8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly

Pubblicato il 31 gen 2019
Let’s talk about 8 different things you can incorporate into your portrait photography to improve your work! From angles to color play, styling, framing, composition, leading lines, adding movement, and even how to photograph hair. Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video! For 10% off your first purchase, go to Squarespace.com/jessicawhitaker/
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  • She talks...A LOT !

  • I am impressed that you can shoot wearing that backpack and standing in the wind. It would be a disaster for me.

  • i still dont get why its a trend of late for photographers to use already existing models for photos. in my view a good photographer captures something in a way that has not been captured that way before. i take pride in many cases of being able to capture someone who has not have such a photo done before. its something unique i can bring to the table to make me stand out. Sure models "know how to pose" but you know you can teach anyone a few simple poses in a few moments. and have a set of very nice photos. Sooo many gorgous women out there who may not be "models" but with a bit of encouragement you could capture them in a way they never had before just my two cents. while gorgous when i see photographers having flickr or 500px with page after page of gorgous models im like doesnt that kind of defaat the purpose? Find hidden beauty in someone that hasnt been catpured that way (the Afghan woman photograph as a prime example ) but just my two cents. to be fair though thats a gorgous model ;-) but still....id take more pride in a photo of a beautiful woman that has never been captured in that way before then some random model who has 1,000 or more photos like it lol and yeah you really need some sort of video stabilzier a bit too shakeycam for my taste. lol

  • actually for full frame (i.e. 35mm) cameras the 85mm would do better for portraits but this is cool... Honestly in this day and age however i wouldnt recommend film cameras. yeah the old school people say "learn film first" but why? thats like saying you should go back to watching black and white tv low res tv before you see HD tv ... Digital is just so much more convient and more so for just learning. you wont waste a ton of film. far easier to edit via RAW.......and you can do more . use the photos for stills or videos. and of course many cameras can do video as well. you can go cheaper though and get a old school film 35mm plus some lenses for cheap however.....ive used film way in the past and its a pain. not being able to check the images right after you shoot it is just not so great. plus if you are shooting something that you cant re-capture , say a wedding or an event.. you would want to check to make sure you have everything in focus or the right images on the spot......nothing worse then develoiping the film and coming back home only to find that half of the images wernt in focus. no need to make things harder for yourself. lol (but you say you have both so thats cool) might consider a camera with IBIS for your video though a bit shakey there ruining the cinimatic look a tad.

  • Step 1. Have a cute redhead as a model

  • any 8 easy way to tell the cameraman not to shake his camera?

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    • thank you! good idea, i just count the different points when I am editing but maybe doing actual numbers during the video would help! thank you for the constructive feedback!

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  • 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆hi guys, if u like creative photography find me on insta @prej_

  • Sorry, the material looked and sounded interesting but can't watch or take it seriously when the filming is so bad.

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  • Did you know that photography is a mental illness and you should not do it.

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  • "8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly" . . Book the most stunning model who knows how to pose

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    • if you'd like a video where i shoot clients/people who aren't models, i have a ton of those! :)

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