797hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Racing in an Airplane Graveyard

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Danger Dan fears no speed, and fears (almost) no vehicle. Which is why he's the ideal candidate to put behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, getting him certified to go up to 199mph in the standing mile at the 2019 East Coast Timing Association 1 Mile Challenge. That, and the fact that he's always fixing the mistakes us jabronies always make. So the man deserves some seat time.
Special thanks to RJ Gottlieb and the Big Red Crew for making this happen.
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  • Now that Dan is certified to 199mph... what should we build to go 199mph?

  • Dis like most merican video evur

  • Well godamn boys the south loves ya back

  • Puro trokiando cuh?👀 fall in love with that truck tbh

  • The demon is more powerful

  • Baddass cars AND automatic weapons? Good fuckin day!

  • One suggestion, keep the Aussie hat and ditch the baseball cap.

  • cocaine looks great from where u live XD

  • Bed is shaking like that because may be cut springs

  • You got that double pumper in there mane ol shitttt

  • At 13:00 what's the song?

  • Stop cutting the video let it play.....

  • Damn, what does the owner do to afford to put motors in Big Red?!

  • The camera dude played the best line ever ''I'm gonna go get a few shots in the car''

  • Nice truck but it could use some traction bars on the rear axle to keep it from boucing around like that.

  • RJ and Big Red; what a legend.

  • What is the hellcat red eye?....about a billion times better than the hellcat pinkeye

  • big red is legend,i love this car more than air

  • Man I really thought you guys were liberals. I like you more now.

  • Big Red is bad bad motha!! Zac looks right at home in Arkansas

  • I’m loving this show

  • Hat is 3/4s of the way on

  • This has me dying... 17:04 “Love The South, God Damnit”. 😂😂😂💀💀💀 Aint that the TRUTH!!! Good Ol’ Southern States #Merica! SoFlo Guy Myself 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Whats the difference between a Hellcat Red Eye and Hellcat Demon?

  • Can bigred do a burnout?

  • Zachary=conehead. Put youre had normaaaaaaaal 🤪

  • "Hell yeah" -Zach, 600 times

  • I got excited be cause I thought it was ganna be a c1500 with a hellcat engine swap

  • the chiron went 304.77 obviously not in the mile though

    • For 3 Million bucks we could have a land yacht, a monster truck, and an airplane...

  • Very cool 😎

  • More cars and less yak yak, faggots....

  • Living in Texas where are all these magical $400-$500 5.3 LS motors?? That can't be the complete prices.

    • Around Blytheville Arkansas and where I am which is about 30 minutes away from there yeah you can find diamond salvage yards around that price or even cheaper. It's a 50/50 if it runs but you can find a good block. My Grandma had a 93 or 94 Buick Roadmaster LT1 we bought another Buick Roadmaster with an LT1 $250 running we just needed the transmission.

  • Big ass pimpin

  • They let Dan out of the garage

  • Is the manual the NV3500? They typically don't stand up to higher HP motors without coming apart.

  • my car wheel hops like that, it has a tendency to to shake the car so violently that the exhaust has cracked in 4 different places

  • When the hell did yall come to bum fuck ARKANSAS? I'm from this shitty state never thought yall did anything here...

  • Need to fix the wheel hop on that thing

  • Home state. ARK is where I stay


  • Next project: shitjet

  • Oh Jesus.... at 13:24 numbnuts runs like a cheerleader...

  • More guns

  • Much love from Cali where we got bullshit gun laws 😭

  • Please convert the Knucklebusters BMW to run this stuff Dan!

  • Demonitized lol

  • Music at 7:45 PLEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE beat is massive!!!

  • @Hoonigan Hey guys do you have any information on the GMT-400 RCSB red Chevy truck? I'm trying to find his Instagram or IT-tvs channel, as I'm at the beginning stages of a similar build. Thanks! - Tye

  • FUC YEAH ------ now ya talkin........ first time watch u guys.......WOW ....WTF ???? r u doin ........ LOVE IT.........think u getting new subscriber..........thank u guys...... keep doing what you do... stay safe......PEACE

  • Oh boy, the good old VHS, 21 century kids will think this is from the future heheheh

  • That Burnout Technique was atrocious. Send Zach to Summernats IMMEDIATELY

  • So easy floor it and go. Got to love Technology. Till the flare hits anyway.

  • I wish I could have been there but a guy in my town died recently and to honor his death ab 15 guys all went to his hous and did burnouts till their tires popped

  • Is that Eric from Westech?

  • Man, there's so much room in that engine bay.

  • MORE INFO on that Corvair behind Dan at 13:40 please!!!!

  • You better get Kyle to visit. The Black Widow Supra, or i'm unsubing!

  • It looks like one of the original camping world trucks

  • Hey it drives like my 89 k1500 Prerunner🏆🤗🦕🌠🌍☄️🦖💥

  • Zack and the gun totin/C0²-Ozone melting clan fit into L.A. bout as I would in the Neurology O.R. ... When Y'all High talin it Eastbound & Down??? We need y'all... It's too far gone out west 🤘