys dumpster fire

  • I always believed that Luke was the chosen one that the prophecy spoke of. Anakin's role was simply to bring Luke into the World, even though he did bring balance to the force by eliminating all but two on either side. Two Jedi, two Sith. = balance. The force vamparism, life suck thing links back to what fans believe happed in the prequel trilogy, and that is how palpatine used Padme's life force to heal Vader.

  • When you choose to replace "Fan Theories" with "Revelations" so people will click on your video.

  • Spot on. Screw the haters

  • Anakin definitely bought balance to the force, 2 sith against how many Jedi? He made it so that there where so many less Jedi but still there where more Jedi than sith

  • Why are you lying...the movie had more hole than the titanic...

  • The force is not a thing of good, it just is the force, the users make it good or bad

  • I love Star Wars Rise of Skywalker.

  • The new trilogy is trash plain and simple

  • I like the idea more of life drain being more of Darth nihilus ability

  • I knew Windu survived.

  • I don't think Leia actually brought Han back to life. I'm pretty sure she was actually doing a Force projection of Han as she remembered him (based on Chewie and Rey's accounts of Han's death). In other words, the same thing that Luke did when he died.

  • Can we all say that Disney fucked up Star Wars for us.. smh 🤦‍♂️ I dislike it now

  • This is kinda garbage.

  • Reasons why Rey beat Kylo in TFA: 1. Kylo wasn't fully trying because he was just ordered to bring her to Snoke ALIVE. 2. He just killed Han & was emotionally unbalanced, which Snoke points out in Last Jedi. 3. He was also keeping her alive because he recognized that she was ALSO unbalanced & needed a teacher. 4. He was just shot by Chewie's bowcaster, ya know, the one known for instantly killing fully-armored Stormtroopers. 5. Rey was actually losing miserably until she closed her eyes & began to channel the force to bring out her full potential, & her being both one of the last light-side force users AND a Palpatine certainly helps. 6. They're a force-dyad.

  • A whole lot of bullshit.

  • There needs to be an extreme nuetral enemy to actually balance the force

  • This was a lot of REALLY bad reaching.

  • I mean also remember that in the Force Awakens, Kylo tanks a shot from Chewie's bowcaster so he's massively injured when he fights them both, also his confliction from just killing Han plays some part in it.

  • Whatever.

  • Maybe. You know your shit. When I watch there fight scene it looks like he looks over at Anakin a few times then sais please don't let him kill me I'm to weak then quick look over to Anakin again like he's toying and manipulating the situation even though he looks defeated. Soon as mace loses the arm he seems to have UNLIMITED POWER all the sudden and boom lightning?

  • Born ready was Ren and Ray won't say their the same but definitely unusual births and there's more to the they date's of their birth if you think about it I guess they were born at same time and possibly the same day and year possibly thats why they can communicate or use the force individually at the same time to their advantage their like brother and sisters twins like Lea and Luke? But I am sure that's not the case?

  • 8:05 for mace